Tech Tips – Using Tuff Torq Repair Kits

Tips for Tuff Torq Repair Kits

(K46, K57, K574, T40 MODELS)

The Tuff Torq service team has put together this summary outline procedure for using our Tuff Torq repair kits to service your drive system. These are just tips and should not be considered a complete repair guide for every issue you might have. All repairs and maintenance of our drive systems should be performed by a professional service technician. If you have any questions or need specific help for your issue, feel free to contact our service team at (866) 572-3441 or through the website by clicking here.

Receive the correct repair kit

  • First, clean the outside debris from the unit.
  • Be sure to locate the proper serial number of the TTC unit (Located on the barcode sticker).

Removing unit for repair

  • After you have received your parts, please inspect the parts. Note the mating surfaces must be smooth and clean.
  • Repair Kits generally include the center case, pump cylinder block, motor cylinder block, filter, o-rings, seals, and sealant. When repairing your unit, it may not be necessary to use all o-rings, and seals.
  • Drain the oil from the unit. (DO NOT reuse the oil) Remove the flat rubber seal cap located under the fan to drain the oil. No need to remove the vent valve.
  • Place the unit on your workbench with the fan facing down.

Opening unit an performing repair

    • Remove the case bolts and remove the lower housing.
    • Scrape the sealant from both the upper and lower cover. Be careful not to damage the sealing surface while scraping the housings. (Remove all sealant completely)
    • Now is the time to use the drawing and parts list from TTC’s website to identify everything inside the unit
    • Clean and flush the unit. Improper cleaning of the unit could result in a premature failure or void the parts warranty. You can clean internal parts with standard brake cleaner.
    • If you choose to inspect any parts make sure these parts are placed back into the proper orientation. (Ex. If you remove a bearing or a plate make sure that it is placed back into the proper position. Plate with smaller ID (INSIDE DIAMETER) should contact Pistons.) The notes are listed on most drawings so be sure to follow these tips properly. (see Fig#1)

      Using Tuff Torq repair kits - Figure 1

      Using Tuff Torq repair kits – Figure 1

  • Note the original position of the Motor Housing. (see Fig.#2)
    Using Tuff Torq repair kits - Figure 2

    Using Tuff Torq repair kits – Figure 2


  • Once you are ready to install the parts be sure to coat the mating surfaces with oil. This will help lubricate the contact surfaces.

Re-assembly of unit

  • Make sure to re-install the bypass pin and washer from the original center case and motor cylinder block. You can use a light amount of automotive grease or Vaseline to keep these two parts in position while putting the parts back in.
  • If the unit has IDS valves, be sure to note the correct position of the ball or the filter compared to the drawing (see Fig.#3).
Using Tuff Torq repair kits - Figure 3

Using Tuff Torq repair kits – Figure 3

  • New center cases will have pilot holes for the IDS system. See figure 4 to understand the difference between IDS and non-IDS units. The non-IDS unit will not have finished machining at the pilot holes. This is simply in the case mold design of the new center-case and does not impact the performance of your unit.
    Using Tuff Torq repair kits - Figure 4

    Using Tuff Torq repair kits – Figure 4


  • New style magnet holder and two magnets (see Fig.#5 on back) for proper orientation.
Using Tuff Torq repair kits - Figure 5

Using Tuff Torq repair kits – Figure 5

  • After re-installation, check to see if everything will rotate freely.
  • It is critical that the operator maintains proper oil levels at all times.
    • Maintain oil level  at 20~25 mm (3/4”~1”) below the lip of (black cap) the filling port.
    • Always check oil level when the oil temperature is at room temperature (20C or 68 F).
    • When replacing oil in your unit, Tuff Torq Corporation recommends using Tuff Torq Tuff Tech™ hydrostatic drive fluid when rebuilding Tuff Torq transaxles. (DO NOT use ATF Automatic Trans Fluid)

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  • Adowning says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    Hi I’m looking for a full rebuild kit for Tuff Torq S/N 7A646084162
  • Hello, please advice on the Tuff torg repair kit number 7A646024051 S/N 46F- 0296154. Thanks Ruda

    • ggraham says:

      for that transaxle with that serial number the repair kit has a part number of 1A646098440.

  • Travis S Orndorf says:

    Hello I have a K57 there is the one bypass pin but there’s an extra pin not quite sure where it went.

  • Duane Courser says:

    I have a simplicity Tuff Torq serial number 172668 -at bottom of same tag is 7a646024490 and 57a00820. Transmission is starting to lose power in reverse and also losing some in forward. I assume it needs a rebuild kit (490+ hours). I would like to confirm the correct kit for this unit. From what I can see on chart it would be kit number K57a&K. Sku tuf1A646099621 . If you could confirm this for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • terry sullivan says:

    Hi..i lost one of the magnets that go in the filter basket,..snap in..,do you sell replacements????

    • ggraham says:

      These parts are for which transaxle? To be sure I get you the corect Information, I would need the serial number of the transaxle. It is on the bar code sticker on the case of the transaxle close to one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. You can email it to the helpful service techs by sending it to

  • Dave says:

    I own a Simplicity Prestige 4wd unit with the KXH10 front axle and K664 Rear Transmission. The tractor has excellent forward speed, but reverse seems slow, doesnt seem to be near the 3mph rated speed. Is this normal for this unit? Reverse does not seem weak, just slow. Definitly slower on a steep incline backing up(20 degree slope or more), but seems slow even in flat ground. Shoukd the hydro slow down that much on a hill in reverse? Forwards seems fine even on steep slope. I have checked that all the linkage is allowing full travel. Have even disconnected the stabilzer on the rear to rule that out. Hydro recovery tank is filled so it covers the tube that runs to the front axle also. Very recent service with a new filter and synthetic 5w50 oil. System was bled with air multiole times to also rule it out. Tires are correct orginal size and are properly inflated. This is all on days that are arounf 70 degrees farenheit. Thank you in advance for any answer you may have.

    • ggraham says:

      Check the bushings on the linakges. I have had a number of people contact me and when they check that part it eats up a lot of travel for the contorl lever.

  • hedrick repair service. says:

    need repair kit # for 66l-001861 trans. simplicity # 1721952 . also need name & number for dist. for parts

  • Edward Stockill says:

    Hi looking for repair kit for tuff Tork transmission 768T2024011 serial no40J-1006117 other no JDPP MIA10910.
    I am in Australia can you tell me if this is available and the cost to get it in Australia. This transmission was installed in John Deere L110. Hoping you can help.
    Thanking You

  • Ron Hamlin says:

    sir i need rebuild kit for T40A-john deere-768t202400 could i get kit number and price thank you ron

  • Chris Plescher says:

    Hi, I have a tuff torq 7a646084230 sn:57k 0002247 that is leaking around the bottom of the case. Can you please help be find a replacement seal for this? Thanks

  • Jason says:

    I have a westwood s1600 with a k46, 1a6460-84251 is the serial number on the casing. I need a rear left hand axle and seal but am having trouble sourcing one. The unit differs from anything i can find in the uk. The axle has a bush that is fixed on the shaft. I hope you can piont me in the right direction regarding axle and sel part numbers and suppliers, many thanks, Jason.

  • Walt tubach says:

    Looking for a rebuild kit for a simplicity model 2691178 transmission
    It won’t move forward or revu

  • Nick Loughrey says:

    I have a 3/4 year old K46 fitted to a Honda HF241792019/2020. The IDS valves have only springs and NO filters or balls . Can you confirm if this is normal . The label is missing on the unit .

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, this is normal. After exhaustive testing it was calculated that the IDS works the same whether it has filters or not. So no more filters were needed.

  • Marc Renn says:

    I have a JD X485 with a K92 transaxle that needs replaced/rebuilt. Do you know of anyone in eastern PA that will rebuild the unit?

  • Van Rich says:

    Need repair / rebuild kit —- TRANSAXLE(K46AW)22″FS. (Internal parts not available) HUS-532448354

    • ggraham says:

      The K46AW is serial number specific for parts. you will need the serial number from the transaxle itself. once you have that call 866.0572.3441 and a CSR can help you.

  • John Healy says:

    Need rebuild kit for 7A646084120 46BE0016800. JDPP. AM 134584

  • Rancie says:

    Looking for rebuild kit for due10E do you have one ?? If so what’s the price.

  • Franz Zenden says:

    repair kit for the Z242E zero turn mower ?

    • ggraham says:

      What is the serial number of the transaxle you need to rebuild? if you look near the axle on the case of the unit there is a bar code sticker. Please get the number following the S/N.

  • Brian Lemere says:

    I have a k46 7a646084180 s/n 46bt0199538.
    Please send me the correct rebuild kit number and quote.

    • ggraham says:

      Here is the link to that transaxle with that serial number>>
      The repair kit which is a complete hydraulic rebuild kit is #201 on the parts list.

  • Alasdair Downie says:

    I am looking for a splined input shaft for a John Deere 1565 hydro unit but cannot cross reference it can you help

  • Russell Carswell says:

    I have lx188 wishing to change oil, filter service unit on a Tuff Torq 110673 unit, can you help with available and cost please thanks Russell

    • ggraham says:

      Since you are in Australia you should contact our Australian Distributor, RGS.

      Roy Gripske and Son’s
      11 Sodium Street
      Narangba Queensland 4504
      07-33854987 (fax)
      Contact: Luke Cowland

      They can help you with the parts and can get you the Manual for the K61C which is installed in your Mower.

  • Jake Kaminski says:

    I have a 1994 John Deere lx188. I do not have a bar code. the number below the tuff torque logo is 018042. I want to order a rebuild kit
    for this K61 transaxle.

    • ggraham says:

      If you look up on top of the transaxle where the oil fill is there should be a number stamped into the case. This number is critical to getting the correct kit and if you get me that serial number and I can tell you the part number of the repair kit.

  • Paul says:

    Can the Tuff Torq, Differential Lock Kit, 1A632087360 be installed on any k46.? Where can I find installation instructions?

