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Manufacturer ID: TZ-400

The TZ-400 is the big brother to the standard TZ-300 unit. It has all the features of the TZ-300 with better torque, tire size support and weight capacity.  The TZ-400 also boasts added options to make this unit more flexible for new applications and premium features.  Best for professional-grade residential and “prosumer” zero-turn vehicles.


  • Heavy steel axles for added strength and control.

  • Maintenance-free internal wet disk braking system for reliable stopping power.

  • Integrated polymer fluid reservoir for easy access and maintenance.

  • Robust aluminum case for professional-grade durability and dependable performance.

  • Sleek design for low-profile installation and improved vehicle clearance.


Specification Value Units
Application Zero-Turn Mower - Professional Grade
Vehicle speed (Max.) ?? mph
Tire size 22-23 in
Vehicle weight (Max.) w/ attachments and operator ?? (??) kg (lb)
Reduction ratio ??
Pump/Motor displacement 10/10 cc/rev
Brake capacity (Min.) ?? (??) Nm (ft-lb)
Brake arm torque ?? (??) Nm (ft-lb)
Rated axle torque ?? (??) Nm (ft-lb)
Gear material Powder Metal & Steel
Brake type Internal Wet Disk
Charge pump Yes (Optional)
Return to neutral Yes (Optional)
Fan & Pulley Yes (Optional)
Fan size (dia.) ?? (??) mm (in)
Pulley size (dia.) ?? (??) mm (in)
Pulley height (from axle center) ?? (??) mm (in)
Wheel hub Yes (Optional)
Control lever Outboard (Optional)
Auxiliary/External hydraulics Yes (Optional)
Pressure (Max.) ?? MPa
Charge pump displacement ?? cc/rev

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