How to Read Your TUFF TORQ® Barcode

 As part of our “Tech Tips” series, we will address a common topic among our customers, How to Identify Your Products with the TUFF TORQ® Barcode.  When customers call the TUFF TORQ® Service Department, a technician will ask for their transmission’s serial number in order to access and provide the correct information about their product.  This blog post will provide all of the necessary information to read our barcodes and help you interact with our service team.

In addition, we will also provide quick and easy instructions for how our customers can use the TUFF TORQ® barcodes on our website to research and gather more information about their products. Enjoy!


The TUFF TORQ® Barcode


How to Read the TUFF TORQ® Barcode  

The TUFF TORQ® Barcode Infographic


TTC’s 11-Digit Part Number

The TTC 11-Digit Part Number is the part number for the whole product.


TTC’s Product Serial Number

The Product Serial Number identifies “model” and distinguishes your product from all others created.


OEM Part Number

*This is the part number issued by the OEM. For example, a John Deere part might look like this… JD PN: 123-12345. Please note, not all barcode labels reflect the OEM part number. It may or may not be present.


Finding Information on TUFFTORQSERVICES.COM   


Step-by-Step Instructions

Tuff Torque Barcode, Figure 1.

 1. Review Your Barcode

  • TTC’s 11-Digit Part Number Figure #1 (red oval)
  • TTC’s Product Serial Number Figure #1 (yellow oval)
  • OEM Part Number Figure #1 (green oval)






2. Navigate to






3. Click on Tuff Torq Service Parts Catalog





4.  Click on Catalog Shop

5.  Click on Hydrostatic: Riding Mower Transmissions-Pumps-Wheel Motors

6.  Review the selections and look for a match to the TTC Product Serial Number.  Please note, you are looking for the prefix section before the dash. 


7.  As our unit is a T40J (per our Serial Number), we will navigate to T40 and click on the selection.

8.  As the T40 series has two options, please reference the TTC Product Serial Number. As our example is a T40J, we will click on the far right choice.

9.  Now, click on the product that corresponds to the TTC Product Serial Number found on the TUFF TORQ® barcode.

With the knowledge of how to read the TUFF TORQ® barcode, anyone can use our website to gather information and parts schematics.  Should any questions arise, please contact us via email or by phone.  When on our website, for the best user experience, please download the Flash plug-in. 


Phone: 866.572.3441





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  • Brian Keena says:

    Can the k62v be changed to run the same way as a k62 & have the same travel speed ?

    • ggraham says:

      I am not sure what you mean. K62 is a line of transaxles we make and the K62V is a specific one in that line. which K62 specifically are you refering to that you want the K62V to run like?

  • Brian Keena says:

    Can the k62v be be changed to run the same way as a k62 & have the same travel speed ?

    • ggraham says:

      I am not sure what you mean. K62 is a line of transaxles we make and the K62V is a specific one in that line. which K62 specifically are you refering to that you want the K62V to run like?

  • neal filipello says:

    what model tractors have the same hydro?
    tuff torq#768T2024010
    s/n 40J0027393
    p/n AM 134582 or my cost new

  • Pam Neeley says:

    I have a tuff torq trans from John Deere 777z 60″ zero turn mower lost bar code but this is on it tuff torq 13A004856 transmission

  • Jamie veres says:

    Hi, I have a tuff toro transmission number am130330 in my jd L180 lawn unit.

    I was sold a tuff toro 192163-24260
    192163-84260. Told it would fit.
    I took the oem unit out and they are not the same.
    Any advice?
    The drive shaft for the belt pulleys are not the same length and the the shift arms are not the same length.
    Did I get hosed. The guy was retiring and has closed up his shop.

    • ggraham says:

      I am not sure about those two numbers. what you have installed is a K46C. so you would need that transaxle. Most of our units do not swap for the reason that they are built specifically for the tractor that they are installed in.

  • Johann Peter says:

    I have a Husqvarna Lawn mower with a TuffTurq 7A646084322 S/N. 46CR0175357 HOP PN:501051401.
    I like to replace the whole Axle . what dose it Cost me including shipping How long would it Take. Thank you
    Johann Peter

    • ggraham says:

      Here is the link to that transaxle on the website. pricing is there and if you put it in a cart you will be able to see shipping as well.