    • ggraham says:

      Kit 1A632087360 cannot be installed in a K46. It is meant for the K66 & K62 which are much bigger units. The only way for a K46 to have a locking differential is to install the ETC gear in the unit. Now, if you have an older K46 It is possible that the ETC gear will not fit as the lowercase was changed at some point to allow for the bigger ETC gear to be installed. If you share the Serial number of your K46 I will happily look to see if the gear will possibly fit in your unit. The part number for the ETC gear is 1A646031710.

  • Wayne Curtis says:

    Where may I be able to acquire a seal kit for my K57R Sears garden tractor and what is the part number for this part. I am losing power when I push the forward and reverse peddles and need to replace the filter. I understand that this kit has everything I may need to do the job. I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      Below is the Canadian Distributor’s contact information. Also, I would check a few things before trying to change the filter. You would need to inspect the input shaft and pulley for wear as they could be slipping when stressed. Another check would be to change the oil in the transaxle. Use a 10W-30 conventional or Synthetic motor oil to see if the loss of power abates. It holds around 2.3 liters.

      Canada Power Technology
      161 Watline Ave.
      Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1P2

  • Patrick Moran says:

    Need a rebuild kit for a JD LA145 transmission. These are the numbers I got of the tuff torq label: tuff torq 768t2024011 s/n 40j-0390129
    jdpp pn: mia10910. please recommend proper rebuild kit.

  • Martin says:

    Do you have a replacement left hand side rear axel for a John Deere 300R the marking on the trans gearbox is
    7A646084141 SN 46BD0010585
    If so how much are they and where can I order them?

  • Michael says:

    Can I replace my mia10910 with a jdpp am134584 transaxle by tuff torq

  • Gavin Ayres says:

    Hi, My LT180 JD looses drive when hot. Is there a hydrostatic repair kit (including oil) available for a k46C rear drive unit or do i need to order a replacement asm? S/N = 46C-0052675 john deere pn AM 130330. Can you please advise new rear drive unit & service kit pns and if parts can be purchased directly from tuff torq and shipped to Australia? John deer parts catalogue references 7A6460-24021 against the JD pn AM 130330, not sure if this is the Tuff torq rear axle pn?

  • if I failed to pay attention to orientation of motor housing, (part 36 ) is there a way to know for sure?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, there is, what serial number do you have for your transaxle and I can tell you how it should be installed?

  • Leon says:

    Hello ,
    I have a John Deere 14.5/38 Sabre riding mower. It has a Tuff Torque 51a . The right rear axle seal was leaking. I obtained the part and found the time to replace it. It seems to me that the axle has to much up/down play causing the seal to leak. In my search it seems that the 51 doesn’t have an Axle bearing/ bushing.? Can you provide any insight with this?
    Thank you

    • ggraham says:

      There is a bushing that is pressed into the case for the axle. It is #79 on the drawing. I see that it is not listed on the parts list but the part number is 1A646034500 and you can order right off the website

  • Scott Buhl says:

    Need rebuild kit for PN#:768T2024000 SN#40A-0006369

  • did the trans torq in 2004 L100 johndeere have grease or oil in it. No fill plug , I had to put a wheel seal in the unit. but cant find plug to ck the level

    • ggraham says:

      The transaxle installed in the L100 is a geared transaxle made by Dana/Spicer. You would need to contact John Deere for particulars on that unit.

  • Ley Grills says:

    Looking for small bevel gear set for k51B. Also filler plug and breather plug. Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      The part number for the sealing cap is 19215735270, the vent valve is 187T0124250, and the diff gear kit is 1A646031570. Since you are in Australia, you should contact the distributor for Australia, RGS.

      Roy Gripske and Son’s
      11 Sodium Street
      Narangba Queensland 4504
      07-33854987 (fax)
      Contact: Graham Allen



  • Pekka Pere says:

    We have a ride-on mower Partner 13-85R with Tuff Torq 7A6460224070 S/N: 46H-0084285, P/N: 506 9868-01. We need a correct repair kit, because the traction of the device has decreased. Is it still available and at what price? The repair kit should be delivered to Finland.

  • David Neal says:

    Need rebuild kit for
    SN 46DM0588109
    Please send kit number and dealer info.

  • Joe says:

    Where in Canada I get rebuild kit for K46bt?

  • john says:

    hi do u have a place to buy parts for a k46 transmission in the UK ?

  • Michael Dundord says:

    Rebuild kit for hydrostatic pumps
    Husqvarna rz4623

  • jeremy roeling says:

    i have a toro grand stand 15567

  • colm long says:

    hello could you please give me for repair kit for mia12745 transmission

  • David Nicholson says:

    What is the correct overhaul kit for 7A646084161

  • Everett says:

    Good info have u a kit for John Deere LX188 lawn mover

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, we do, however, that transaxle (K61C) is serial number specific for the repair kit so I would need your serial number for the transaxle that is found stamped into the case up by the oil fill area. Get that number and I can get you the part number for the repair kit.

  • 7a646084180
    Is there a rebuild kit available for this that will work? Thanks

  • DENNIS AKE says:

    need rebuild kit for right trans axle
    787Q0827010 S/N R0026046

  • Scott Neubeck says:

    I have a K46C S/N: 46C-0056774, can you please provide the correct rebuild kit to order and cost.

  • Dan Neely says:

    Im looking for a complete k46 transmission rebuild kit for a JD L120 lawnmower.

  • Hello, I have a l110 with the k46v. The serial number is 46V0073059. Could you please tell me the correct kit to order and cost. Thank you

  • Edwin Shelton says:

    Purchased rebuild kit for k58. Wanting to know the purpose of the bypass pin and what keeps the pin from fall thru the case?

    • ggraham says:

      The bypass pin releases the pressure internal to the center case so that the unit can be pushed. The pin is kept in the center case by the bypass lever and the motor cylinder block’s washer. If you are trying to install the new center case and the pin is falling out try pushing some grease or petroleum jelly into the hole to hold the pin in place.

  • Mi tractor es L120 transmission k46ac donde puedo conseguir los resortes que van en el center casé y los balines.

  • My mower was pushed up in garage about 5ft during the winter without pulling relief valve. The mower will not move under engine power. This is a new transmission bought last summer. What could have gone wrong?

    • ggraham says:

      If you pushed it without releasing the bypass then what you essentially did is forced the axles and gears to turn the hydraulics backward using the motor cylinder block to pump oil through the center case and into the pump. If you are experiencing issues then it could be you damaged the hydraulic parts. However, I would check the linkages, the brake, the belt, and the oil level to make sure everything external is ok and the oil is to the proper level.

  • Phillip williams says:

    Which kit for the jd la175 and how much is it.thank you.

  • Ron Mason says:

    I want to be clear about the fill port on my JD 125 automatic lawn tractor T 40 transmission. Is it the metal cap forward or the rubber cap at the rear? Also, low vis or high vis oil?

    • ggraham says:

      The easiest way to fill is in the front cap under the fan and pulley stack up. the rear vent valve can be used but it is not ideal. The oil John Deere recommends is J20C which is their high viscosity hydraulic oil.

  • Chris Layton says:

    I wanted to see about getting a rebuild kit for my transaxle. It’s a k46., It’s on an ’05 John Deere L120 GXL120A082485.
    The bar code sticker that y’all put on the axle, the numbers aren’t readable except maybe the first four or five. I can send a picture of what’s there if you scan the bars maybe. I pulled it out a couple of years ago and refilled it with synthetic 5w50 I think it was and it helped the slipping some. I did it again this past spring and it helped again but it’s beyond that now. How can I identify for sure which model it is? It’s screeching bad and reverse will work a little. Will the rebuild kit get me another 2-3 years out of it? It’s only got about 500 hours on it.

  • Mark says:

    When I take out the ETC Diff Comp I can turn it by hand in both directions and both sides when I place the axle in it. Does this mean the unit is worn?

  • Louis Mainville says:

    Hello, I have K46-1A6460-84300#3 on the housing of my transmission. I need a rebuilt kit. What do I need and do you have the number of the required kit for this repair.

    • ggraham says:

      the casting part number is not a unique identifier for your transaxle. I would need the serial number of the transaxle itself which is found on a bar code sticker on the case of the unit close to one of the axles and normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor.

  • Matteo says:

    good morning, I’m matteo from Italy, I would kindly like to know the repair kit number for tuff torq transmission 787Q0324100 s / n 574D- 005282
    and where to take it to buy
    Thanks greedtings

  • Doug Nieuwkoop says:

    Tuff Torq Rep., I have a John Deere LA135. The transmission is having issues going up hills after it gets hot, about 15 mins. of running, but it works great on flat land. Every two years I have removed the transmission and changed the oil in the off season using Mobil One Full Synthetic 15W-50 oil each time. After a lot of online research, I understand going up hills will generate a lot of heat on the transmission, resulting in this issue that I’m having. I believe that my best option, because I do like my John Deere, is to rebuild the transmission with the “Tuff Torq repair kit”. The following are the numbers on the transmission:
    768T202411 – 40J-0613329 JDPP PH MIA10910

    I live in Knoxville, TN and go the Johnson City, TN often to see family. So my question are:

    > What is the rebuilt kit part number that I need?
    > What is the cost of the kit?
    > What is my best and lowest cost in shipping or if available can I pick it up?
    > Would using Amazon prime be a good way to go about ordering it?

    • ggraham says:

      1. The part number for the repair kit for that transaxle with that serial number is 1A646098280
      2. The price is $458.15
      3. Shipping is what they charge at the shipping facility and it looks like shipping is $24.45 for standard shipping. If you need it faster you should call 866.572.3441 and order it through the CSR. do not forget sales tax and that comes to $47.05 but I did not check for your zip code.
      4. We do not have a storefront through Amazon though there are several authorized dealers that do. the biggest issue with an order through there is that they oftentimes get things wrong because they mistakenly think all K46’s or T40s are the same. They are not so what works for one will not work for another.

      However, our shipping facility is no longer in Morristown so you can not pick it up at the factory as we did in times past.

