Tuff Torq Power Optimization

Replacing Worn Cylinder Blocks and/or Center Case

Is your transmission experiencing a loss of power? Diagnosing this issue can be a daunting task.  As always, we recommend seeking the expert opinion of your local service dealer; however, if you want to address the issue yourself, here is some helpful information.

Finding the Root Cause

In the majority of cases, power loss can be traced to one root cause, the cylinder blocks and the center case need to be replaced.  If you plan to repair this issue, it is critical to replace all components. This would include two cylinder block assemblies with new pistons and springs and the center case. If the cylinder blocks or the center case has damage due to wear, then the related parts will also require replacement.  If all parts are not replaced, it is very likely that you will have another failure within a short time.

There are many misguided blogs on the internet that say you can save money by not replacing all components.  This may be true in the short term; however, it will drastically shorten the life of the parts and likely cause a situation for additional repairs.  In this scenario, we have found that future repairs require replacing all related components.

To that end, we offer a complete repair kit that includes the center case, cylinder block assemblies, gaskets, filters, and sealant.  Our genuine Tuff Torq replacement kit is available on our service website, here.  We are always happy to answer your questions.  Please email our service team here or by phone at (866) 572-3441.

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  • Ronald McGarvey says:
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    I had a problem with my k46 transaxle (losing reverse when hot) and decided to replace the entire transaxle with a new k46 unit purchased from Tuff Torq. The new unit arrived in the Oct/Nov timeframe and I installed it, tested it, and then parked it for the winter. It was not until the next Mar/Apr that I actually began using the tractor with the new transaxle again. unfortunately for me, by the time I realized that this new transaxle was not working properly, I was outside of the six-month warranty period and the response from Tuff Torq amounted to “nothing!” Not a suggestion as to what to do, not an offer to stand behind their product, zippo, nada, niesch, nothing. My experience with Tuff Torq is not a positive one. Buyer Beware!
  • Jim Austin says:
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    Hello I’m looking for options for a Tuff Torq k51b – s/n 071862 Jdhw p/n am122742. New replacement or rebuild kit
  • Geoff L says:
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    Hey… I have a Husqvarna YTH24V48LS mower with what i believe is the K46 CR/LD? transmission… when it gets warm it fails to drive. I did perform one oil change on it and it improved slightly however it needs replacing. Can I install a “better” transmission that will fit or am i limited to another K46? Either way where can it be ordered and picked up near Toronto, Canada?
  • Steve S says:

    Ha! While preparing to do the oil change, I noticed the drive belt was a bit worn, so I checked the pulleys.
    ALL the idler pulleys were running dry and really rough to turn. Ordered new pulleys, installed them and hey! No more noise!

    I’ll still do the oil change after seeing the posts on this site, but it’s heart-warming to find the tranny is not heading for the hills. 😁

  • Steve S says:

    My K46BT drives great while mowing but sounds like it is cavitating all the time. It has 315 hours on it without an oil change. There are some signs of oil weepage on the top near the vent/fill cap.

    Should I change out the oil and do a system purge?

  • Tony says:

    Hi, I have. Spartan RZ Pro with TZ 450 transmissions. The mower has done 450 hrs. It is jerky when driving uphill at at around half speed. I have changed the filters and oil to see if that would make a difference, but no real improvement.
    Any ideas what might cause this?

  • Ron Cox says:

    My K46BH (S/N 46BN008537) has a no-drive issue. No drive occurs when warm in both forward and reverse. Will drive when cold in both forward and reverse. When running operation is smooth and quiet. Have unit out of mower. Oil level was about 1 inch below fill cap and 2 quarts of oil were drained from gearbox. Only minor metal filings present on magnet under fill cap. What would you recommend I do next? Machine has about 700 hours and has not been overheated or subject to severe use.

  • Stephen Gregory says:

    Oil leaking from Bypass lever shaft seals ,Suddenly started, K574C Transmission

  • alex gebhart says:

    hello , i was replacing an axle in a k62ac and when i was done a shim fell out and the pump wont turn the alxes. where does this shim go? its black and is about 1 in by 1 in. thank you

  • Rick is Balaster says:

    I have a 2007 Simplicity Legacy XL 4×4 tractor with the K92. My problem is when letting off the forward foot control the tractor will keep rolling instead if coming to a stop. What would be causing this? I had the Simplicity dealer check it out but they were unable to fix the problem.

    • ggraham says:

      Try unhooking the dampener/shock absorber on the control lever to ensure it is not the issue. Then try driving the tractor. Be careful as it will take off quickly without the dampener/shock absorber but see if it will return to neutral at that point.

  • Lee Mumford says:

    My K51B AM122752 on my JD LT155 is losing power again. Did a kit 6 or seven years ago. Any replacement model recommendations? Thank you.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but there is no replacement for the K51. That family of transaxles has been obsoleted and there is not a unit that will work in its place because of the design differences.

  • Mickey says:

    Have a 787Q0824000 wheel drive unit in a John Deere Z445. How do you change the oil or service this hydrostatic drive?

    • ggraham says:

      To change the oil in a TZT7DL you would need to remove the transaxle from the mower and then take off the black cap on the reservoir and remove the filter under the cap. Flip the unit over and drain the oil. Once drained you can fill it with oil.

  • Norman Hicks says:

    I have a Z425 John Deere 0 turn, the left transmission has failed and I need a new one. can you sell one to me?

  • Michael Stoltzfus says:

    Hi I have a k55 do you still carry parts

  • Don says:

    I have a K66 ELD . In my Husqvarna manual it says it’s a sealed unit and no maintenance is needed . Is it truly maintenance free or should regular transmission oil changes be performed anyways ?

  • Milan says:

    Hi I have K60 Transmission and it stopped working last winter on -40
    Do you still have parts available, please contact me where I can get them.
    serial is 004853
    My location is Winnipeg Canada

  • Jeremy Eckart says:

    I have a Husqvarna GT48XLS with a K66ELD (580402201) transmission. Do you have a repair kit for it? I will probably replace the whole thing since the tractor only has about 250 hours. I do not see that particular part number. Is there an equivalent?

