Manufacturer ID: TZ-300

The TZ-300 zero-turn transaxle is our newest line of high-performance and maintenance-free zero-turn units.  These powerful IHT (Integrated Hydrostatic Transaxle) units are packed with premium features at a very competitive price point.  Best for entry-level residential zero-turn mowers.


  • Heavy steel axles for added strength and control.

  • Maintenance-free internal braking system.

  • Integrated polymer fluid reservoir for easy access and maintenance.

  • Robust aluminum case for professional-grade durability and dependable performance.

  • Sleek design for low-profile installation and improved vehicle clearance.


Specification Value Units
Application Zero-Turn Mower - Residential
Vehicle Speed (Max.) 7.5 mph
Tire Size Up to 20 in
Vehicle Weight (Max.) w/ Attachments and Operator 488 (1075) kg (lb)
Reduction Ratio 18:1
Pump/Motor Displacement 10/10 cc/rev
Brake Capacity (Min.) 244 (180) Nm (lb-ft)
Brake Arm Torque 15.8 (11.7) Nm (lb-ft)
Axle Torque up to 325 (240) Nm (lb-ft)
Gear Material Powder Metal
Brake Type Internal Paw-Lock or Internal Wet Disk
Charge Pump No
Return to Neutral Yes (Optional)
Fan & Pulley Yes (Optional)
Fan Size (dia.) 177.8 (7) mm (in)
Pulley Size (dia.) 88.2-139.8 (3.47-5.50) mm (in)
Pulley Height (from axle center) 97-120 (3.8-4.7) mm (in)
Wheel Hub No (Optional)
Control Lever Outboard or Inboard (Optional)

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