  • Stephen Sellen says:

    Hi , I’m after a repair kit for my Tuff Torq transaxle , as it losers drive when it gets hot and struggles to gp up hill. I have replaced oil etc and it’s time for a rebuild. Part numbers as follows.
    Tiff Tora 7A64084322
    S/N 46CR0192489
    HOP 501051401

  • Hi, I’m after a seal service kit for my Tuff Torq Differential, the kit I’m after contains replacementparts like, Axel seals & other main seals, gasket sealant, hydraulic oil etc.
    My Part numbers as follows:
    S/N 46CR0086889

  • Danny Marrs says:

    Tuff Torq : 7A646084161 / s.n. 46BN0085342
    I need a axel repair kit. What is the correct part number? Thanks

  • ANDRES LASEN says:

    Please send me the Tuff Torq Repait Kit part number for 787T0124000

  • ANDRES LASEN says:

    Dear Sirs,
    What is the model of the repair kit for the Tuff Torq transmission part number 787T0124000? Please let me know in order to order the kit.. Thank you

  • Archie says:

    Hello, I have a Westwood V20-50 with a sluggish reverse. The numbers I got off it were:
    TUFF TORQ KB20 S/N: 820-0002217
    COUNTAX PIN: 478000400
    Is there a rebuild kit for this model?

    • ggraham says:

      I believe you have a K62G installed in your tractor. I know it is difficult to read the barcode stickers being they are small and get covered in debris. Also, there is a shock absorber off the back of the unit that could be the issue. Its job is to allow the tractor to ease into “gear” so you do not take off like a shot. When they go bad the part will restrict the control lever movement which could make it seem like the whole transaxle is not working. The easiest way to check this take it off of the shock absorber from the control lever and get the tractor good and warm and see if reverse still works well. If it does, replace the shock absorber. Do be careful, though, when the shock absorber is not hooked up as the unit will move rather quickly.

      You can get help from our UK Distributor which I will list below.

      Units 8-9 Flitch Industrial Estate
      Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1XJ
      01371 875331
      01371 874777 (fax)
      Contact: Parts & Sales Department

  • Ted Glennon says:

    i purchased an axle kit for the k46. Replaced the broken axle first (the longer one) installing the axle clip and the thicker spacer . Same for the shorter shaft except i can”t get the thicker spacer clip in. Any suggestions

    • ggraham says:

      You should see on the short side that the final gear is supposed to have a recess. If that recess is on the side of the long axle then you will have issues with the short axle fitting.

      • Ted Glennon says:

        Figured out the axle installation; thanks for the tip. Are there any torq requirements for the bottom cover bolts?

        • ggraham says:

          16-18 Ft. lbs. though since the bolts drill their own threads after the initial tightening I would stay to the bottom of the range.

  • Ted Glennon says:

    I have a Husqvarna LGT2654 with 800 hrs. Never had any problems until frame broke. I mowed 10 acres, pulled a plugged, sprayer and maintenance/yard wagon. Recently repaired the frame and mowed 10 hours before the right axle broke. Is it worth repair? What trans kit and axle(s) do I need. K46 AW (406206).

  • Hama says:

    I have John deere with k46 be transaxle, im looking for rebuild kit

    • ggraham says:

      For me to get you the correct kit part number, I would need the serial number off of the bar code sticker on the case of the transaxle. It is close to one of the axles and can normally be seen from the rear of the tractor.

  • Jonny Johansson says:

    I have a Toro 267HE, Mod.: 78268, Serial nr.: 8900140, Kohler engine: 128000-7480, Tuff Torq K61,
    Hydrostatic Transaxle.
    I need:
    1. The fan/ventilator over the Hydrostatic Transaxle.
    2. The oil filter inside the Hydrostatic Transaxle. Diam 70mm x hight 25mm
    3. The drive belt between the Kohler motor and the Hydrostatic Transaxle
    I do not know the length of the drive belt, but I can take the old one away and measure it if needed.
    4. The sealing compound to seal between the upper and the lower part of Hydrostatic Transaxle.
    The Toro representatives in Sweden, do not have any parts for that old machine.
    They asked me to contact the representatives in the USA
    I found this page and hope to find the parts missing.

    Do you have a complete price list with photos and numbers of all spare parts?
    Please send it to my email:

    Have a nice day!
    ….and Take Care!


    • ggraham says:

      1. Fan was put on by Toro so I do not have the fan/pulley. Toro part number is: 92-6742
      2. Filter part number is 19215488211
      3. The drive belt is also a Toro part I do not have. Toro part number is: 92-6954
      4. gasket material has a part number of 1A646099500

      For ordering the Tuff Torq parts, you would need to contact the Distributor in Sweden, Swedmotor.

      Swedmotor AB
      Rörvägen 11 (Jordbro företagspark)
      136 50 Jordbro
      +46 08-500 121 40

      link to Toro website:

  • Dave Knauf says:

    Do you have an oil change and seal kit for a John Deer T40 K46 also an axle kit. Both of the axle keyways are rolled. Mower has 1350+ hrs.

  • Chris judice says:

    Rebuild kit John deer tuff torq 787q0824001 sn 7d-l0168544

  • John Fuller says:

    We have a John Deere Z535M with the left drive inoperable. The transaxle is 787Q0824001, sn 7D-L0111605. Is a rebuild kit for this unit available?

  • Wayne Womack says:

    Do you have a repair kit for an AM131580 hydrostatic drive from a John Deere L120, around 2003 or so vintage? If so, what cost?

  • Do you have a repair kit/ rebuild kit for a 7A646084320 s/n K46CR0004105 HOP PN 417213 and what is the cost. Had it a while now, and loses power after it heats up, changed oil but still same situation, now I have to open it up and clean and rebuild the unit, also could use a new cap for under the fan small cracks have appeared on top.

  • Arne Nilsen says:

    Hi! I have a K574 transmission with 4WD. My problem is that only the front wheels drive are working. Have opened the transmission without finding any failure inside. Have replaced the filter and the bearings before assembling it together again. Didn’t make any difference. Do you have any ideas of what the problem might be?

    • ggraham says:

      you may need to inspect the exterior of the rear transmission looking for debris or anything that would hinder the control lever from moving. If that is good then I am afraid you need to open the rear transmission to see what the center case faces look like. if there are scratches and scoring it may need to be rebuilt.

  • Jesse Livingston says:

    I have a K71A hydro that will not move and makes a hi pitched noise. What are common failure modes for K71As and is there a rebuild kit or manufactured unit I can purchase?Thanks, Jess P.S JD GX 325 I’ve had it 18 yrs and never serviced the transaxle.. (insert sad face emoji here).

    • ggraham says:

      You will want to check the fan and pulley and make sure that the pulley is actually turning the input shaft. If it is try taking off the shock absorber from the control lever and see if that helps. if neither of those work then you may want to check axle keys in the hubs and then the oil level.

  • George Jackman says:

    Do you have a repair kit for 57af0009656 and at what cost
    Thank you

  • Galen Miller says:

    I have an earlier model tuff torq transaxle in a John Deere riding mower LX178 and the only number I can find on it is on the top (061307) Can I still get a rebuilt kit for this unit. Couldn’t find one on the site.

  • Brian Garay says:

    I have a 57a-0012914
    Im not seeing a seal kit for this model. Do you carry seal kits for Simplicity Broadmoor?

  • Norbert says:

    Do you have a rebuild kit for JD LA-150?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes we do and I believe you have a K46BE and the repair kit has a part number of 1A646099601.

  • Jarmo Junttila says:

    Leaking seals KT574

  • Steve Fredmonsky says:

    I have a LGT 2654 husqvarna with a K57 trans axle oil leaked out during last mowing. Didn’t realize it was the transaxle at that time. Now, mower will go forward but is very unhappy about going in reverse. Sometimes will not go in reverse at all. I don’t exactly know where the leak is located. Is this a common problem? What can I do to repair/fix. Is it shot?

    • ggraham says:

      to find the leak you may need to take out the transmission from the tractor and clean it up well. then let it sit overnight and see where it is dripping from. Most leaks are repairable it is just a matter of knowing where it is leaking from.

  • timothy d mackillop says:

    Do you have a rebuild kit for k46 mia10910

  • Dean Alcock says:

    Do you have a repair kit for John Deere Zero Turn Z525?

  • Good Morning.
    I bought a New Holland lawn mower (by Tramontina), which uses Tuff Torq transmission 7a646084510. This transmission was opened and reassembled by another mechanic, and it is operating in reverse, I move to go forward and it goes backwards fast, I move to go backwards and it goes forward slowly.
    Regards Abel Saggioratto

    • ggraham says:

      If a repair has been done and the unit goes in reverse when the forward pedal is pressed then the motor housing has been installed upside down. it would need to be flipped around the motor shaft 180°.

  • Larry Ball says:

    I have a Husqvarna LGT 2654 with a Tuff Torq K46 Trans. Here are numbers off the Bar code. 7A74609 (8-5-6 ?) 4990 46aw001994 PN 406206
    I need the Part Number and price for a Left axle Kit with necessary parts to complete the repair.
    Larry Ball

  • Curt Gobbell says:

    I have a JD L130A mfg in 2002, model GXL130A013939, but the transmission label is missing.

    How do I know which model trans I have?

    • ggraham says:

      the easiest thing to do is contact a John Deere dealer armed with the serial number of the tractor and they can look up the transmission in that unit. At the very least they can give you the part number of the transmission and then we will know which transaxle you have.

  • Jared Nourse says:

    I need a seal kit but the barcode sticker is missing. Is there another way to figure out what kit I need? This Tuff Torq is out of a 2001 JD GT235, other websites state it is a K71 but I want to make sure I do this correctly.

  • Matt Clark says:

    I have this trans below 7A646024390 Ser. 46ac0246609 JDPP P/NAM131580

    When I step on the gas and I am going forward it appears at some points to make a clunk as the clock happens forward movement momentarily stops and then goes again. It seems to only happen when the transmission is stressed a bit by either going around the corner or if the front tire it’s a hole during a turn. Would you have any idea when I might need?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, it could be the diff gears are worn enough that under stress they are not meshing correctly. I would also want to check the keys in the hubs that could be an issue as well.

