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Manufacturer ID: K574

If your application needs a transaxle that can support good performance and 4WD technology, or calls for secondary hydraulic support, the K574 may be just what you’re looking for.  This powerful unit has many different configurations that have been developed to handle the demands of many different kinds of riding mowers and larger lawn tractors.  The K574 is truly a “Swiss Army Knife” of transaxles.  It’s substantial engineering, and wide variety of support solutions, has made this powerful product one of the first solutions to many OEM’s complicated and innovative new product applications.


  • Patented L.O.G.I.C. case design for easy installation, reliability and serviceability.

  • Internal wet disk brake system.

  • Reversible output/control lever operating logic for application optimization.

  • Smooth operation for either foot or hand control system.


Specification Value Units
Application 4WD Tractors and Mowers
Ride-on Mowers
Articulating Mowers
4WD industrial sweepers
Self-Propelled industrial machines
Reduction Ratio 31.68:1
Axle Torque (Rated) 31.68:1 = 255 (188)
28.04:1 = 235.4 (174)
21.53:1 = 180.7 (133)
Nm (ft-lb)
Max. Tire Diameter 31.68:1 = 559 (22)
28.04:1 = 508 (20)
21.53:1 = 457 (18)
mm (in)
Brake Capacity 31.68:1 = 372 (275)
28.04:1 = 330 (243)
21.53:1 = 253 (187)
Nm (ft-lb) *@350 N (79 lb) Brake arm force
Displacement (Pump/Motor) 7/10 cc/rev
Max. Input Speed 3,400 rpm
Axle Shaft Size 19.05 (0.75) mm (in)
Weight (dry) 12.5 (27.6) kg (lb)
Brake Type Internal Wet Disc
Housing (Case) Die-Cast Aluminum
Gears Heat-treated Powder Metal
Heat-treated Steel gears available as optional upgrade
Differential Automotive-type Bevel Gears
Speed Control System Foot Control: Dampening system or external shock absorber available
Hand Control: External friction pack and lever available
Bypass Valve (Roll Release) Standard
Hydraulic fluid Type Proprietary Tuff Torq Tuff Tech drive fluid recommended. (Contact OEM for other options)

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