    • ggraham says:

      The Tuff Torq name for this is K66AG. However, I would do a few things to ensure it is the hydraulic circuit. First I would check the oil level if fine. Check the linkage to make sure there is no slack in it that is eating up the control lever travel. If that is fine then I would then unhook the shock absorber that is attached to the control lever and try the mower with it unhooked. Get it good and warm and see if it still has power. If it does then the issue is the shock absorber and you should change that.

  • Hello, I’m looking for a rebuild kit for my TuffTorq 7A646084321 transaxle, but can’t seem to find it on your site. My mower loses power and won’t go up hills once the transmission gets warmed up… so I’d like to replace the internals of the transaxle to see if that will fix the issue. Can you please help me find the right parts? Thanks, Scott

    • ggraham says:

      here is the link to that transmission’s repair kit which is a complete hydraulic rebuild kit.

  • Jason Williams says:

    Could I swap out a TT K46 on a JD L130 for a TT K51 on a JD LT166?

  • Steve says:

    I have just purchased a Husqvarna YTH18542 with a TuffTorq K46BT transmission.. This transmission for the most part works properly in forward, but has issues when trying to reverse.. This happens mostly when the wheels are cut sharply to the left or right when trying to back out of a tight area.. What is happening is that at times nothing happens when pushing on the reverse pedal.. Other times it will budge slightly.. Gradually increasing the pressure on the pedal does not resolve the problem.. At times it requires that I actually stomp on the pedal, at which point it may suddenly engage and lurch backwards.. Why will this transmission not work as smoothly in reverse as it does in forward ? The service tech at the store where purchased mentioned something about a variable speed pulley on the transmission that is not engaging smoothly.. I do not see anything that looks like a variable speed pulley, and even if it exists, why does it work differently in reverse ?

    • ggraham says:

      So this is purchased new and not used, correct? I would check the linkages looking for pivot points that have a lot of slack in them or bent linkages. If the linkages do not move the control lever it’s the whole arc then it will not build pressure which is what it sounds like is going on.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for that.. You are correct in that the mower is new… It will be two weeks old tomorrow..

  • Scott says:

    Hi, I have a brand new tuff torq just installed May 2/21 . Got it on the john Deere 300xc it appears that when I put in free wheel mode it doesn’t go into neutral seems like it’s staying in gear. I haven’t purged yet, wondering if that is normal?

    • ggraham says:

      What is the serial number of the transmission you replaced and what is the serial number of the replacing unit?

  • Dan Gordon says:

    Before purchasing this expensive rebuild kit there are several things that need to be looked at or after you put your mower back to work, you will still not be happy with its performance and find yourself having to address these issues anyway.

    1. Make sure your drive belt is in ( like new ) condition and is tight. A loose belt causes the same symptoms as a worn out drive.
    2. Make sure your drive is full of fluid and has been burped and topped off again. Also, this gives same system as a worn out drive unit.
    Make sure your drive is and stays clean and the fan on the top has all of its blades and is working properly.
    A hot drive also gives the same symptoms as a worn out drive.
    3. Make sure the pulley, pulleys are in good condition and they properly tension the drive belt.
    4. Last but not least, these should have been engineered for the customer to be able to change the filter on them but since they are basically engineered to fail because of not having a external filter you can crack the case and with any mechanical abilities at all clean or even better, replace the filter and replace with a good quality oil.
    Im a retired engineer and own three John Deere mowers at this time.
    I mow an average of five acres of trees, weeds and am constantly reclaiming land from mother nature. I have worn out many John Deere and other name brand mowers and am constantly repairing them. These fixes get me going almost always. That’s all I can testify to.

    Good luck everyone.

  • James Huff says:

    Have a husqvarna YT48XLS with a with a TuffTorq CR/LD (426121) transmission. After it gets warm (20-30 minutes) loses power. Do they have a rebuild kit for this transmission? Replaced belt, no help.

  • K Owens says:

    Do you have a rebuild kit for a 787q0824000. I have a John Deere Z425. It has lost power on the left side. Fluids and belts have been checked and oil changed.

  • Elliot Robertson says:

    I have a Countax Rider 30 which has a K55 Hydro gearbox. The Gearbox worked perfectly all last summer but the mower was put into storage through the winter. I have now come to use it again and its starts and runs perfectly however when you put it into drive and let your foot off the brake the mower will not move. I have checked the belts and they are all OK- the fan turns and you can hear the engine straining a little. Also, both with the Dump valve on, the mower will not freewheel.
    Do you have any suggestions what may have gone wrong- could it just need an oil change?

    • ggraham says:

      Here is a list of things to check.
      1. Check all the pulleys on the tractor to make sure there is not a problem with them. make sure the one on the transmission does not have excessive play between it and the input shaft.
      2. Check the linkages and make sure they are working and there is no excessive play in pivot pints of the linkages or any debris keeping the control lever from moving.
      3. Make sure that the control lever is not broken. Also, check the shock absorber attached to the control lever, does it allow the control lever to move? To see unhook it and try the tractor again.
      4. Check the keys in the hubs and axles to make sure they are both intact.
      5. Check the oil level.
      6. If all the external things are ok and working as they should then you may need to open up the transmission and see if there is a hydraulic issue.


    l have a join Deere Deere 960r tuff tore cross port small leak on top under fan is there a seal there, is there something to b added to oil to stop the leak.

    • ggraham says:

      I do not know of anything to add to the transmission to stop a leak. It really needs to be investigated so the part can be replaced.

  • John Paradise says:

    I have a Husqvarna YTH24K48 with K57R transmission. It has a little over 100 hours of use. When engaging forward or reverse with foot pedal, the unit makes a grinding noise like an ancient geared transmission trying to engage gear teeth without meshing properly, with pulsing returning up the control rod. The external parts and links look normal. Can you advise ? Many Thanks !

    • ggraham says:

      Grinding is indicative of metal on metal issue. In this case, I would inspect the pulley and the input shaft splines to make sure it is not the problem.

  • Jeremy says:

    Hi, I’m in Australia and bought a Husqvarna YTH23V48 from a guy importing them from the US. Only done 80 hours but it’s now slipping and losing power once hot to the point where it’s useless. Transmission is a K45 A6460. Husky Australia head office says I need to source a new transmission from Tuff Torque in the US, but given the dialogue I’ve seen on this site plus others, it seems it may be worth removing the transmission, inverting and replacing the oil? Your thoughts please? Also, I can’t seem to find references to a K45, only the K46?