      • Matt Clark says:

        I pulled the transmission because is stopped moving the mower. 4 small gears are completely wrecked and they came apart in chunks. These chunks have scratches the large ring gear and the smaller one that the wet brake rides on. There are no chunks out of those gears though. Would they be ok. They don’t look to be deep scratched. Wish I could post a pic. Anyways if I change all those years do I have to worry about the fine metal particles have they’ve been run through the hydraulic pump or with the filter have stopped them? Can you ship these parts to me in Canada?

        • ggraham says:

          Because the Tuff Torq transmssions keep the gears separate from the hydro area you are more than likely OK with the hydraulic parts. I would definitely give it a thorough cleaning with a brake cleaner to make sure you have everything out but the hydraulic parts should be fine.

          • Matt Clark says:

            Thank you. Is this part number 1A646088211 the replacement for this part number 187Q1625221? Will it work on K46?

          • ggraham says:

            It is not the replacement for that part number. It may work on a K46 because it is the filter for the K57 with has a similar configuration. The part number 187Q1625221 is the correct part number for the K46.

          • Matt Clark says:

            Where is the Canadian supplier that I can buy these parts from? Since you won’t ship to Canada

          • ggraham says:

            Here is the contact information for our Canadian distributor.
            Canada Power Technology
            161 Watline Ave.
            Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1P2

  • Matt Clark says:

    7A646024390 Ser. 46ac0246609 JDPP P/NAM131580

    Looking for a differential gear kit on here but everything looks like it’s out of stock.

  • John Davidson says:

    I am looking for a Rebuild Kit for a K46AC S/N: 46AC0076920 JDPP P/N: AM131580
    Is there one available?

  • Peter Davey says:

    Hi there ,I am experiencing a screeching sound when using my Castlegarden mower which is fitted with a K46 transaxle, there are 370 hrs on it from new, I inspected the gears and differential all appear in good shape, works fine but noisy, any pointers or suggestions please.

    • ggraham says:

      The oil viscosity is probably shot and the best way to see if that is your issue is to change the oil. You can order our Tuff Tech oil from your distributor, Southern Machinery. The part number is 187Q0899000 and it comes in a 3-litre bottle which is more than enough to fill your transmission.
      Southern Machinery Ltd.
      Donore Lodge, Caragh, Naas
      Co. Kildare, W91 EY82
      353 45 860031
      353 45 885507 (fax)
      Contact: Gordon Tutty

  • Hello
    I have a Tuff Torq axle model 7A646084130 , s# 46BC0027759 in my JD X300 Mower. The input shaft pulley has stripped out. I was going to replace the pulley, shaft and seal. What are the part numbers for these parts?

  • Michael J Wisniewski says:

    I have a Husqvarna model HQYT48DXLS lawn tractor with a K46 (model 960430226) transmission with S/N 46CR0197848 that is slipping when going up hill. What modification would be required to change the present K46 transmission to the K66? Would you furnish mounting info to determine if this is a possibility.
    Would it be possible to purchase the K66 transmission thru you if modification is feasible?
    The present mower is only 3.5 years old so any help will be appreciated.
    Thank you, Mike

    • ggraham says:

      The K66 has a larger footprint than the K46 so the bolt in pattern is quite different. Also, there is the issue of getting the pulley height correct can be a challenge not to mention the hubs you would need to change because the K66 has one-inch axles. Then there are internal considerations such as gear ratio and logic plays a role as well. Logic determines the direction the transmission will go when the control lever moves to the front of the transmission because it can go forward or reverse depending on the logic. However, if you are extremely handy you can purchase K66s right from our website

  • Sebastian Baum says:

    Hello, I have an older K664 and 4WD Transaxle + Aux Ports.
    It came with a SNAPPER/SIMPLICITY RD2140 4WD +SERVO. Its at least 10 Years Old, unfortunately, the Sticker with the ID is gone.
    I want to Purchase a full Repair kit including the AuxGearPumpHousing (bad thread on one port) and Valves! Can you provide the TuffTorq Codes for it? I am from Germany and I tried alot to get the right parts. Help would be appreciated!
    Have a good Day.

    • ggraham says:

      It looks like that is a K664C and below is a list of your parts you are looking for:
      part or kit part number drawing # comes with:
      repair kit 187Q0599021 201 200 seal kit, 24, 18
      connector kit 187Q0599021 118 11A, 115, 112, 3A
      piping C 187Q0524760 106 connector
      piping D 187Q0524770 107 connector
      Piping block 187Q0524721 83 block
      connector 187Q0524710 84 bolt
      pump case kit 187Q0599050 101 pump case and rotors

      Also, you would need to contact the German Distributor nearest you.
      Endress Doberschütz GmbH
      An der Mühle 3
      04838 Doberschütz
      +49 (0)34244 533 0
      +4949 (0)34244 50368

      Joist GmbH
      Frauenberger Strasse 170
      Euskirchen 53879
      +49 (0)2251 106 106
      +49 (0)2251 106 120 (fax)
      Contact: Gregor Koll

      Lehmann Handelsgesellschaft mbH
      Sauerbruchstr. 3
      25479 Ellerau
      +49 (0)4106 6228 0
      +49 (0)4106 6228 100 (fax)
      Contact: Claus Lehmann

      • Sebastian Baum says:

        Thank you very much. Yes, its the right one.
        I already have the chargepumpkit for Auxports.

        But still there is a Problem. Let me try to describe the issues:

        -With activated Bypass, the 4WD Axel is turning when you push the backward pedal.
        Pushing the forward pedal, nothing happens (as it should becouse Bypass lever is enabled. I think it doesnt act like this when it was new).
        -On the Auxport, with new pumpcasekit and gears.. there is hardly any flow or pressure building up
        (steering is not as easy as it should, the orbitrol was refurbished lately but problem not fixed)
        -you have valve sound coming from the transmission(RrrrRrrrRrrRrrr), but when you move the steering wheel a little bit it might dissapear and come back
        -Traktor drives fine, but only forward! When you steer to much, it might loose power and acts like there is air insinde
        -When you try going backwards, sometimes you can do only 1 meter, sometimes itl do 10 meters backwards.. but if you steer going backwards it will become a rough whinig and ratteling. You have to go forward again and after 1 meter or so its completly fine again and quite. The transmission has power, going a steep hill upward is not a problem(but dont steer to much)

        Maybe you have any suggestions, maybe a valve in the Mainpumphousing?

        Cheers from Germany

  • John says:

    I have John Deere, L-130, with a Tuff Torq Model K46AC, S/N: 46AC0102988, OEM#: AM131580. Where can I get the Part number for a rebuild kit

  • Myles G says:

    I have a john deere sabre with a k51 transmission that makes a noise and shifts slow until it warms up. I replace the upper pulley, shaft and oil, any suggestions?

    • ggraham says:

      What oil did you use when you changed out the input shaft? Also, how much oil did you get into the unit?

  • Joe says:

    I need a full rebuild kit for a 7A646084181 S/N 46BT0654378 transaxle. I find that the main parts are listed as no longer available but yet I can buy an entire new transaxle with the same ID numbers. Why can I not buy parts for an axle that is still being produced?

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry for the confusion. The main hydraulic parts are still available, however, you have to get the repair kit which is #201 on the parts list. The three main parts are not able to be purchased separately but you can get them if you purchase the whole kit.

  • Tom says:

    Do your new k46c transaxle ship with oil and a fan included with your order or do I have to buy those separately? Thanks

  • Tom says:

    I need a rebuild kit for 7A6460-24021 S/N 46C-0011739

  • jon B LACKEY says:

    I need a rebuild kit for a 7A646084100 S/N 468A0262983

  • Dennis Krawchuk says:

    I have a John Deere LX188 with a leaking axle seal should I remove the entire trans out and put on my bench? next question when I remove the lower cover are there any parts that will be moved out of place when the axle comes out to install the new seal?

    • ggraham says:

      You would need to check the axle seal area and make sure it is a K61 and not a K60. If the upper case has the entire axle seal area in it as opposed to the axle seal area being split between the upper case and the lower case. then you have a K61 but if the axle seal area is split between the two cases that unit is a K60 and you would need to split the case to change the axle seal. If it is a K61 you can remove the axle seal without splitting the case.

  • Paul Curtis says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a rebuild kit for a transaxle with the following numbers Tuff Torq 7A646084181 S/N 46BT1300127

  • Paul Hossack says:


    I am after an expansion tank for a Tufftorq 787Q0324010 S/N: 574A-085172

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but the OEM puts the expansion tank on so you would need to contact the dealer in your area to get that part.

  • ken meadows says:

    I have a 2001 john deere gator 6×4 with a tuff torq transaxle serial # 117982. what transaxle is this and do you offer a rebuild kit for it ? part # please if you do so i can get it ordered.

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good data for which units are used in the different gators. You would need to get the serial number of the gator and contact your John Deere Dealer and they should be able to get you the part number of the unit that is installed in that particular gator. Please get me the number and I can see if we carry the parts/

  • je voudrait savoir si on peux acheter chez vous et si vous accepter paypal

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but if you have a distributor in your country you must go through that distributor. I am unable to sell in a country with a distributor.

  • john deere l 118 transmission 40a-0181380 savoir si il a un kit pome et moteur

  • je voudrait savoir si il y a un kit pour la trammsmission torq768t2024001 40a-0181380

  • Brian says:

    Where do I get parts for a tuff torq k51a gohn deere sabre 1642

  • Bill hinkle says:

    I have a husqvarna LTH1797. When going forward it is very slow but somethings takes off quickly for just a few yards. The reverse is all good and operates properly. Would you be able to tell me what could be wrong with the drive unit. In forward motion, a person can walk much faster than the machine will . Thank you. Email ,

  • Guy Ransom says:

    Not too sure which way the “Jerky Plate” (#54 in parts diag.) is supposed to go back in to the K46 Trans. It is hollowed on on side, solid on the other, has a curved side and a flat side. It fell out and I didn’t see how it was positioned! It sits againts a control arm #52 in parts diag.

  • Dan says:

    Looking for a link to drawings for parts/rebuild kit for a Cub Cadet XT1 Tuff Torque transmission- 7A646084590 S/N 46DM0161335
    Thank you.


