Uni-Power Announcement: Our new distributor and service support partner in the UK

Uni-Power Announcement

Tuff Torq Corporation is very excited to announce our new partnership with Uni-Power (official specialist dristributor of engines, transmissions & parts).  Uni-Power will be the official parts and service representative for all Tuff Torq products in the UK.  Due to this new partnership, Tuff Torq has been invested to insuring that Uni-Power has all the resource and training necessary to help our UK customers and manufacturers.  Our service technician, Derrick Dalton, spent two days with the Uni-Power team at their facilities introducing the Tuff Torq products, service process and many resources available from Tuff Torq to support our distributors.  We are very impressed with the Uni-Power team and their commitment to serve the UK with the best parts and the best technical support.

Uni-Power Announcement

The Uni-Power team had a chance to work hands-on with the Tuff Torq products to understand and clarify service questions that may come up with their customers.

Uni-Power Announcement

Derrick Dalton does product technical training with the Uni-Power team.

Uni-Power Announcement

Derrick Dalton, Tuff Torq service technician, provides technical and repair procedure training to the Uni-Power team.

Here are a few interesting points about Uni-Power:

  • Uni-Power was established in 1986.
  • Uni-Power only supplies guaranteed original products. They do not service or distribute 3rd party products.
  • They are an official specialist distributor of engines, transmissions and parts to both trade (service dealers) and original equipment manufacturers.
  • Uni-Power provides comprehensive service and warranty back-up support (including 3rd party warranty supply).
  • Uni-Power has just launched an all new website. You can visit the new site at uni-power.co.uk. The new site includes electronic parts catalogues, real-time stock availability and account holder shopping cart services.  There are many other new features and services still to be added.
Uni-Power Announcement

Uni-Power met with Tuff Torq service technician and Jan Van Den Bosch from Motor Snelco, one of our other key European distributors.

Uni-Power Announcement

The Uni-Power team was able to ask technical and logistical questions to ensure they were ready to effectively support and service the Tuff Torq customers in the UK.

Our new partnership with Uni-Power is very exciting to Tuff Torq and our service department. We are confident that this new partnership will ensure that our customers and manufacturers in the UK get the right parts and accurate support for all the Tuff Torq products.  We look forward to great success for both companies.

If you need more information, or want to contact the Uni-Power team, please find their information below.  Also, if you ever have any questions or need any information directly from Tuff Torq click here, or call our service team at (866) 572-3441.

Uni-Power Announcement

The Uni-Power team. Ready to serve the Tuff Torq customers of the UK.

Universal Engine Power Ltd. (TIA Uni-Power)
Unit 8 Flitch Industrial Estate
Great Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1XJ

Phone: 01371 875331
Fax: 01371 874777
Email: info@uni-power.co.uk
Web: www.uni-power.co.uk

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