    • ggraham says:

      According to Husqvarna, the transmission installed in that unit is a K46BT. I think it is a good starting point to find out what is going o with the transmission to change the oil. that way you can inspect all the external parts and linkages to make sure they are working fine.

  • Jerry Nelson says:

    I have a Simplicity Prestige package #2690123 with a Tuff Torq transmission 71E-0014183. I believe this tractor is a 2002 with just over 1000 hours. My issue is my power steering via an Eaton 17 series torque generator, that has stooped working properly. I have replaced the torque generator with a new unit but this did not solve the issue. I changed the fluid from 5W30 to a 5W50 to see if I could change the symptoms. I do think I felt a very small improvement but still not up to standard. At this point I’m wondering if my hydrostatic pump could be worn enough so it’s unable to create enough flow or build pressure to operate the torque generator? Should I rebuild my transmission?

    • Jerry Nelson says:

      OK, I understand how difficult it is to resolved problem just from my description, but please give it a shot. My mower is a 02 Simplicity Prestige with a K71 transmission. Problem is weak power steering. I replaced the torque generator with NOS pump, didn’t solve. Rebuilt transmission with OEM Tuff Torq center case and pumps, didn’t solve. Then replaced deck lift valve with OEM valve, didn’t solve. Went through the mechanical steering parts and replaced everything that moves with new OEM parts. The power steering works, some what, but is harder to turn than it originally was. I have changed the fluid and filters a couple of times during this process. Where do I go from here to determine the problem?

      • Jerry Nelson says:

        Yes I did replace the charge pump with a tuff torq OEM kit at the same time I replaced the center case and pumps. I assume I might need to measure the charge pump output pressure, but I don’t know what the pressure should be and were to test it at. I’ve been unable to find any information on this.

      • ggraham says:

        the oil pressure for the power steering comes from the charge pump. Did you change the charge pump when you changed the center case and cylinder blocks?

    • ggraham says:

      For this unit, the charge pump is what supplies the hydraulics to the power steering and the lift. If you are experiencing an issue with that system then the charge pump needs to be replaced. Here is the link to the transmission on the website and the charge pump comes in a kit that is number 121 on the parts list. https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/catalog/partslist/view/group_id/426534/?assembly=Parts&assembly_id=2266

  • Micah Griffin says:

    I have a john deere lt160 that had a k46 that had worn out. I purchased a 40J off of a fellow and it still does not move forward or backward. Will the 40j work on the lt160;? By reading the comments below, it looks like I may need to first replace the oil in it, only if these are interchangeable ( 46c and 40j) Should it work on this lt160? Am I hooking up something wrong?

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but those two units are not compatible. The logic is opposite between them and the T40J will go in reverse if you hit the forward pedal.

  • Dennis Schneider says:

    Looking for rebuild kit part number with price for K66ELD transaxle.
    For Husqvarna GT52XLSI Garden tractor with differential electric lock.
    SN# 66AG0010220
    PN# 580402201
    Tractor Product#
    My mailing zip code
    11949 Manorville, NY

  • Jonathan shoe says:

    I am working on John Deere mower, with a tuff torq transmission part number 768t2024011, serial number 40j-1204291, first question, I keep seeing 46k, 51k how do I know what I got by this part number and serial number? 2, the mower loses power after the transmission gets hot, it will not go what type of oil do I use. 3, if I change the oil and it doesn’t correct the problem what else could be going on ?

  • Larry says:

    I am experiencing a problem with my Husqvarna YTH21K46–2011 mower, It has lost speed & pulling ability in forward, but still reverses good. Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

  • Matteo says:

    Hello, problem with K51A. After change the BLADES belt, the trasmission worked only a couple of minutes.
    If I lift the rear wheels, tyres moves slowly forward and rear, with no power enough to move my 1538HS.
    What could it be? The internal “free wheel” blocked? Lack of oil, and where is the plug filler? Problem with brake pedal? I’m in Italy, and here near I don’t have a specialist in this type of gear..
    Thank you

  • Jeremy says:

    I have a john deere lx 176 it has a K60 transmission do you still sell the rebuild kit with the center block pump and motor?

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, we do I would need the serial number to get you a part number because the K60 is serial number specific for the parts.

  • Brad says:

    I have a John deere la115. What oil do you recommend in transmission?

    • ggraham says:

      That transmission has 10W-30 installed so you can use that oil. Also, you can get the premium John Deere oil their J20C Hy-Guard high viscosity hydraulic oil. Either will work.

  • Bud Hall says:

    I have a small shop and repaired mowers and trans. for 55 years. I have a deaf customer that has a Husqvarna mower YTH22V42 with a trans Tuff Torq 7A646084181 S/N 46BT0702662. Customer said when pushing the paddle to go forward makes a loud grinding sound, also reverse. Have the trans split. do you have any suggestions before i tear into it. Thanks, Hall’s Small Engine Hallsmowrepair@gmail.com

    • ggraham says:

      I would inspect the linkages first. Then the pulley and the input shaft. If everything with those two areas are ok then you want to open it up. inspect the bearings in the swash plate and the motor housing. those would be my first check.

  • Al Geo says:

    I have a JD LT 166 tractor with K51b transmission that Works fine when cold but looses power as it heats up. Goinguphill is at a crawl, what is your recommendation, JD wants $2066.02 for new transmission.

  • John M Moza says:

    john deere lawn tractor G100, Tuff Torque K66c transmission. Goes great uphlll untill hot, then only goes up same hill backwards while still hot.


    I have Husqvarna yth2448 with k46. I tried towing too much weight and the transmission gave out. It’s slow overall, and gets worse as it heats. I bled the system as indicated in Husqvarna manual by raising off ground and cycling between forward and reverse, then repeating while on the ground. After that, i could feel it “indexing” when accelerating or decelerating, as though i was feeling gear teeth interacting.
    Could this be viscosity issue?