    Do you offer rebuild kits for John Deer MIA10910? TUFF TORQ p/n 68T2024011 s/n 0606005. It is the transmission used in John Deer LA 145 with 48″ deck.

  • jeffrey says:

    I have a TT K46-BT. After replacing the fuse for the starter I have discovered my mower will no longer move forward or backward. It worked fine prior to replacing the starter fuse. Any ideas on why the mower will no longer move? Thanks.

    • ggraham says:

      I am not sure about what is involved with changing the fuse but you would start checking all the linkages and the freewheeling lever. Then look at the hubs and the keys to make sure they are in the slots for both axles.

  • kevin mcfarland says:

    with K46A trans I read there is a part # for Heat-Treated Steel gears replaces part # 1A646031570 do you have this part and or part #?

  • Jack Green says:

    I have a TT trans from a John Deere X300R lawn tractor.
    Broken left axel.
    TT PN: 7A646084141
    Serial #: 46BD0041120
    Can you tell me what I require to repair please.
    Located in Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia.

    for Pelican Waters Heart

  • kevin mcfarlad says:

    on my deere 46A AM130747
    What would be the part # for k57 upgrade kit. I read the charge pump increases durability. I want to upgrade center case / pump shaft/ charge pump…
    I gave my trans to a repair shop, and he gave it back to me in a basket, took me a while too figure out what was missing as I put it together.
    I noticed in pics after reinstalling I did not see or remember installing spring #1A646099070 under pump. Would trans still work w/o spring? I resurfaced center pump and new motor & pump.
    it works but trans looses some power when hot. so I want to replace center case with charge pump next time i pull apart.

    • ggraham says:

      There is not an upgrade to the K57 from a K46. it used to be that an engineer at Tuff Torq had figured it out and kept up with parts changes and knowe which ones work with which transmission. However several years ago he retired and no one has taken up the mantel so it is not supported any longer.

  • kevin mcfarlad says:

    I just finished installing my k46A trans and working OK I never liked the speed of this tractor (LTR180) the problem is cannot get to trans mision to clean because of the shoot (center rear discharge) I’ve read that the k66 trans would not fit my tractor, but can I fit the k66- pump, motor, wash plate, shaft, charge pump… into the k46 trans?

  • Jarod says:

    I’m working on my K46BT, serial number 46BT1060678. TT # 7A646084181. I thought I had taken pictures of everything before I disassembled everything.. Well, I must not of and I can’t remember the orientation of the motor drive block. I can’t remember if it was thick side up or thin side up. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Rachael says:

    HI I’m looking for a tough talk diff rebuild kit please

  • Travis Woltmann says:

    I am looking for a rebuild kit for a k57 on a 2007 simplicity Broadmoor , do you have one available and a part number?

  • Jeff says:

    Do you have a rebuild kit for JD LA-130?

  • Kevin R Cotter says:

    I had a local guy change the oil on my K46/T40 (John Deere LA135) hydro this spring. Ever since I got it back it rides really rough when cold and goes really slow in reverse. After it warms up it starts to run much smoother, and it actually speeds up in reverse.

    • ggraham says:

      Sounds like the Oil the dealer put in is a little thick. You might want to warm it up a little before hitting the mowing real hard.

  • Kevin Carswell says:

    Have a husqvarna LT 2654 with k46. 46bn0044004, need correct hydro diagram. Thanks

  • Chin Yew Law says:

    I am looking for the seal kit for 7a646084100. Can you recommend which kit to purchase?

  • Tyler says:

    I have a Husqvarna LGT2554 with the K46 with the S/N: 46AW0002255. I can’t find the rebuild kit on the site, could you help? Thanks

  • Kenny says:

    I have a z425 54 inch John Deere need left side transmission repair kit thanks

  • D Thomas says:

    What overhaul kit suits k46. S/n 40J-0833205 please ?

  • John Krebs says:

    What is the repair kit # for a 768T2024011 trans axle transmission

  • Dennis Henley says:

    I have a John Deere L118 maybe 2004, with Tuff Torq 7A646024380 SN 46V-0278552
    iv’e taken it out because it was getting weak pulling up inclines, especially when hot. What are my options as to rebuilding this unit, kits or any upgrades? and estimate for cost of options. This unit has never been worked on as I have owned it since new and I will be doing the work myself . Thanks for your advice

  • R.Buxton says:

    I have a K51B.can I replace the bypass shaft seal ( o-ring ) from the top without disassembly of the meaning when I remove the pin and lever will the shaft fall into the gear case?

    • ggraham says:

      This really depends on the serial number brake of the transmission. Early versions have a lever that is not removable. If it is a later version then, yes you can remove the lever. The shaft is spring-loaded and will sink into the transmission but not all the way inside. You should be able to remove the O-rings with a pick and clean the area well to ensure that the new o-rings will seal off the transmission. Once installed use a small metal ruler to hold the shaft in the up position so you can put the lever on the shaft and start the roll pin. Make sure not to note the position of the lever so you get it installed correctly and not turn the shaft inside the transmission.

  • Michael k morreim says:

    I have a 7A646084020. SN57R0019816. HOP pn 437814. I can go forward and back wards at low speed but when I try to go faster it lurches and makes a loud clicking noise, I think we overloaded the pull behind trailer and broke some thing,,,do you have a rebuild kit for this unit, thank you in advance

    • ggraham says:

      I would check the mountings on the frame for the transmission. It sounds like the transmission is not “locked” into place and is “flexing”. Probably just enough that the belt is not coming off. Husqvarna has a kit to fix this and you should contact them if that is what is going on.

  • Morgan Jenkins says:

    Hi, I have a K574 (787Q0323030 S/N 574C-003694) & HFWD when warm it is very slow going forward and will not go up an incline, strangely in reverse it is fine. I suspect it needs a rebuild but not sure because it’s okay going in reverse. Can you advise?

    • ggraham says:

      The Hydrostatic transmission can start to act strange when there is damaged hydraulic parts. It can work fine in forward and have issues in reverse and vice versa. First I would check to see if the transmission has a shock absorber attached to the control lever. Sometimes the OEM will add those to the transmission and I would check for that. When the shock absorber goes bad it does not allow the control lever to move its whole arc and that will slow the transmission down because it is not building enough oil pressure to overcome the incline and/or the weight of the tractor.

  • D Thomas says:

    I have a tuff Torq 7681202401 which has just started to have trouble driving. I notice the rubber cap under the fan is leaking (Perished). First thoughts were to replace the cap and the oil. S/N 40J-0833205. Having trouble finding a replacement cap. Could you please advise.. ? Thanks.

  • John LaRese says:

    I have a Tuff Torq 7A646024021 s/n 46C-0124770 and am looking for a rebuild kit part number to order. Also how do I find out what parts are included in the kit?

  • John Williams says:

    K46 Rebuild Kit

    • ggraham says:

      The repair kit is model specific and sometimes even serial number specific depending on the model. So, I would need the serial number of the unit to get you the correct repair kit.

  • Jim Socha says:

    I have a K46 in a 2013 John Deere with 140 hours on it that has broken springs under three of the 5 pistons. I took a fourth spring in my fingers and it snapped like a pretzel would if you tried to bend it. There is no visible scoring or discoloration that would indicate overheating and makes me wonder if there was a bad batch of springs from your supplier. How do I order all 10 replacement springs and what are their p/ns? My axle info is Model: 768T2024011 S/N: 40J-1320433

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but the springs are not sold separately. We receive the cylinder blocks complete. Also, the cylinder blocks are locked into the repair kit and are not able to be purchased outside of that kit.

  • Bob says:

    I have a John Deere Lt160 with a Tuff Torq K46C Serial # 46C-0077400 Transmission with 2000 hours on it. I all of a sudden lost all drive. The belt and pulley on top of the transmission are good. It makes no noise and you can push the tractor freely like you have disengaged the transmission. Also the pedals feel soft.

    • ggraham says:

      I would check the linkages first. make sure they are working properly and not bound, bent or broken. Also, check for debris on the transmission not allowing the linkage or the control lever to move properly.

  • Dave says:

    Hello I just got a riding mower with a 46BA hydrostatic, the plunger in the back to roll freely was in the locked position, once i got it home I unlocked the plunger to roll freely, after I started the mower, I engaged the plunger the mower did not move, took the unit off drained fluid, was not full, took the cover off, didn’t find anything broken or out of place! I seems the plunger or mechanism to to lock the wheels from free roll may be the problem.
    I can’t find any references or picks to show that part!

    • ggraham says:

      To help with parts I need the serial number of that transmission because that series is serial number specific for parts. The serial number is on a bar code sticker that is on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles.

  • joseph says:

    Hello have k46 BE once warms up reverse is slow and won’t go over 2×1 hump into shed , forward is much better no problems after 5w50, taken apart second time to check pump and motor little chater on aluminum face but found ids with filter seized , can this be reducing pressure or loss of pressure, will polish the pump and motor contac on center case pump and motor no scores or wear visable

    • ggraham says:

      I do not believe an IDS valve is your problem. I think the faces of the center case are the issue.

  • Robert says:

    Looking for parts diagram for K574 4wd, lost all drive ?

  • Rich Rankin says:

    I have a Husqvarna 2654 riding mower with a Tuff Torq 7A646084161, SNBN8068484 transmission. I need to replace the broken left axle… I cant find a part number for the new left axle in your parts search. Can you help?

    • ggraham says:

      The axles are offered in the axle shaft kit. the kit comes with both axles, 2 axle seals, sealing cap, filter, gasket material, and 3 liters of our tuff tech oil. It is #202 on the parts list and the part number is 1A646099891.

  • Raymond Niessen says:

    I have a John Deere L130 automatic and I need to either replace or rebuild my k46 hydrostatic transaxle and was just wondering how much your rebuild kits are and I also need a new fan and plug where the magnet goes.

  • Rod George says:

    I have a JD LA 165 with a K46 Tufftorq. The barcode for proper parts ID is gone. Is there another way to finding this info?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, there is! you can contact a John Deere dealer with the serial number of the tractor and at the very least they can give you the part number for the transmission if not the serial number of the transmission.

