Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO – Going green in our 2015 Show Review

Tuff Torq GIE+EXPO: 2015 Review

Louisville, Kentucky – October 21, 2015 – Tuff Torq Corporation unveiled a new booth this year at GIE+EXPO, complete with new product displays, new presentation videos and dedicated product category areas.  One fixture of the new booth, however, caught the attention of many of this year’s attendees.

Adding real turf to the Green Industry Expo

“We wanted to have some sort of tie in the booth to remind our visitors why we’re all at this show,” says David Brashears, marketing coordinator for Tuff Torq Corporation.  “So, we decided to use real turf in our product displays and also have plants and grass integrated into our counter décor and conference room,” added Mr. Brashears.

“Our goal was to have the booth present the extensive line of Tuff Torq products. While providing an environment that was both welcoming and reflective of our industry. I can’t think of anything more representative of the green industry than having green throughout the booth!”

The Tuff Torq booth was very well received by the GIE+EXPO attendees. Most visitors couldn’t help running their fingers through the grass all throughout the booth.  You could see people smiling, and inviting others to feel, as they realized all the material was real.

David Brashears explained, “People tend to have a much longer and stronger memory of things that they experience tactilely.  So, our hope is—having something that people want to interact with integrated into our product presentation—our customers will recognize our commitment to building quality products while supporting the local environment and outdoor living.”

Tuff Torq manufactures premium hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems for the turf care, agriculture, construction, off-highway and marine industries.  Tuff Torq is based in Morristown, Tennessee. They provide products, engineering and service support to many of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world.

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