  • David Peters says:

    Hi there i have a tuff torq K55 and have just replaced the center case and the cylinder blocks the thrust washers ,but when i tried the mower it went ok on the drive but when taken on to the grass it almost stopped, it seemed better in reverse.
    Could it be the oil i have put in the axle which was Groundforce SAE30 which the local farm machinery shop said to use.
    Thanks,Dave Peters

    • ggraham says:

      It could be the oil. Normally we recommend a 5W-50 synthetic motor oil for our transmissions.

  • david says:

    This is the barcode on my John Deere X300 K46 transmission Tuff Torq 7A646084220, SN:46BR0176599, JDAW P/N:MiA10959 what I need to know is the parts numbers that go bad when its got no power.

  • A1 Polishing & Finishing - Luke Schneider says:

    What hydro repair kit number to I need to order for a tuff torq 7A6466084180 unit serial number 46BT0126880? I want to make sure my dealer orders the correct one. Thanks Luke

  • Jack Christensen says:

    I have a K62AC on my 27HP Simplicity Brodmoor. When the transmission warms up it loses power, both forward and reverse. I changed the oil and used what my Simplicity Distributor supplied but made no difference, or very little. There were no metal parts or shavings in the oil when drained. The mower only has 325 hours on it and my guess at this point is I will have to replace it. Shouldn’t a $2K transmission last for more than 300 hours? Also, according to your website, there are no parts available for that particular transmission and the tractor is only 6 years old. Am I missing something?

    • ggraham says:

      Since that unit has a dampener/shock absorber on the control lever I would start troubleshooting the transmission at that point. You should unhook the dampener/shock absorber and try the tractor like that. Keep in mind it will not ease into gear anymore so do be careful with the pedals but get the transmission good and warm and see if it still has the low power issues with that removed. If it still does then you should check all the pulleys on the tractor and the keys on the axles to make sure they are functioning correctly. Also, there are parts available, please follow this link>> https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/catalog/partslist/view/group_id/429230/?assembly=Parts_&assembly_id=7108

  • Brice Edward Goebel says:

    I have a lawn tractor that has Tuff Torq 7A6466024021 and has problem moving either forward or back. If you push the hydrostat forward and then release it and do it again you can get it to move but it gets more difficult all the time. You essentially have to “baby” it all the time. Coud you tell me what you think the problem is?

    • ggraham says:

      I would start by changing the oil. that way you can check all the external things that can make problems. like linkage issues and damaged splines or keys on the pulleys of the tractor. then with fresh oil you try it and it gets much better then it was oil viscosity. Otherwise, then you know you have damaged hydraulic parts and then it is repair or replace.

  • Ben says:

    I have a 20 year old scotts s1642 tractor. Took it out this spring. Seems to have a tough time going uphill. Even on flat ground not going as fast as it used to. Replaced transmission v belt. Same issue. Suggestions?

  • Wayne murray says:

    I have a westwood with k46 tuff torq axle runs fine for about 10 minutes then starts to loose power eventual going up hill it will come to a halt with a squealing noise like hydraulic pressure squeal not a belt squeal this is coming from axle area. I’m thinking I need a repair kit for this I’ve changed oil that helped a little . Do you have any dealers in either UK or ireland that can supplie a kit im based in northern ireland

  • Groult says:

    je suis en panne avec ma boite hydrostatique modèle K 46
    Je souhaite avoir un plan éclaté de cette boite et commander les pièces pour la refaire

    • ggraham says:

      I would need to know which K46 you have and the serial number of the unit is best then I can get you the parts list and schematic.

      J’aurais besoin de savoir quel K46 vous avez et le numéro de série de l’unité est le meilleur, alors je peux vous obtenir la liste des pièces et le schéma.

  • Billy tidwell says:

    John Deere L130 550 hours , after 10 minutes pulling 1000pound roller starts to whine and loses power , everything is clean

  • Justin Prince says:

    Have a husqvarna YTH20B42 has a K46 trans it will not go foward or back. Have it in jack stands and when u put any pressure on tire it stops turning. Mower has been sitting for a few years only has 80 hrs on it. Please help have opened trans and everything looks fine. Dont want to put back together amd not work.

    • ggraham says:

      How did the oil look? If it was milky with water contamination then I suspect it is your problem. Otherwise, check the faces of the center case (the part held in with 3 bolts) for scoring.

  • William Handt says:

    can you give me a price on a center and cylinder blocks. my sabre tractor lost transmission lower. i did replace the input shaft and pulley earlier. I took it apart and the axles looked good. thanks

    • ggraham says:

      the best way to get prices is to go to our new website if you are in the US. there you can search for your transmission easily and find the right serial number break and get the quote quickly. The website is tufftorq.ordertree.com

  • Mal Wilson says:

    Do you have an agent in Australia where I can order a K46 overhaul kit,
    Mal Wilson

  • Austin says:

    Hopefully you can help.. I took the trans out verified pulley was good. Fan has to blades I need to replace that. The mower was giving to me like this. He said if you drive it around alittle if stops slipping and works all day. When I picked it up no such thing. Right now if you hold the pedal down it will sit there then half ass go then stop no reverse will not clump a hill. The belt isnt has tight as I feel like it should be but it is snug and turning the pulley. I think its ether burnt up or low on fluid. Any advice. Btw I’m a auto technician I’m trying to do it myself. Thanks!

    • ggraham says:

      It could be that the oil is so broken down it will not hold pressure. To test that you would need to change the oil and get a fan. The fan not being there to cool the unit could have accelerated the oil’s breakdown. If you get the serial number I can email a PDF of the oil change procedure so you have it.