  • Stephanie says:

    I have a craftsman riding lawnmower with the k46bt tuff torq hydrostatic drive the shifter lever seems to be not in gaging and it falls out of the hole was just woundering what part i need to fix problems

  • Joel Cloud says:

    Hi, I have a JD D140 replaced the transmission oil tractor will barley move. I found the fan on the transmission will not move. Not wishing to replace the entire transmission and hopefully don’t need the $450.00 plus repair kit.


  • Thomas Murphy says:

    I am looking for a rebuild kit for a K51. The S/N tag on the transaxle is missing, but it is from a Late 2001 Simplicity Broadmoor 16H Model 1693840, Simplicity Transaxle P/N 1720876SM.

    • ggraham says:

      That Simplicity number translates to a K51F. The part number for the rebuild kit is 19216899461.

  • Clifford everts says:

    And is that the fluid that goes in a k62?

  • Clifford everts says:

    How do I order the tuff torq tuff tech hydrostatic drive fluid?

  • Leon Roberts says:

    I have a John Deere Z425 with a model DUP10E sn#10e070213 is there a rebuild kit for this ? It locked up?

  • Todd Harris says:

    trans not operational; removed from mower, gears look great, what do I look for that rendered this unit to be non-operational??

    • ggraham says:

      Well, if it is a hydraulic issue check the faces of the part held in with three bolts called the center case. look at the area on it between the kidney ports. you are looking for scratches or scoring anything that is not glassy smooth allows oil to escape pressure. Also, check the mate up surface n the cylinder blocks and again look at the metal between the kidney ports looking for the same kind of thing. that is the usual wear on a K46.

  • Bob Griff says:

    i bought a used John Deere zero turn Z525E , 200 hours , mowing climbing a slope the right hydro static transmission failed , and since then having great difficulty repairing it , the only way i found is to buy a new transmission which costs $950 and with installation and taxes will cost me $1400. it is a very high price to fix a like new lawn mower , any help any suggestions is very appreciated

  • Michael says:

    I bought a John Deere L118 unlimited ran good when I bought it I got it home an my yard has a slope an it started an mowed fine Then it was sluggish on the slope an stopped pulling then just started to sweak like a power steering pump on a car would when it’s low so I had a guy look at it he said changing the fluid would help so I got the stuff an he changed it an within minutes of mowing it started the same thing new belts an new fluid. Is there a tranny that could replace mine or what the cheapest to do thanks in advance

    • ggraham says:

      There is a bar code sticker on the case close to one of the axles that has a serial number on it. Get the serial number and I can get the link to that transmission.

  • Lee Smith says:

    Hello, I bought a used jd155C with about 400 hours on it. After about 20 hrs of use, the tractor just stopped and the drive belt was slipping on the motor pulley. Acts like I have frozen hearing someplace. Can this granny be rebuilt?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, I believe it can but to be sure I would need the serial number off the bar code sticker on the case of the transmission. It is close to one of the axles and normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. Get the serial number and I can get you the link to your transmission

  • Philip says:

    Hello. Replacing axles & seals on K 46. Do I fit the seals first and push the axles through or do I put in the axles first and put the seals on over the axles putting tape on each end to protect seal.

  • Tabitha says:

    Hello. I have a john deere la150 with a k46
    After 20 mins of use it won’t go fwd or reverse and loses power up the hill when it will drive. After letting it sit for about an hour it will go again for a bit then loses all power again. What parts do I need?

  • Phil says:

    Please advise on price of a repair kit for a K46 transmission pumps seals filter ect

  • Robbie Hines says:

    Requesting a rebuild kit for a John Deere LA135 T40 hydro transmission. I hear the k46 is similar and will be utilized as a rebuild kit. Could I please get a quote? Thank you!

  • Tom Kelley says:

    I am looking for a K46C center case only are they still available and how do I order one if available

    • ggraham says:

      Center cases are only offered in the repair kit. You would need to get the whole repair kit for the transmission to get a center case.

  • Jim Sinnesael says:

    Hi I’m in Canada and I’m trying to find parts for my T40 hydrostatic trans. But when I go on web site it says not available.

  • Gregory Johnson says:

    Just replaced the pump bearing shaft and drained old oil. My John Deere dealer recommendations putting 10W-30 in for replacement oil. Is that ok or is a special Oil for hydrostatic transmissions?

  • Dan Sanders says:

    Gus varna LGT 2554.
    This is the 3rd right axel that has broken. They last about a year. K46. Kit # 1A646099891 fits. Can I just just the right axel. If sitting on the mower it is the axel on my right.

  • Dave Harders says:

    I am not remembering the orientation of the motor housing as stated above. Wide end up or down. Wondering if you could help me out. I have K46A S/N 46A-0036709 and JDHW p/n AM130447. Also would like to get a new filter, what kit would I need to order. Thanks

  • Joe Beatrice says:

    Tractor Tuff Torq AM135071 K62 Hydro Transmission. will this work in a John Deere G100 that had a K66 in it

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but since the transmissions are built specifically for the tractors that they are installed in I cannot recommend you swap for another unit.

  • Donald says:

    I just received a rebuild kit .
    The center section says T40 R14 and my old section has K46 R14 . Did I receive the correct parts ?
    Small difference in the one pump hole is the only difference .

    • ggraham says:

      It could be correct. However, for me to be certain I need the serial number of your transmission and the part number of the kit you ordered.

  • Marcus C says:

    Hi I have a k62g and it has lost all drive. Do you sell the repair kit for it as I can’t find one anywhere in the UK or Europe

    • ggraham says:

      There is a te build kit for the K62G. You would need to contact our distributor for the UK to order.
      Units 8-9 Flitch Industrial Estate
      Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1XJ
      01371 875331
      01371 874777 (fax)
      Contact: Phil Brown
      Countries Served: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

  • Jilson litwin paterk says:

    Qual viscosidade do óleo e posso usar? Pois não consegui encontrar o óleo tuf torq!

  • Trevor Pollock says:

    I wanted to buy TUFFTORQ K46 IDS FILER KIT.
    While servicing K46 transmission I had several bits on a rag,cleaned & ready for fittment.One of the pups has ran off with the rag & lost 1 of the IDS filters,I have spent nearly 2 hours looking for it with no luck.I live in Australia & they are not available, even from my JOHN DEERE dealer?.
    Can you send the 2 filfers if you can as the spring & body are fine.
    Just let me know how to pay you for the filters plus shipping to Australia.
    My addresss is as follows,
    Trevor Pollock,
    681 Branxholme Road
    Victoria, 3286.
    Much appreciated,

  • Todd A Boulanger says:

    Can I order parts from you directly
    I have a Husqvarna transaxle
    Tuff Torq 7A646084180
    S/N 46BT0189876

    I need the Piston assembly for the motor and the other piston assembly
    Oil fill cap and breather
    gasket sealant

    Thank you
    Todd Boulanger

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, you can go right to the website and order right from there. once you create an account you can go int that transmissions a K46BT and get into the correct serial number break for your transmission and then you will be able to add things directly to a cart. It is unfortunate but the cylinder blocks come to us complete, we do not have the parts for them. and to get a cylinder block you have to get a repair kit.

  • Michael McLaren says:

    I have a husqvarna 18542 with the tuff torq k46 bt 462120 that just had the anti debris kit and inversion system replaced what are these and how do I find them in case I need to replace them in the future?

    • ggraham says:

      Those seem to be only offered through Husqvarna. I do not have any information on them. You would need to contact Husqvarna for where they are.

  • Vern Bagley says:

    i have 3 late model Simplicity Broadmoors one has a k62 tuff torque and the other 2 has tuff torque k57’s in them.why are these going out to the point where they won’t move forward or backwards a couple of them move then when it gets warm its slows to a crawl to the point i cannot make it back to the garage,they all have the cooling fins on the fans,there is no obstruction for them to not cool the transmissions,i do not have hills in my yard,and i just cannot believe i’m having a problems with all 3 and another thing they have good drive belts as well please get back to me on these issues,Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      That does seem odd. how many hours do you have on these tractors? Also when was the last time you changed the oil? perhaps starting with an oil change can shed light on what is going on.

  • Rene says:

    Hi my name is Renee I have a John Deere tractorl130 will notmove forwardnot revers

  • RIchard Ortiz says:

    Hello I have a k46 transaxle that is only two years old. The tractor craftsman 7800 pro series will not move forward not reverse., please advice in which parts I will need. I don’t believe I need a rebuild kit.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sending a checklist to your email. It should help you find our the issue and then you can determine which parts you will need based on what you find.

  • Bernie Yarmuch says:

    Just wondering if I can change (k46) the IDS from balls to screens without any issues?

  • Arlyn Burns says:

    Do you have a overhaul kit for?7A646024021 46C0174436

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but since that is a John Deere Transmission and John Deere wants to service their own transmsmions I have to send you to a local John Deere Dealer or you can contact the John Deere tech Center at 800.537.8233.

  • jeff says:

    I have the D130 JD with the 768T2024011 transmission. The machine will no longer engage the transmission when the tow valve rod is pushed in. Whether in or out the machine will free wheel. Can you give me some info on how to repair this situation?

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but I need to refer you to Your local John Deere Dealer or you can call the John Deere tech center at 800.537.8233.

  • Thomas Carver says:

    rebuild kit for Tuff Torq 787Q0824011 sn 7D-R0123131

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but I have to refer you to your local John Deere Dealer or you can call the John Deere tech center at 800.537.8233

  • Richard Bettmeng says:

    Do you repair transaxles in house?

  • Ryan says:

    Hi, I am trying to replace the shaft and pulley on my k51a tuff torq transmission.
    . However when I pulled the old shaft out and tried to reinsert the new shaft there are 2 cylinders in the way. I can push them down and they seem to be spring loaded.

  • Nicole Juhase says:

    Have husqvarna lgt2654 with a tuff torq 7A646084091 S/N 46AW0065780 we need to know how to get the cap off to drain, repair, and fill with fluid. How do I get a repair kit?

    • ggraham says:

      A slotted screwdriver inserted under the lip of the sealing cap should be able to pry up on it and remove the cap. to get a repair kit you can go to the website and once you create an account you can order the repair kit off the website.

