2016 GIE+EXPO – Tuff Torq raises the bar again!

October 21, 2016 Louisville, KY – Tuff Torq Corporation had a great showing at this year’s Green Industry Exposition (GIE+EXPO) in Louisville, KY.  This year’s show gave us the opportunity to show off new products, new training, new marketing and new technology to help our customers succeed in their respective markets.  Below is a short summary, and some photos, of some of the things that Tuff Torq presented at this year’s show.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: New for the Indoor Booth

Last year Tuff Torq unveiled a completely new booth at the 2015 GIE+EXPO.  This year, much of the booth itself remained unchanged structurally.  However, we did have a lot of new presentations in our booth!

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: Tuff Torq Booth

Tuff Torq staff answer questions for attendees.

Most notably was a completely new set of company brand videos that we shot this year.  These new videos provide a better, more complete, picture of Tuff Torq as a company and as a brand.  The videos (which can now be viewed on our company website) include footage of our facilities and capabilities integrated with brief interviews with Tuff Torq staff explaining how we, as a company, are different in the way we set company goals and produce superior products.  Each video focused on one area of competency for Tuff Torq; Technology, Products, Engineering, Culture, Social Responsibility and Brand.  These videos were well received and sparked very good conversations with show attendees and OEMs alike.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: Hoss Fly bar stool racer

The Hoss Fly® Racer

New Displays

We also had a couple of new displays in the indoor booth that received a lot of attention.  The main display vehicle was our “Hoss Fly” bar stool racer.  This is a unique little vehicle with some big attitude.  These novelty vehicles are built by Boss Hoss Motorcycles in Friedens, PA.

When they were developing these vehicles, they turned to Tuff Torq to provide a strong and capable hydrostatic transaxle to power their Hoss Fly.  We were up to the challenge and now every Hoss Fly includes a powerful Tuff Torq transaxle to keep it running smooth and fast.  A fun fact, as we were cleaning and polishing the unit before the show, the actual designer/builder of the first Hoss Fly barstools came in the booth to introduce himself!  He was excited to see the big bar stool racer prominently displayed in our booth.  Proof that it is a small world after all.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: The Bison HD (K92)

The new K92 display

The other new display was for our large K92 unit.  This large unit did not make an appearance last year, but we had several requests. So, the K92 received the full powder coat and chrome treatment and was displayed on its own pedestal stand.  These units are the very top of the Commercial IHT line and we were very proud to have this new display to show it off.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: Tuff Torq website

Tuff Torq website demo area

Last, but certainly not least, was the announcement of the launch of our all new corporate website.  We showed our customers all the new features of the website and how we will be offering new information (like the blog you are now viewing) to help our clients and customers understand and better engage our products, services, expertise and resources.  The site launch has been a huge success and we are looking forward to continuing to add excellent tools to this new platform soon.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: New for the Outdoor Booth

Our outdoor demo area was completely new this year.  We introduced the “Tuff Torq University” program. This new format offered OEMs, distributors and dealers training on selling, servicing and support for all our product lines.  We completely changed our outdoor demonstration area to focus on product training and sales support training this year, having no demonstration vehicles at all.

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: Tuff Torq University

The new Tuff Torq University

The new format was a great success! It gave Tuff Torq the opportunity to remind attendees that, if they want to drive vehicles with our transaxles, they need to visit any of our OEM partners to feel the difference Tuff Torq makes.  This gave us the ability to focus on product support in our own outdoor area while also encouraging show attendees to go to our OEM partner’s booths for their testing.  We are always looking for ways to support our OEM partners. Tuff Torq University gives us the ability to provide two services to them at the same time.

This year’s GIE+EXPO was a huge success for Tuff Torq. We are already working hard on our plans for next year.  See you then!

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  • David Pallay says:

    What model Tuff Torq Trans is Boss Hoss using in the bar stool racer ? Thanks.

  • Masanori Usumura says:

    New naming, very interesting!

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