Tuff Torq Corporation – Driven to grow a better planet

Morristown, Tennessee – September 14, 2016 –Tuff Torq was founded in 1989 in Morristown, Tennessee by Kanzaki Kokyukoki Ltd. (Amagasaki, Japan) to support and advance hydrostatic drive system products to the U.S. market.  The first products produced in the facility were variable speed mechanical drives for John Deere self-propelled walk behind mowers.  The company has continued to grow and develop new products for new markets and new customers.  Now, Tuff Torq is the global leader in hydrostatic transaxles and transmissions for lawn tractors and riding mowers manufactured by top tier OE Manufacturers around the world.

Tuff Torq Corporation is part of the Yanmar Global family of companies and draws upon their decades of experience to develop the premium product lines to best support our customers.  Due to the philosophy of Yawaragi and the drive of our YWK efforts, Tuff Torq is continuing to improve our process, quality and product performance.

Tuff Torq Corporation: What is Yawaragi?

The spirit of “Yawaragi” and our Japanese heritage drive our commitment and dedication to creating a better world by achieving harmony with the demands of the marketplace. Through an active exchange of constructive opinions, mutual wisdom and organic cooperation, Tuff Torq works in harmony with our business partners to assure growth and prosperity for all.

Because of this, our drive for harmony extends to our manufacturing process.  Tuff Torq developed a process of manufacturing that balances automation with the critical oversight of experienced human professionals. Our years of experience and constant improvement help us understand the intricacies of designing and manufacturing quality hydrostatic drive systems. We know that the experience of our people is crucial to the quality of our products.

This is best summarized in our corporate mission statement; “Our mission is to provide a secure future for our employees, benefit the community and the environment, while providing our customers the highest value of off-highway powertrain solutions in the world.”

Tuff Torq Corporation: Beyond a Corporate Social Responsibility

Long before “Environmental Responsibility” was a common strategic topic for American companies, Tuff Torq was investing in the concept of leaving the world a better place.  Our parent company, Yanmar, has a mission statement that verbalizes this mission. It states that they, and Tuff Torq, have a commitment. “We strive to provide sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life.  We focus on the challenges our customers face in food production and harnessing power. Thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.”

Many of the products that Tuff Torq manufacturers are for industries that depend on a healthy and thriving environment.  So, having good manufacturing practices and environmental contribution is not only good social responsibility, it’s good business.  We want to make our world a better place, because that makes us develop better products using better processes. Some of the ways we are currently doing just that are listed below;

Conflict minerals compliance

Tuff Torq investigates and works with all our component suppliers to ensure that we do not use resources from areas that don’t comply with global human and environmental rights practices.

C-TPAT (Customs-trade Partnership Against Terrorism)

Tuff Torq complies with all ISO sourcing, validation, and records support procedures. This ensures that we don’t do business in countries that use or harbor terrorists.

Extensive Recycling Process

In order to comply with strict recycling procedures, both our manufacturing materials and our office materials are closely monitored and managed. These practices allowed Tuff Torq to keep over 600,000 lbs. of waste materials out of local landfills. These materials were instead processed at recycling facilities in 2015.

Tuff Torq Corporation: Local Community support

Finally, Tuff Torq participates in supporting many local community support organizations like Boys & Girls Club, Red Cross, United Way, school programs and much more.

Tuff Torq takes our role in leadership to improve and protect our environment very seriously. The power of Yawaragi is finding harmony between man, machine and our world.  Therefore, Tuff Torq is working very hard to find our balance to grow the right way in all we do.

Tuff Torq manufactures premium hydraulic and hydrostatic drive systems for the turf care, agriculture, construction, off-highway and marine industries. They provide products, engineering and service support to many of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world.

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  • Tom Hajek says:

    I have a K215-A hydrostat on a simplicity mower, It has a 194856-86551 trans filter. Does anyone still have this filter? or is there a replacement?

  • Joe Castellani says:

    Can a tuff torq k91 be fitted with a larger charge pump or the two pump set on the k93? I have John Deere’s and wanted to know Yanmar sc2400 has the k93 and I think it could work on my 455s. I have mostly Yanmar/John Deere products. 2025r 455s and 14sx se push mowers all Tuff Torq/Transaxle of America. Your products are amazing!! Thanks!

  • I have a Countax Honda powered 16 hp lawn tractor with a K46 transaxel it has 330 hrs and runs very well
    I’m a C7 tetraplegic and had the mower modified for my use when new with hand control for the trans and
    a high back seat with armrests and seat belts.
    What I would like to know is it possible to get a suitable trans axel with diff lock to replace the K46 as my
    lawn has some steep area’s that I currently mow up and down but still get stuck when weight comes off 1
    wheel. If available the diff lock would have to be operated by an electrical solenoid.

    • ggraham says:

      There is a transmission that has exactly what you are looking for. It is the K66AG or as Husqvarna refers to it K66ELD. It is probably able to have your tractor modified to accept the K66 like at this company>> http://www.rjrtractor.com/ That would be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Walter says:

    I have a 1990 Yamaha riding mower ( model yt6800 )with a tuff torq transmission
    Transmission stop moving
    Can you suggest what I should do
    Never had trouble with mower before
    The mower has been well looked after
    The mower is in very good condition
    Will not sell the mower it is in to good of condition
    l live in Ontario Canada ( Niagara Falls ).
    Are parts still available
    I would need a good repair shop to repair if needed
    it maybe something minor

    thank you

    • ggraham says:

      From What I can see on this 30-year old tractor is that there was more than one transmission installed. I would need some more information like a picture of it to be able to see what I am dealing with so I know what to look up.

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