  • Wayne Bizzaro says:

    Do you make a rebuild kit for a john deere gx255 it says Tuff Torq 7A637024020 71C-0000209 JDHW P/N AM133221

  • Dan says:

    i have a craftsman with the k46 transaxle itook it apart too replace a bad bearing n ow foward igoes reverse what can i do too fix this problem

    • ggraham says:

      You have installed the motor housing upside down. You need to flip that wedge-shaped part that holds the bearings for the motor cylinder block around 180 degrees.

  • Gerald Smallegange says:

    Hi, I have just refurbished my K46 transmission and replaced the pump, motor and gears. After I had it all back together I notices a small O ring on the bench and I have no idea where it came from. I looked at the assembly diagram and could not figure out where it may go. Can you provide any details on where the O ring needs to be. There are many O rings in the refurbishing kit but it says they do not need to be replaced. The one on my bench was like the the smallest one in the kit.

  • Scott mccann says:

    hi there, I have a mountfield 4155h 4wd ride on, the customer has been operating it on 2wd because hes been told the other axle needs replaced.Is there a way for me to identify this axle is beyond repair or can they all be repaired in some way.I don’t want to go just buy a new axle if it can be repaired? many thanks in advance

    • ggraham says:

      There should be a bar code sticker on the case of the front transmission that would have a serial number on it. That will tell you which transmission it is. When you get that number you can email it to and the helpful techs in the service department will get you the information you need.

  • Vaughn Pretorius says:

    Hi, can forward and reverse be swapped around by installing the motor housing other way round?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes it can. However, some transmissions have a valve installed in the centercase to restrict the flow of oil for reverse, thereby making reverse slower for safety reasons. If you have a model that is configured that way forward will be slow and reverse faster when you flip the motor housing.

  • James Cardinale says:

    Do you have a rebuild kit for a 46Z transaxle

  • Joseph Baldwin says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out. After taking a break and clearing my head, I took another look at it. What happened was that when I tried to pull out the original axle seals, I pulled the rubber away from the metal band insert that gives the seal it’s shape and rigidity. That’s why it seemed like it was melted or glued on. Because it was at the factory where it was molded. With a little more force I was able to get that metal band out and was left with a nice clean opening for the new axle seals to go into. Sorry about all that. Maybe you could remove my previous post? And this one? Since it’s a non-issue. Thanks Again. Sorry for wasting your time.

  • Joseph Baldwin says:

    Trying to replace the axle shaft seals on my K46BE. S/N 7A646084120. The seals (#72 187T0134280) that came in my repair kit (1A646099601) will NOT FIT in the original housing. Removing the originals was nothing like any of the repair videos I’ve seen. They almost seemed glued or melted to the housing. Took a lot of careful scraping to get all the old material off of housing. The chamfered opening is the exact diameter of the new seal, but the just inside the housing is what looks like a pressed in bushing. Part # 74 168T203424. So the new seal is so thick, that it bottoms out against that bushing before it comes anywhere close to properly being seated. Are the wrong axle seals being put in the repair kit? Should I remove the bushing? Which appears to have been pressed in anyways. (Doubt it. Also, don’t know how one would go about removing it anyway.) Also on the original seal….did you guys use some type of sealant between the outer circumference of the axle seal and the inner walls of the housing? Seriously, it was like the old axle seal was almost melted or glued to the housing. One other simple question. What does the acronym IDS mean? I.E. Ball IDS/Filter IDS Thank you for any help that would shed some light on this.

  • Michael Perry says:

    Don’t want to put that much money on this job just want the $71 cylinder block repair & the transmission seal service kit what is item # thanks ?

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but the cylinder blocks are locked together with the center case in the repair kit. You have to get the whole kit. without changing the center case you risk the cylinder blocks starting to conform to the wear on the machined face of the center case and then after a short time, you will be in the same predicament as you were in before.

  • Michael Perry says:

    I have 125Automacic 100series JohnDeere
    Prod. #GXO125A054310 model G125A
    Transmission Tuff Torque # 768T2024010 AM1344582 will barely move forward or reverse Could you tell me what differential gear kit, filter, magnets with holder, and cylinder block kit I need. If i could get the parts numbers to order them. Thank You Happy New Year

    • ggraham says:

      The differential gear kit is part number 1A646031570. The filter and cylinder block are in the repair kit which for that transmission is part number 1A646098280.

      • Michael says:

        Would that be all I need to order to rebuild including the center case for my Tuff Torq 768T2024010 sn-40J-0097949 it slow moves forward & reverse;

        • ggraham says:

          With what you are describing I think it is likely a hydraulic issue and the repair kit will replace the worn hydraulic parts.

  • Gerald Smallegange says:

    I need a repair kit for a 2003 John deer L120C Date Code 050103 (759936 62506 0)
    Can you tell me what repair kit I need and how I can order one.
    Transmission has lost power and will barely back up.

  • Jeff Zoerb says:

    I have model K46BN serial number 46BN001323, no power and no drive anything above half pedal in FWD directions, barely creeps in reverse direction. Took apart, oil looked clean and not filled with metal. Magnets had pretty good amount of goo on them. Also more noise from diff as hours accumulated. I’m assuming Center case with IDS Upgrade Kit good idea and recommended oil. Any other parts? Internal parts appeared to be in good shape still.

    • ggraham says:

      You would need a repair kit for your transmission. The kit comes with the pump and motor (both cylinder blocks), center case and seal kit. The part number is 1A646099591.

  • Jason Stuner says:

    Hello. I have a k57a transaxle with a bad pinion assembly. The parts are no longer available. How can I fix this without junking the whole machine since I just bought the rebuild kit for the transaxle.

  • Ricky Webb says:

    Will a transmission from a John Deere LA115 fit a L130? They look identical.

    • ggraham says:

      Though they look alike, swapping one for another is fraught with issues. It is not recommended. The transmissions are built for the specific tractor that they are installed in.

  • Ricky Webb says:

    Do you sell rebuild kit for a L130 AM131580 Hydrostatic Transmission?

  • James River says:

    My Husq mower (164hrs) went from smooth engagement to jerky engagement to NO engagement in about 15 minutes of use. I thought the boots I was wearing might be causing me to not feel the pedal. There is no resistance in the pedal and the brake stop has no grass under it. Can you give me an idea of what the problem could be or where I should start looking?

    • ggraham says:

      You should probably start with changing the oil in the transmission. Then you can check the pulley and input shaft to make sure they are right and all the linkages. Anything external can be checked with the oil change. After installing you can see if the unit is working better. If it is great. If not then it is time to rebuild or replace the transmission.

  • Shaun Coppersmith says:

    Wanted a price and part number for a k46 transmission. It’s a 40j or mia10910

  • Sam says:

    I have a john deere L120 with a (BAD) tuff torq k46 trans…….i have an opportunity to purchase a new in box k46 but its for a MTD Ser # 7A646084460. It looks the same but the axle shafts are different where/how the rear wheel attaches. Could the axle shafts from my l120 trans be swapped into the new K46 for the MTD.

    • ggraham says:

      Swapping transmissions can be very frustrating because of the differences in the various K46’s. Overcoming obstacles cannot be easily done. For instance, the two transmissions you stated have different logic. If you would put the new one in the tractor would go in reverse when you press the forward pedal. Axles aside I would not recommend using that transmission in your tractor.

  • Richie Moylan says:

    I am HP person disabled. I had someone rebuild my K46 tuff torq hydrostatic rebuild transmission kit. The man who did the job? Also change belt & both pedals bushings. John Deere x3oo tractor. Now the problem is tractor pedals forward going in reverse slow, reverse pedal now forward fast. Took transmission apart 2 times and check v block install correct. Please help spent my disability money to pay for tractor transmission. Help me please and thank you. Richie.

    • ggraham says:

      The wedge-shaped motor housing is installed wrong. It needs to be flipped 180 degrees. If the wide side is facing you then the thin side needs to be facing you.

  • Brian Foughty says:

    I have a John Deere LX277 with the K62 transaxle. It grinds when backing up but not going forward. it has plenty of pull going forward but appears to have less power when backing up. in your opinion what would I need to fix this problem?

  • mike L says:

    I have a k51 tranny need a rebuild kit . any idea on what kit I need thanks

  • Dick K says:

    I need a rebuild kit for a simplicity tuff torq k57 transaxle what part number would I need and a ball park cost

  • Charles Cothran Sr says:

    Gerry, HOP 405384 .. 7A646084108 … SN 468T0117071

  • Charles Cothran Sr says:

    I have a K46BT hydrostatic trans Axle. I need a rebuild kit to replace the drive gears on the axles.

  • gerry says:

    do you have or can you supply me with parts for tuff torq transaxle in ride on mowers

  • Craig cressman says:

    I have a lot 180 I need a pump kit the number is 746024021. 46-0146499 what number kit will work ? , don’t find any that match my numbers thank you

    • ggraham says:

      I believe that the number is 7A646024021? That would be a K46C transmission. The part number for a repair kit for that transmission is 1A646099581.

  • Darren Staples says:

    I have a K46 transaxle case PN 46BE0050278 SA646U84120 I took apart every thing looks great no shavings to speak of, it runs nice cold but when you go on any incline it stops, could it be the oil used it has about 300 hours when i drained the oil it seemed like there was not very much viscosity to the oil, The pump and motor seemed tightwith the plungers. can it get the tolerances for them please ty

    • ggraham says:

      The issue is not the pistons, usually. The issue is the other end of the cylinder block. You would want to check the metal between the kidney ports for scratches, scoring, or anything not flat. Also, the center case face should be glassy smooth. if it is not you are losing pressure between those two parts. Good oil can sometimes help that but it is not a guarantee.

  • roger w wilson says:

    I have a husqvarna lgt2654 with thek46aw transaxle in it. lately i’m having troble going up any kind of incline after the tractor is run for about 30 minutes. it runs fine up till then. i thought it was the main drive belt. i changed it, no improvement. do i need a repair kit of some kind

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, you will probably need to rebuild the transmission but the first step is changing the oil in the transmission. You can then check all the externals of the transmission to make sure nothing there is causing the issue. after the oil change, you can evaluate how the transmission is doing and then figure out if you need to rebuild it then.