    Hi I have JD X300 fitted with what I assume is a Tuff Torque K46 2009 Model – the hand move level that bypasses the transmission to allow me to move the rideon mower by hand does not disengage the transmission. I adjusted the pedal for forward and reverse – I can go forward and reverse ok now. Any clues what I should do? or what it may indicate – the unit has 305 hours on it. Australia Who are importers of Tuff Torque transmissions in Australia – if there an improve Model I should be considering when it eventually fails. Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      The bypass or freewheeling lever not working indicates that either the lever is broken or that the little pin internally that actuates the system is not sitting in its place and could be laying in the bottom of the transmission. to check if it is a hydraulic issue try changing the oil in the transmission use 10W-30 motor oil and it holds 2.3 liters. If it gets better then it was oil viscosity but if it does not then you might need a replacement or rebuild the one you have. There are not good replacements other than the original one because these transmissions are built specifically for the tractor that they are installed in. And there are a number of different K46’s that are installed in an X300 tractor. It is best to get the serial number that is on a bar code sticker close to one of the axles and normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. There is a distributor for Australia, Roy Gripske and Son’s.
      Roy Gripske and Son’s
      11 Sodium Street
      Narangba Queensland 4504
      07-33854987 (fax)
      Contact: Graham Allen

  • Neil Oldland says:

    Hi, I have a K55 on my Countax which took a while to get moving at the end of last season. I’ve stripped it down and there is no wear at all so I was well impressed and decided it was probably down to low oil. I’ve filled it up (while he box was upside down) directly through the bleed screw and into the case motor, hopefully avoiding any air blocks. Now I have no drive to the axel, the main drive shaft with the brake disc attached is spinning with loads of torque but nothing at the axel, this would indicate that the motors are working ok. It’s almost like the dump valves are open, they are not as when operated the drive shaft stops spinning. You can spin the axels by hand unless you hols one still. Any ideas?

  • D Luke says:

    I have Husqvarna yth2348 reverse works fine but forward speed slow. New drive belt and linkage ok . Plenty power in reverse but week in forward. Any one with this problem.

    • ggraham says:

      If it is having a hard time going in forward you would want to inspect the control lever and make sure it is intact and able to move its whole arc. bent or broken linkage can cause issues with that. Another thing to check is on the side of the unit is a nut and bolt that set the neutral for the internal spring on the control lever. If that has been turned you may need to reset neutral. If everything is ok externally it could be a hydraulic issue then.

  • Billy berry says:

    Where can you drain the oil from k61 transmisdon even on early models does it have drain plug

  • David says:

    I have a x300 jd mower ,i put transmission in neutral with the lever on the back of the mower ,and now it will not engage or move when put back in run .everything is turning,and the push and pull lever is moving the shaft is moving the shaft on top of the transmission. It was working fine before . Any suggestions ,and has this happened before

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but I am required by John Deere to send everyone with a John Deere tractor to either a local dealer or to the John Deere tech center which can be contacted at 800.537.8233 or globalsupportcenter@johndeere.com. John Deere wants to service their own transmissions.

  • James Hoegger says:

    Need to know more about a tuff torq trans axel in a 1994 john deere 245. The numbers #056700 by kanaki

    • ggraham says:

      That is an old transmission that is known as a Saur/Sundstrand. We no longer have parts for this unit so you will need to see if John Deere has parts.

  • Kevin Turner says:

    I have a Simplicity 20hp Broadmower with a K57 A 0008994 trans. It wines when engages and looses power when warmed up.It seems that it is loosing fluid by looking at the casing oil and grass buildup on it.. It also has very little braking power. Is this transmission rebuild-able???

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, it is rebuildable. You would want to go to the website tufftorq.ordertree.com or contact the helpful techs at the Tuff Torq Service Department (866.572.3441 or email salessrvc@tufftorq.com) to get yo the part number for the repair kit which is the hydraulic rebuild kit.

  • Fay Leverkuhn says:

    I have a Tuff Torq Transaxle, 787Q0824000, S# 7D-L0051838, came off of a Z425 EZTrak Zero-turn. This is the left side. Do they make a repair kit for this Transaxle? The mower does not turn to the left. It would work for a short time only. Checked the oil level in the transaxle and it was a little low on oil. Added oil but still only worked for short time. I opened the casing and everything looks good. So I suspect it’s the pump. Need a part number if they have a kit. If they don’t make a kit, what is the part number for transaxle? Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      We do have a repair kit which will replace the pump, motor, center case and you also get a seal kit. The Part number is 187Q0899500-7L.

  • Craig Thaler says:

    I have a John Deere LX 277 I believe it has your 62 trans. I need a quote on a rebuild kit for the pump motor section

  • Jody rodrigues says:

    I have a torq k51a transmission that is barely moving. Can you quote me on the price of the rebuild kit please?

  • I have a AS 800 FREERIDER with no drive after a couple of minutes.
    Gearbox is k46am.
    Please can you give me a price for a rebuild kit.
    I will buy it.
    Many thanks

    • ggraham says:

      The part number is 1A646099581. You would need to order it from the distributor for your country. I do not ship to countries with distributors. For the UK the Distributor is Uni-Power.
      Unit 8, Flitch Industrial Estate
      Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1XJ
      e-mail: info@uni-power.co.uk
      Telephone: 01371 875331
      Fax: 01371 874777
      Web site: http://www.uni-power.co.uk

  • Dan Clark says:

    I can’t get my 4500 craftsman riding lawn mower to go forward or backward .
    Can you give me some tips
    The tractor does not want to move at all .

    • ggraham says:

      First, check all the external things like the belt and all the pulleys on the entire tractor. Next check the linkages make sure they are Moving like they should be and are not broken or bent or bound up. Next, if your transmission has a shock absorber on the rear hooked to the control lever, try unhooking it and trying to mow without it. They can sometimes keep the control lever from travelling its full arc. If everything external is correct then it is an internal issue and you might need to open it up to inspect the parts. If you have any other questions you can contact the service department at salessrvc@tufftorq.com or 866.572.3441.

  • Tom Price says:

    I repaired a K-46 transmission in a John Deere X300. The bottom pump bearing failed. Got parts and put back together. Now the tractor is slow in forward and fast in reverse. What did I do wrong?

    • ggraham says:

      I would check the linkages to make sure that the control lever is able to move its full arc.

  • James Madore says:

    7A646084321 S/N 46CR0050040
    HOP PN : 426121
    Please supply a price for a replacement right axle shaft.

  • Pat DeRosier says:

    I am looking for information rebuild kit and instructions for repair of tuff torque from lt180 john deere.

    • ggraham says:

      We in the service department need the serial number off of the transmission bar code sticker. armed with the serial number we can get you the part numbers and pricing.

  • Michael Nix says:

    I need a rebuild kit with instructions for the transmission on a 2008 husqvarna yth 2348. There are numbers on the bottom of the tufftorq. They are k46 IA6460 -24168 Please respond.

