Tuff Torq Milestone – Producing 1 million transaxles in a year!

Tuff Torq Milestone: Producing 1 Million Products in 1 Year

Morristown, Tennessee – December 14, 2015 – Tuff Torq Corporation has achieved an important milestone this year.  For the first time in the company’s 26 year history, Tuff Torq produced over 1 Million units in a single year.  This is a huge achievement for the company and was only made possible by the hard work and commitment of the entire Tuff Torq team.

Tuff Torq Milestone: 1 million units

Tuff Torq’s 1 millionth unit off the line

Tuff Torq company president, Naoki Yamakaji, stated, “Tuff Torq Corporation has achieved a historical production year in 2015.  This important company milestone is thanks to a
strong team effort and the hard work our entire team has put in to meet the demands of our customers.  Tuff Torq will continue to accelerate our growth through manufacturing efficiency and the development of new and innovative products for a successful company future.”

A little history on Tuff Torq

To understand how important this milestone truly is to Tuff Torq, we need to look back on past milestones that have been achieved by the company.  Thus, below is a list of Tuff Torq’s past accomplishments and how they compare:

  • May 12, 1999 – Tuff Torq records their 1 Millionth total unit produced. It took ten years to achieve this important goal!
  • March 18, 2003 – Tuff Torq produces their 2.5 Millionth unit as a company. In just four years Tuff Torq has more than doubled their production volume.
  • March 5, 2007 – Tuff Torq produces their 5 Millionth unit as a company. Another four years and the company has nearly doubled their production volume again.
  • January 27, 2014 – Tuff Torq hits another milestone, producing their 10 Millionth unit as a company. It took 7 years this time to double their product volume, but this is still a tremendous level of growth over such a relatively short timeframe.

Now, Tuff Torq Corporation is producing hydrostatic transmissions and drive systems at its highest velocity ever and continues to grow their capabilities as a company. The Tuff Torq team is very proud of how far the company has come—now producing as many units in one year as they did in their first ten years combined!

The celebration event

To celebrate this historic occasion, Tuff Torq hosted a special presentation of the company’s history for all their employees and local news agencies. Scott Wilmoth, Sales Manager for Tuff Torq Corporation, gave the presentation. The company also provided commemorative cupcakes and water bottles for all employees as a “Thank You” for their hard work and dedication. The celebration also included the production of a special commemorative poster that all Tuff Torq employees signed.  This poster will be framed and hung in the company training room with the other company milestone graphics.

Tuff Torq Milestone: 1 million units

Tuff Torq staff participated in special presentations

Tuff Torq was founded in 1989 in Morristown, Tennessee to manufacture innovative hydrostatic drive system products to the U.S. market. Variable speed mechanical drives for John Deere self-propelled walk behind mowers were the first products produced in the facility. The company continued to grow and develop new products for new markets and new customers.  Today, Tuff Torq is the global leader in hydrostatic transaxles and transmissions for lawn tractors and riding mowers. Supplying drive unit to the top tier OE Manufacturers around the world.

As we reflect on this accomplishment, we have to recognize all the important people that played a part. Tuff Torq would like to thank all their employees, material partners, vendors and OE Manufacturing customers for the company’s success.  The company is looking forward to many more historical celebrations in the future. They are confident that all success will come from their continued commitment to quality products, innovative design and manufacturing efficiency.

Tuff Torq manufactures premium hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems for the turf care, agriculture, construction, off-highway and marine industries. They provide products, engineering and service support to many of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world.

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