  • Antti Riipinen says:

    Husqvarna Rider proflex 225 year -99
    tuff torq K61 serial number 102454,
    I need rebuild kit For this, what is right model number or where i can find those parts?

  • Mark Labrum says:

    Is a 7A646084180 S/N 46BT0342905 compatible either a tractor that has a 7A646084230 S/N 57K – 0008518?

  • Manuel Eduardo says:

    Buenos días, no encuentro este modelo tuff torq 7a646024371 / 46W – 0018694 / 28529
    Está montando en cortacésped outil wolf A80k

  • David says:

    Got a 2014 997 john deere tuff torq 17s2023225 on pump looking for parts. Are they available and if so could you give me a kit number

  • Brad says:

    I have a tuff torq 7a646084091 s# 46aw01104987 pin 448354 looking for a rebuild kit and mabe just a new 1 I seem to no be able to find a rebuild kit. The mower looses power after it gets hot.

    • ggraham says:

      It seems you have one too many digits in the serial number for this unit. Do be careful with the K46AW as the parts for this unit are serial number specific and you can get the wrong parts for your transaxle if you are not in the correct serial number break.

  • John Crane says:

    I have a 2010 John Deere 2305 and understand it has a Tuff Torq hydrostatic drive? When I mow pretty much flat land (belly mower on mid pto) for 30 minutes or so at an outside temp of 75F, the transmission gets up to 220-225F using an IR thermometer around the housing. With no load and driving around at 2900rpm it gets up to 165F after 15 minutes. Is this in the normal operating range of the transmission? I’m using the JD Hy-Gard and follow their maintenance schedule religiously. JD has been unable to give me any answer. Also, which model drive does it have? Thank you

    • ggraham says:

      This is a Tuff Torq unit. It is made in Japan so my information is a little scant. However, the operating temperature should be around 90 Celsius for the most part. In a heavy use situation, it could rise above that but your unit, in my opinion, seems to be running over 100 celsius and that seems a little high. When was the last time you changed the oil? Also, how are the Auxillary hydraulics? Are they performing like normal?

      • John Crane says:

        I noticed the overheating just before the 600hr service. I did an fluid/filter change and cleaned the suction screen at 600 hours (and at 400 hours before that). There was maybe 1/4-1/3 teaspoon of metal filings on the suction screen held there by the magnets. At 637 hours I did another fluid/filter change and cleaned the suction screen (very little filings this time). Still got up to 225F. The mid mount belly mower seems to run fine even when tranny temp is 225F. I’ve used the bucket/front loader a few times for very short tasks, the unit was cold at the start and probably didn’t warm up enough for any problems to present themselves, but it seemed to work fine. The rockshaft lever is in the down position when I’m mowing, so it’s not a pressure/temp spike because the rockshaft lever isn’t kicking down. When I lift the rear arms with the rockshaft lever it does kick down into mid position on it’s own. From what I’ve read, anything over about 190F and the hydraulic fluid will start to break down, so it has me a bit concerned. My thinking was maybe an orifice is partially plugged or screen partially clogged and that is causing higher pressure=higher temp, but I really don’t know much about these things.. Any tips on where to look for issues will help greatly. Thank you.

  • Antti Riipinen says:

    I have tuff torq K61 serial number 102454
    I need rebuild kit For this, what is right model number or where i can find those parts

  • Richard Grierson says:

    What type of fluid and how much does my Tuff Torq 7A646084181 or HOP part number 426120 use. On a 2011 Husqvarna YTH21K46 with 570 hours on it and do you recommend turning it upside down draining and replacing the fluid?

  • Frank Neal says:

    How much is a k46 transmission through the dealer

  • graham cross says:

    TuffTorq 7A646024380 S/N 46V-0265562 J6PP PN: AM 131575 is what is on the transmission, i have a John Deere L118, wanted a rebuild kit . Transmission makes a whining noise, does not run quit as fast as it used to, any help would be appreciated.

  • Tomas Calderon says:

    buenas tardes, quisiera saber si puedo comprar una trasmicion para mi Husqvarna en un concesionario john deere, es decir para que tractor john deere comparte mi tractor. paso mi numero de transmision 46BT1362526, Desde ya muchas gracias.

    • ggraham says:

      K46BT is not a John Deere transaxle but a Husqvarna transaxle. However, a K46BE is a John Deere unit. What tractor number do you have?