    • ggraham says:

      that number on the bottom is the part number for the lower case. there should be a bar code sticker on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles that you can normally see from the rear of the tractor. get the serial number off of that sticker and I can help you.

  • steve mills says:

    What about this – can anyone shed light?
    My mower, with the K46 transaxle, won’t allow me to let up the clutch without stopping the engine. I’m assuming there must be something wrong with the axle, but could there be something else wrong? Any suggestion gratefully accepted!

    • ggraham says:

      if it is pulling down the engine I would think you would want to inspect all the pulleys. If it is not that then it must be something in the transmission.

  • Matt r says:

    Hi can you help , have a 2009 husqvarna pf21,while in use front axle seized up , only had ( forward) drive in rear wheels ( no reverse ) has ktm 10 and k66 , which axle should I look to repair?? Thanks Matt

  • Max Jones says:

    Hi can you advise me on the following.
    I have a powerless k55 on a countax ride on mower. I’ve been offered a k46 to replace it. Can you tell me if it will fit. Thanks Max.

  • Geir Ove Hafstad says:

    Hi. I have a K92 in my John Deere x748 4×4 with hyd driven front axle. Drive pedal, kontroll arm or swash plate recistance and vibration, not always but with load or high steering angle. Traktor feels strong. 700 hours. Where to look? Control arm damper is ok. Its not recisting when it of the ground.

  • Geir Ove Hafstad says:

    JD x758 4×4 with hyd driven front axle. Drive pedal, kontroll arm or swash plate recistance and vibration, not always but with load or high steering angle. Traktor feels strong. 700 hours. Where to look? Control arm damper is ok.

  • Al greco says:

    Why is it tuff torq does’not put a oil drain pulg on some of their transmission?

    • ggraham says:

      The Transmission is built to the specifications set down by the Tractor manufacturer. If they want Drain bolts and request drain bolts then we install them.

  • daniela venhaus says:

    Can I replace a Tuff Torq K51 with a Tuff Torq K51A? It’s for a John Deere LTR166!

    • ggraham says:

      the K51 designation is series of transmissions. the K51A is a specific model of K51. So to answer your question I need to know which K51 you have. There should be a bar code sticker on the case of the transmission close to one of the axle and if you find the serial number that will tell you which K51 you have.

  • Jeff Barber says:

    I have a K46BT in my Husqvarna mower that over time started going slower and slower until it finally stopped. I’ve pulled the transmission off and have it opened up and all the gears look fine. Not a whole lot of debris on the chip magnet so I’m thinking the issue is with the hydraulic pump / motor.

  • Dray Dillard says:

    I put a camera on the frame of the mower and when I depressed the pedal on hills the transmission whined and the belt and pulley stoped moving until I let up on the pedal. I just put 3 new tires and other parts on this sucker! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Dray Dillard says:

    I have a Johndeere lt180 with a k46 transmission in it. It does fair on flat ground but will not pull its self up hills at all. It whines loudly on hills then the transmission pulley stops spinning. I drained the fluid and it is lightly brown in collor and very thin. The mower has 774.5 hours on it. When the trans slips the rear wheels and foot pedal vibrate and when you press the pedal more in just kinda klunks then makes no noise at all.

  • M Sills says:

    My 2018 John Deere E140 has the K46. It has a forward & a reverse pedal. If I press the forward pedal a little,
    it goes forward slowly. If I press the forward pedal all the way, it goes forward faster.
    Am I damaging the K46 by pressing the forward pedal a little ? Is it like riding a clutch?
    Does this cause the K46 to run hot?


    curious in Crescent City, Ca.

    • ggraham says:

      When you push the pedal on the tractor it moves the linkage which moves the control lever. The control lever moves a part called a swash plate which rocks in a cradle in the case and squeezes the pistons in the Pump cylinder block. By squeezing the pistons it forces oil through an orifice in the center case which then is directed to the Motor cylinder block and the oil pressure makes the motor cylinder block spin which then turns the motor shaft. The motor shaft turns the reduction gear and on it goes till the axles turn. You can understand what is going on in this the whole system with an explanation so you know then that the oil pressure is really running the tractor. So if you push the pedal a little it squeezes the pistons a little and puts through only a small bit of oil pressure and the tractor goes slow. If you push it all the way and the oil is really pressured, it then makes the tractor go faster. No damage is done becaseu it is designed to be run this way.

  • Vangelis Rounis says:

    ATV JCB GROUNDHOG model 2006 KT 35 serial 000070??
    Suddenly the shaft got stuck
    The gear selector( thick ring) is stuck. What are the recommended parts to be replaced.
    Thank you

  • Roger Bailey says:

    I replaced the pump and motor in my K66 to fix the loss of power, After I reinstalled the transmission reverse is fine however forward is week. almost feels like the pump is cravitating or loosing oil. the longer I run it the worse it was getting.

    • ggraham says:

      It now would be a good time to check all the externals including the shock absorber on the control lever. You would need to unhook it and run the tractor for a while and see if it is stronger in forward. also, check the Keys on the axles and hubs. Two good places to start troubleshooting.

  • Brad Morgan says:

    I have a John deere LA 115 I’m trying to figure out if I have to much play in my belt and it’s slipping or if I need to rebuild it. Can you tell me how much play the belt is suppose to have please. The mower has lost power and won’t pull itself up and incline at all.

    • ggraham says:

      That would be a better question for John Deere. I do not get to see these in the tractors and a John Deere service tech should know tension on the belts.

  • Patrick mcnally says:

    Hi who is my Tuff Torq distributaries in Uk please. Thanks Patrick

  • AR Warrena says:

    My Husqvarna dealer said tractor has a K46BT it turns out it is 57R which I discovered when changing to syn oil. Problem was not solved with the new oil. There is still a long delay when trying to go forward, but no delay in reverse. If I hold the forward peddle down it will eventually start to mover and attain normal speed. 144 hours and 5 years on the tractor only used for grass cutting no winter operation. Does Tuff Torque offer a rebuild service, does it have a recommended rebuilder, does it offer refurbished units?

