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Manufacturer ID: K664

The K664 is not just an upgraded version of our popular 4WD IHT series of transaxles.  These drive systems have been engineered from the ground up for the demands of heavier and more function-rich 4WD mower and articulating vehicle applications.  Bigger and stronger pump and motor systems have been integrated to offer the power and control needed for bigger lawns and heavier loads.  These units also include heavier axles, more gear options and better control flexibility.  The K664 is an excellent choice to larger premium 4WD tractors and articulating ride-on mowers.


  • Patented L.O.G.I.C. case design for easy installation, reliability and serviceability.

  • Heavy steel axles for added strength and control.

  • Manual locking differential system (optional).

  • External hydraulic accessory support and charge pumps.

  • Larger pump and motor displacements provide the torque you need for ground engaging equipment.


Specification Value Units
Application 4WD Tractors
Articulating Mowers
Ride-On Mowers
Self-Propelled Industrial Machines
Reduction Ratio 37.22:1
Axle Torque (Rated) 37.22:1 = 420 (310)
22.19:1 = 250 (185)
Nm (ft-lb)
Max. Tire Diameter 37.22:1 = 584 (23)
22.19:1 = 457 (18)
mm (in)
Brake Capacity 37.22:1 = 330 (243)
22.19:1 = 216 (159)
Nm (ft-lb) @ 300 N (67.5 lb) Brake Arm Force
Displacement (Pump/Motor) 10/10 cc/rev
Max. Input Speed 3,400 rpm
Axle Shaft Size 25.4 (1.0) mm (in)
Weight (dry) 23 (50.7) kg (lb)
Brake Type Internal Wet Disc
Housing (Case) Die-Cast Aluminum
Gears Heat-treated Steel Gears
Differential Automotive-type Bevel Gears
Differential Locks Automatic ETC differential lock option
Manual differential lock option
Speed Control System Foot Control: External Shock Absorber option
Auxiliary/External Hydraulic Outlets Available option for power steering, lift, etc.
6.9L per minute
31 bars (450 psi) @ 2,000 rpm
External Filter Change Available option
Bypass Valve (Roll Release) Standard
Oil Reservoir External Reservoir (available option)
Hydraulic fluid type Proprietary Tuff Torq Tuff Tech drive fluid recommended. (Contact OEM for other options)

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