Lawn & Garden Tractor


Manufacturer ID: TL-200

When you have the need to shave weight and/or cost from your next application without sacrificing performance or reliability, the TL-200 is a great option.  This powerful little package uses many of the proven internal technologies you’ve come to expect from the Residential line, at a reduced cost and lighter housing!  These units are best suited for your entry-level riding mower builds, but don’t think that, just because these transaxles are lighter and cost less, that we’ve sacrificed any of the reliability and quality for which Tuff Torq is known.


  • Patented L.O.G.I.C. case design for easy installation, reliability and serviceability.

  • Internal wet disk brake system.

  • Reversible output/control lever operating logic for application optimization.

  • Smooth operation for either foot or hand control system.


Specification Value Units
Application Rear Engine Riding Mower
Lawn Tractors
Reduction Ratio 28.04:1
Axle Torque (Rated) 28.04:1 = 176.4 (130)
21:53:1 = 138.6 (102)
Nm (lb-ft)
Max. Tire Diameter 28.04:1 = 508 (20)*
21.53:1 = 457 (18)
mm (in)

*Pending Application Approval

Brake Capacity 28.04:1 = 330 (243)
21.53:1 = 253 (187)
Nm (lb-ft) *@350 N (79 lb) Brake arm force
Displacement (Pump/Motor) 7/10 cc/rev
Max. Input Speed 3,000 rpm
Axle Shaft Size 19.05 (0.75) mm (in)
Weight (dry) 12.5 (27.6) kg (lb)
Brake Type Wet Disc, Internal
Housing (Case) Aluminum Die-Cast
Gears Heat-treated Powder Metal
Differential Automotive-type Bevel Gears
Speed Control System Foot Control: Dampening system or external shock absorber available
Hand Control: External friction pack and lever available
Bypass Valve (Roll Release) Standard
Hydraulic fluid type Proprietary Tuff Torq Tuff Tech drive fluid recommended. (Contact OEM for other options)

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