  • Brian says:

    I have a JD LT180 with a K46C with about 700+ hours on it. Recently it started losing power on hills, checked the drive belt and it was heavily worn and damaged. Replaced it and mower ran good for about 3 cuts (approximately 7.5 hours) and then power loss began again. It got to the point to where after about 30 minutes of cutting I had no power to go up a hill. I pulled the transmission, and changed the oil, 1 qt of 5/50 and 1 quart of 5/30 synthetic oil, at the time I thought it only took 2 quarts, so I know I’m .25 quarts low now. There was a little very fine material on the magnet under the drain plug, but no large pieces. I cleaned up the magnet and reassembled everything, but got the same result, 30 minutes of cutting and all torque was gone. I do smell some burning rubber, and the drive belt gets extremely hot, is this normal with a failing transmission? Or do I need to be looking at something else?

    What advice would you give me to go on from here?

  • James Cardinale says:

    The transaxle on my simplicity region says 46Z I assume it’s a K 46 I was going uphill heard a sprawling sounded like a spring broke now in forward and reverse it just makes a raspy squealing noise . It feels like it wants to move but it doesn’t . It’s a 2006 Simplicity regent It ran fine up until I heard that sproing noise.

    • ggraham says:

      That is a strange noise and not one I can easily assign a problem too. It is probable you will have to open up the transmission to determine the problem.

  • Nathan says:

    I have a K46 it will not move either fwd or revirse.I rebuilt with new kit still nothing or at best moves very slow in either direction.So whats next i have pulled this transaxel out so many times i should get a job with tuff torq !

    • ggraham says:

      For issues like this, it is important to check everything that could be affecting movement. The pulley on the engine could affect the belt which in turn affect the transmission operation. Also, check the pulleys on the tractor. A broken bearing could have an effect on the transmission. The pulley on the transmission should also be inspected to see if it is turning the input shaft. The linkage is also a needed check to see if it is bound up or bent or broken. It could make the control lever not move in its full arc which would then seem like the transmission could not move but it is really not building enough pressure. You should make sure the oil level is correct. It probably is but check it again. Make sure you have bled the air out of the hydraulic system by going through the bleeding process. And the last thing to check is the keys on the axles if it has them. if one is broken some strange things could happen to the transmission. If after all that if it is still not working you should contact the techs in the service department at 866.572.3441 or email at salessrvc@tufftorq.com to find out what your next options are.

  • Eugene Burma says:

    I have a John Deere Scotts product GX2554s012948 Model 2554.
    The transmission only works for a very short time. I don’t see a filter on system. Is one inside?
    What are my options? What should or could I do to further see what is possible to fix and costs.

  • preston williams says:

    I have a Scott’s 2554 with k-66 Transaxel. works fine on flat ground but not on hills. what do you suggest.

    • ggraham says:

      I would suggest changing the oil in the transmission. 5W-50 synthetic motor oil, ours being the best with a part number of 187Q0899000. The K66 holds 2.5 liters.

  • Adam says:

    I have a cub cadet xt1 enduro series
    With a k46 it will not go forward or backwards no noise or anything. It only has 34hrs on it. Any suggestions?

  • Robert Percifield says:

    Ive had it apart 2 times for axel replacements so im familar with it. I figured its time for a new transmission vs a rebuild. What are your thoughts? I dont know if i could tell by looking what the problem is.

    • ggraham says:

      That is entirely up to you. You would have to weigh the costs and aggravation needed to work on it as compared to just getting one ready to drop in.

  • Robert Percifield says:

    I have a 2554 husq with k46 aw.
    Gets slower the longer i mow and no reverse on very slight slope, engine seems too be running hot. I changed belt and found the fan on trans hard to spin. I assume its not supposed to be hard to spin by hand?

    • ggraham says:

      There should be some resistance but not a lot. It is unfortunate but you would need to open up the transmission to find out exactly what is wrong with it.

  • Peter says:

    Something happened with my K46 transmission. It’s noisy during accelerating and the acceleration is slower. I’ve changed oil but it didn’t help. What should I check or repair? Thanks

    • ggraham says:

      You would want to inspect the Center Case and both Cylinder Blocks. Paying particular attention to the metal surfaces between kidney ports on all three parts. You are looking for scoring scratches or anything that is not smooth.

      • Peter says:

        I’ve found the root cause. The oil filter inside of gear was fully dirty. After cleaning transmission working as before. The issue was that the cap from oil reservoir was lost and the oil get dirty. Is it a special cap or simply bland the reservoir?

  • Ken herrington says:

    My k 46 transmission is slipping and no power where can I get parts live in Ontario Canada

  • TROUSSELLE says:


  • TROUSSELLE says:

    Bonjour ,
    Qu’elle est la procédure pour remplacer arbre de pompe sur transmission K46C.
    Procédure for replacing pump shaft in K46C

  • DAVID HAY says:

    Bonsoir je voudrais savoir combien couterais la trousse de réparation complète pour une k46 qui va sur un tracteur tondeuse toro N74590 seie 210000395 . Merci de votre réponse

    • ggraham says:

      First off you would need to contact your distributor in France. Then, they would need the serial number of the transmission to get you the correct parts.
      Crosnier SA
      Route de Boullion
      Bonnelles 78830
      e-mail: info@crosnier.eu
      Telephone: 011-33-1-308848
      Fax: 011-33-1-30413159
      Web site: http://www.motoculture-crosnier.com
      Countries Served: France, Portugal, Spain

  • Joe Pittiglio says:

    hello, i have a scotts/jd S1642 with the k51-A transmission. it started screeching and would barely move. i pulled the transmission and opened it up. changed oil with 5/50. all gears looked great. then after i put it back together i realized it was only the pump shaft and pully that had worn splines. i ordered your shaft kit and a new pully from jd and replaced them, no problems there. now the tractor wont move. i was only able to fit about 1 and 3/4 qts of oil. i went thru the bleed process with the wheels off the ground. at first they barely moved, now they wont move at all. i am going to drop the tran again to check the oil level. , all linkage is hooked up correctly. any ideas on what i need to look for when i drop the trans again? exactly how is the bleed process supposed to be done. thank you in advance for any info you can give.

    • ggraham says:

      That transmission holds 2.25 litres. So if you do not have close to that amount of oil in it it does not have enough oil. Try pulling the filter out that sits in the bottom of the fill area. It should allow the rest of the oil to flow in.