  • Jim Maljaars says:

    Hello I have just purchased a used John Deere LTR166 rideon. The rear axle has just snapped off at the wheel hub. Is there a chance of replacing just the axle or do I need to purchase a complete new transmission? Thanks in advance!

    • ggraham says:

      The axles for the K46A which is installed in the LTR166 has an axle shaft kit. It comes with both axles, axle seals, gasket material, filter, sealing cap, and 3 litres of our 5W-50 synthetic oil. The part number is 1A646099731.

  • Rex says:

    Thanks ggraham! Here are all the numbers off the bar code on the transmission. Hopefully you can tell me which model it is as it may as well be Latin to me LOL! Thanks! TUFF TORQ 768T2024010 S/N: 4OJ-0223283 JDPP PN: AM134582
    Also…could you please tell me where I can get a transmission pump for this model.
    Thank you!!

    • ggraham says:

      That is a T40J transmission and on the second page of our transmissions you will find it.

  • Rodney Vaden says:

    Hello My name is Rodney. I have John deere G100. The transaxle will not pull on a including. It has 400+ hours on it. What rebuild kit works with this transaxle?

  • Mel Lucas says:

    I have a Model K45BA transaxle on a Craftsman lawnmower. What is the description/specifications of the belt that needs to be replaced?

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but we do not deal with the belts. we only deal with the parts of the transmission. anything that the OEMs install on the transmission or tractor is a part you would need to get from them.

    • ggraham says:

      Since we do not sell that part I do not have specifications for it. You would need to back to Sears for the belt.

  • Rex says:

    I have a K46 AM134582 in a John Deere LA120…A couple of questions please… How do I know which K46 model is it? IE, K46A or??
    Also, my pump is gone in it… where can I get a new one?
    Thanking you in advance!

    • ggraham says:

      You would need to check the serial number of the transmission. It is on a barcode sticker on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles and you should be able to see it from the rear of the tractor. The serial number will tell you specifically which transmission you have.

  • Eric A. says:

    I have a K46aw in my Husqvarna, I’m thinking of upgrading to a K57. Which one should I d use?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have information for swapping out transmissions. That is for the simple fact that they are built for the specific tractor that they are installed in.

  • HAY DAVID says:

    Bonsoir j’ai un tracteur tondeuse toro avec une boite hydro K46 1A646024160 ou1A646024163 Je voudrais savoir si vous vendez un quite de réparation car il avence plus quand il est chaud merci de votre réponse

  • Richard Windon says:

    I have a Troy Bilt bronco I have transmission leak around left rear axle .Is it serviceable and can I get a seal for is 618-07009 the serial # looks like 7A646084600

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, you can change the seals in your transmission. Axle seal replacement this link takes you to the information online for how to do it. the part number for the seal is 187T0134280. There is a $25 minimum to order off of the website so you might want to use the distributor Gardner to order the seals. their number is 800.848.8946. And as always you can contact the helpful service techs at 866.572.3441 or email at

  • Gary Lansink says:

    I believe I have a K46 trans out of a JD LT125. It looked like it had oil coming from vent and was covered in debris when I got the mower. It has 198hrs on it. I took it out, cleaned it up and did an oil change. Seems like I was wrong. All wet around neutral/in gear shaft and couple drips on floor after 2 weeks sitting. Is there an o-ring around that shaft or?? I do not have the serial number off the axle at this time…

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, there is an oil seal on the control shaft. You get the serial number of the transmission and email it to and the helpful techs in the service department will get you the part number for that particular seal.

  • Larry Knoell says:

    Do you sell a repair kit for Tuff Torq K51A-SBR John Deere P/N 880202 ?

  • Gary harvey says:

    I have a hustler fastrak 42″. Do you guys sell a rebuild kit for the tranaxles or know of one? Or are they a disposable?

    • ggraham says:

      That looks like it has another company’s transmissions. You would need to check the serial number on the transmissions to get an idea about which company made them.

  • Dan says:

    what is the clearance specification for the clearance between the pistons and the pump and alos the pistons and the motor? I need the specs. so I can know if I need to order replacement parts when I change the oil and filter.

  • Kevin Rhodes says:

    Hi, Have a problem with a transmission in a John Deere Lawn Tractor/Rideon Mower.
    No Drive – Forward or Reverse until the brake pedal is pressed approx half way down.
    The mower has completed 426hrs.
    No noises come from the transmission and seems to drive smoothly.
    There are 3 Numbers on the Bar Code are :- 768T2024011 , MIA10910 & 40J-0858287.
    Any help greatly appreciated as located in country Queensland Australia and the nearest John Deere service agent is approx 80 mile away.

    • ggraham says:

      For questions like that, you can always contact the friendly techs in the Tuff Torq Service Department by Phone: 866.572.3441 and

  • Luís Henrique Silveira Pareja says:

    Moro no Brasil tenho um microtrator husqvarna com transmissão K46, mas não consigo saber o tempo de troca do óleo da mesma e o pior, que óleo utilizar, com isso ela foi ficando fraca. Um revendedor do trator me indicou óleo sintético 5 w50, não encontrei o mesmo, me mandaram colocar o 10w40 funciona por 1 hora e quando esquenta ficar fraca, espera esfriar e usa mais uma hora. Acabei por trocar a transmissão por outra nova e não sei como farei a manutenção da mesma. Se possível me indique o tempo de troca do óleo e um tipo de óleo que encontre no Brasil. Obrigado pela atenção.

    • ggraham says:

      Você gostaria de mudar o seu óleo a cada 150 a 200 horas. A menos que você esteja cortando terreno acidentado ou tenha colinas, então você pode querer cortar até 100 horas ou menos. E recomendamos um óleo sintético completo de 5W-50.

  • Tony nixon says:

    I am having trouble finding parts breakdown for a K46 transmission. I am hoping to get help here. The numbers on the transmission are IA 6460-89850 and IA 6460-24163. Looking forward to your response

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr. Nixon,
      The numbers you indicated are embossed on the cases. Those numbers are part numbers for the cases. You would need to check for a bar code sticker on the case close to one of the axles. That would have the serial number on it and armed with the serial number you can find all the information for your transmission on the website: As always, you can call the helpful techs at 866.572.3441 if you have more questions.

  • Graeme Currie says:

    Can I retrofit the limited slip to an existing k46 at the same time as repairing?

  • jerry woodward says:

    T he bypass shaft on my k51a tufftorq started leaking oil. how do I replace the new shaft with new one and put new O-rings 1a and p10a in. how do you get the old shaft out

  • Charlie Schmidt says:

    46BL0031685 unit works great cold, and not so good hot. can I rebuild this unit? what is the kit# and the cost. Can you tell me of a local fluid so I don’t have to have it shipped. Thank you, Charlie power equip center.

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr. Schmidt,
      You can rebuild it and a repair kit for this model is part number 1A646099591. You can look it up on our website to get pricing. Oil, however, is not easy to say because we have tested our oil exclusively now for a while and feel it is the best choice for longevity in your transmission. As always, you can call the helpful techs at the Service Department to have all your questions answered. The number is 866.572.3441.

  • Alan taylor says:

    Center case Service kit on a k46 transaxle

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr. Taylor,
      The center case is included in the repair kit for your particular transmission. You would need to order the whole kit to get the center case kit. As always you can always email the Service Department at or call at 866.572.3441. The techs there will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Steve Stuckey says:

    Can k66l be rebuit?

    • ggraham says:

      Hello, Mr. Stuckey,
      Yes, you can rebuild your K66I. To find the part number for the rebuild kit you would need the serial number off of the transmission. You can contact the Service Department at 866.572.3441, then for them to get you the right part number or you can look it up on the website as well.

  • Chris Foy says:

    I need a repair kit for a k46 Tuff Torq transmission
    SN: 46AC0184312

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr. Foy,
      here is the part number for the repair kit for the serial number you indicated is 1A646099591. You can order that right off of the website You can also call the Service Department to get your questions answered at 866.572.3441.

  • Donnie Brewer says:


    Reassemble k 51 a. Now forward is reverse and reverse is forward. What did i do wrong?

    • ggraham says:

      Mr. Brewer,
      There is a wedge shaped housing that holds the bearings for motor cylinder block. It is installed upside down. Flip that housing and it will work in forward and reverse. If you have any questions you can always call the Service Department at 866.572.3441

  • gary hindman says:

    hi David, after servicing my k58a it now goes backward instead of forward and forward instead of backward is there a way to fix this? or should I just turn the seat around. thanks Gary.

  • Bernard Hinde says:

    Hi , I have a k46 s/no. 461-0011025 ( husqvarna 506 9863-02 ) and one of the ids valves was stuck in . I managed to extract both but there
    was no ball bearing or filter in either , can you advise what is correct and pt. no. please ?
    I pulled it apart because the mower has lost a lot of power and all looks ok apart from the gears in the diff so I have an enquiry for those
    with a company here in New Zealand .

    • Hello Mr. Hinde. Thanks for your message. While I am happy to help any way I can, you have questions here that would be best answers by one of our service professionals. You can reach them at or toll-free at (866) 572-3441. If you contact our professional service team, they will be able to look up and help you with the repair of your K46 unit. Hope that is helpful, have a great day!

  • Richie Leonard says:

    Hi, I have a John Deer 115 which has the tuff torq drive unit and has lost all drive power. I was just wondering if it is worth repairing this by replacing the pump and motor kit or should I just scrap the complete machine. I’m not sure how much the repair kit is yet but I understand it is going to be quite expensive. (if the machine were working it would be worth about UK 450 pounds, aprox 550 USD).
    Any advice would be most appreciated
    Thanks Richie…

    • Hello, Mr. Leonard. Thanks for your comment. I think the best advice would be to contact our service team and let them review your issues and recommend the best solution. You can email them at or call them toll-free at +1 (866) 572-3441. I hope that is helpful! Have a great day.

  • Martin walyor says:

    Good to know

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