Tuff Torq Presented Green Star Partnership Award

Morristown, Tennessee – December 12, 2016 – Tuff Torq Corporation was presented with the Green Star Partnership Award Certificate for Comprehensive Environmental Excellence.  This award is presented by the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC). The award is presented to companies that have proven efforts to improve and extend manufacturing and business practices that conserve energy and protect our environment.  Tuff Torq Corporation received the award for their efforts over the past 18 months in reducing energy and water usage, capital improvements for recycling, waste oil management, water bulk storage and controlling hazardous fluids from purchase to disposal—just to name a few of their programs.

Tuff Torq Green Star Partnership Award: Mike Haag - Tuff Torq Corporation

Mike Haag thanks attendees.

The opening Presentation

Tuff Torq President, Kazuhiko Nomazaki, opened the presentation with a sincere thank you to the attendees and to present the company’s mission to be excellent stewards of the environment and the company’s resources.  Mr. Nomazaki communicated that these goals extend from our parent company, Yanmar/Kanzaki. The Yanmar family of companies are committed to be a world-leader in responsible manufacturing and business practices. Keith Andrews, VP of Research & Development for Tuff Torq, then gave a brief presentation of the history and identity of Tuff Torq Corporation to their guests.

Tuff Torq Green Star Partnership Award: Bob Martineau - TDEC

Bob Martineau, Commissioner for TDEC, thanks Tuff Torq staff for their environmental efforts.

Tuff Torq Green Star Partnership Award: Dr. Shari Meghreblian, TDEC

Dr. Shari Megreblian, TDEC Deputy Commissioner, explains the importance of environmental programs for the future of Tennessee businesses.

TNDEC Commissioner, Bob Martineau—with members of his staff—was on site this morning to present Tuff Torq a certificate and flag. These gifts identify Tuff Torq as a “Green Star” environmental partner with the State of Tennessee.  Mr. Martineau and Deputy TDEC Commissioner, Dr. Shari Meghreblian, gave brief presentations to thank Tuff Torq for their efforts. Both presenters also took time to communicate how important the example companies like Tuff Torq are for other Tennessee businesses.

Other local and state officials that attended the presentation included:

  • Steve Southerland, District I State Representative
  • Bill Britton, Hamblen Country Mayor
  • Kay Senter, City of Morristown Vice Mayor
  • John LeCroy, Regional Director for External Affairs (Knoxville)
  • Lori Munkeboe, Director of Sustainable Practices
  • Kathy Glapa, Office of Sustainable Practices
  • Chad Kimes, Office of Sustainable Practices

Tuff Torq Corporation was very grateful to receive this prestigious award. A tour of the Tuff Torq facilities was provided to how some of the efforts made to improve the company’s environmental impact and energy efficiency.  The Tuff Torq Corporation team is very humbled to receive this award. Our staff is looking forward to continuing to produce world-class products for our customers while also protecting the world for generations to come.

Tuff Torq Green Star Partnership Award: Tuff Torq facility tour

Mike Haag provides state/local officials with a tour of the Tuff Torq facilities.

Tuff Torq Green Star Partnership Award: Tuff Torq facility tour

Tuff Torq facility tour for TDEC officials.

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