      • Joe Pittiglio says:

        Thanks so much, i removed the filter and was able to add much more oil . Works perfectly now. Regards…

        • ggraham says:

          That is excellent news.

          • BobbyBD42 says:

            It seems everyone on this thread keeps saying they added quarts when the spec is in liters. 1 3/4 quarts would be like 28 ounces out of like 73/74 that it requires. I would think this would cause significant damage if so. We are all used to any kind of oil to be in either quarts or gallons but He must mean 1 3/4 liters right? I’m not confused right?

          • ggraham says:

            a liter is a little bit bigger than a quart so you can easily translate liters to quarts by adding a little to the amount. For example, 2.3 liters translates to 2.4 quarts.

  • Stan Edwards says:

    I have a husky 2654 it wouldn’t pull about 15 mins and quit took the cover off , after removing rear unit it was almost full of water , k46 , which was not supposed to be in a garden tractor , I need the seal kit for this unit. , I found a hole in the seal on top , all gears and pumps seem to be fine , pistons and springs seem to have plenty of pressure , I need to get this unit going been down almost a year now , every is at odds on what oil to use !

  • Thomas Duren says:

    I have a k46 that the wheels will turn with the bypass lever pushed all the way in. When it is jacked up off the ground the wheels will spin but can be stopped by hand wont move on the ground.

    • ggraham says:

      It sounds like there could be wear on the hydraulic parts. You would need a repair kit which will replace those parts. Please contact the service department at 866.572.3441 or email at salessrvc@tuftorq.com with the serial number of your transmission and they will be happy to assist you in getting the part you need to return your tractor to new.

  • Frik Du Preez says:

    Im having transmission problems with my baron ride on mower. I ve had it repaired and it ran beautifully for about 30mins until the power to the wheels slowly dried up and i was fortunate to get it back inside. On inspection the following day there was an oil puddle formed under the transmission area. Its a tuff torq k46q S/N: 46q-0002549, SMPL P/N: 1721022 according to the badge on the sticker. Im relatively capable and would like to get it back operating if I knew I could reasonably repair the issue. Can you advise.

  • raymond says:

    after rebuilding k 46 gearbox .and fitting back to the ride on it happens funny thing..when i engage drive lever to go forward it goes backwards,and opozite when to reverse it goes forward ,rideon is honda 1211.any sugestions

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Raymond,
      You have inserted the motor housing in wrong. It needs to be flipped 180 degrees. The motor housing is usually wedge-shaped but can be a box with a built-in wedge. Once you flip that housing forward will then be forward.

  • jackie cress says:

    i changed the oil , i replaced the belt , same results , i went in to it only to find parts missing , according to parts diagram the model number is 7a646084100 is this unit suppose to have a torison in side where the control arm is because there is not one there , .i don’t see where any of the parts are really worn out i just see a few parts missing according to parts diagram , i talked to a technican and he said it was k46 ba and they don’t have those springs

    • ggraham says:

      Your technician is correct, the K46BA does not have a torsion spring on the control lever internally. It has a different system that is all external. If you have any further questions about your transmission you can always talk to the helpful techs in the service department by dialing 866.572.3441.

  • jackie cress says:

    i have a craftsman dys 4500 with a tuff torq k46 transaxke it does not pull good in foward unless i pull the pedal back with my foot mit has a new drive belt on it , i changed the oil ,,, but still have the same problem it’s even slower in reverse ,, any suggestions other than a bad transaxle

    • ggraham says:

      Changing the oil in the transmission is a good first step in troubleshooting a sluggish transmission. We recommend a 5W-50 synthetic motor oil be used. You can get the best oil for your transmission right off of the Service Parts website: https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/. When removing the transmission from the tractor you will be in a good position to check the linkage And the fan and pulley to make sure they are functioning properly. As always you can call tech support at 866.572.3441 to get all your questions answered.

  • Kevin says:

    Hi I have a sears lawn tractor and there is a bearing type noise in reverse it not if I push a little pressure on the pedal .Also I don’t see any fluid in the reservoir and how do I service the transaxle I also see a cap on the case?

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Kevin,
      I would recommend that you change the oil in the transmission. After the purging of air in the system you should check to see if the issue is better. And remember you can always call and discuss this with a tech in the service department at 866.572.3441.

  • Shane Kennedy says:

    I am having trouble with a K46DF transmission on a Husqvarna ride-on mower. I replaced the thrust bearings on the hydraulic motor, the old one had disintegrated. Now, I can go forward (weakly) when the front box is disengaged and backwards when the back is disengaged. I am fairly sure that the hoses cannot be switched. Not surprisingly, a loud whirring noise is generated by the disengaged box through mechanically back driving the gears and motor. It is a friend’s mower, so only occasionally get over to look at it.

  • matthew hough says:

    Regarding Tuff Torq 7A646024041 S/N: 46E-0045394 (UK Countax 478000301)
    This is the 3rd time i have had to replace this failed hydroelastic drive transmission on a Westwood lawnmower (approx 2002) due to power failure forward and reverse after grass cutting for about 15minutes.
    I cannot afford to keep replacing this item.
    Can you let me know cost of complete repair kit and/or new replacement complete part for the above trasmission.
    If I replace the whole lawn tractor with newer version is the updated hydroleastic transmission likely to have similar problems after eg 2-3years.
    This has been the main failing of my lawnmower.
    Thank you.

  • Steve Smith says:

    My transmission quit working while mowing. Upon teardown everything looks good except the filter is plugged. I’m having trouble accessing your website. I found a different phone number, I’ll call that.

  • Kim Boggs says:

    I need to get this kit: We offer a complete repair kit that includes the center case, cylinder block assemblies and all gaskets, filters and sealant required to complete the repair. Can you please advise the cost. Thank you!

    • Hi Kim,

      We’ll be happy to help! The best way to ensure we get the right repair kit for your unit is to call our expert service technicians and have them review your issue and recommend the parts you need. You can call our toll-free number at (866) 572-3441 or visit our service website at https://tufftorq.ordertree.com/. When you call, please have your serial and model numbers off your transaxle so that we can quickly look up your unit and help you with the parts you need. Have a great day!

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