  • does this match with the one that is on my mower model yth26v54 and transaxle # tuff 7a646084091 and sn:46AW0137217 and hop pn448354 with the one you showed trq 7A646084091 be

  • David Miles says:

    Hi there,
    I want a recon kit for a Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission but the bar code sticker is no longer present. It appears from the manufacturer’s (Countax, built-in UK) brochure that it is likely to be a K55 (if it’s pre-2000) or a K46 (if it was built after 2000) unit. Would it be possible for you to tell me how to confirm this for sure, please? I don’t want to order the wrong kit, thank you.
    The Countax model is a C800H with a Briggs 18hp V-twin. The Countax serial number is: 00218 8B896 0147 [A]; and the Briggs engine number is: FAMILY: YBSXS.5702VR 274332. I think there was also a Westwood version of the same mower, if that helps.

  • i have a K62 A -1A6320-24161 . Ihave a slight oil leak around the brake shaft replaced new o ring still slight leak the vent cap threads are not obstructed any ideas the leak is annoying to say the least

  • Edward Smith says:

    Hello, I have a husqvarna yt 42 ls with a Kohler 22hp engine. It has a hydro transmission that needs replacing. Do you have a transmission that will fit this machine?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good tractor data for Husqvarna. What I would need is the serial number of the transaxle itself and that can be found on a bar code sticker that is on the case of the transaxle close to one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. Get me the number following the S/N and I can help you.

  • ggraham,

    I have a 2006 sears MTS 5500 with a Tuff Torq 7A646084161 SN: 46BN0064800 HOP PN 414 006. It is leaking oil and has a bad axle on left side. Wanting to get a used unit to swap out What other models or part numbers would fit in this mower? Thanks for your help. Jerry

  • Mike says:

    Have a tuff torq 7a646084090 s/n 46aw0007418 hop pn 406206 can I get left axle still for it

    • ggraham says:

      For that Transaxle, the axles are only offered in a Kit together with axles seals, sealing cap, and our Tuff Tech oil. The part number is 1A646099891.

  • Magne Stavik says:

    Is there a replacement for this axle? 7A646024003 S / N. 46A-0060022. JDHW P / N: AM130447.

  • Moses Whitehurst says:

    Is the Tuff Torq 787T0124000 a compatible replacement for the John Deere AM134125 for the L118 tractor?

  • Richard Stiles says:

    What is the difference in a K46CR an K46C

    • ggraham says:

      The K46C is sold to John Deere and the K46CR is sold to Husqvarna. Gearing is different, the fan and pulley stack up is different, axles are different lengths, and the K46CR has IDS whereas the K46C does not.

  • Richard Stiles says:

    I need to purchase a axel for turf torc s/n 7A646084321 P N 426121R

  • Hydraulic drive shaft wanted for K70A ( ON A JOHN DEERE 355D )

  • Neighbor has Husqvarna YTH 2246 Tuff Torq 7A646084101 S/N 46BA0540173 HOP PN: 448348 with leak located at the shift lever where the shaft comes out of the trans housing . I did in fact remove the trans assembly and have removed the lever and the seal which seems to a bit hard .Guessing from heat ( Parker 16 22 3MKCN C31 ) but I can’t find the seal listed in the diagram . The hour meter on the unit is showing 680 and the Model 223905 Ser # 061418D004338 a exceptionally clean machine . Your help would be greatly appreciated

  • Joe Lahey says:

    I have a 2007 LGT 2654 Husqvarna. It has a Tiff Torq 7A646084161. Ser# 46BN0068999 HOP pn# 414006. What other tractors have this stuff torque in them.

    • ggraham says:

      here is the list I have compiled:
      LGT2654 pedal controlled
      YTH2754 TWIN

  • Brian Kehtel says:

    I am looking for a rebuild kit for a Tuff Torq K55 transaxle. Serial number 021110. It is out of a 1996 John Deere STX38 with the black deck.
    Is that something that is still available, part number, cost?
    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Chuck Flerlage says:

    I have a husqvarna lgt 2654 with a tuff torq k46 bn # 7a646084161. My question is i see the replacement k46bn has a number of 7a646084162. Is this just the new model and are they compatible.

  • I have a John Deere riding mower with the K46V transmission in it and have replaced the trans three times within 6 year time. I have a chance to get a k57 or a k66 type and was wondering if they would fit. I heard those two types are stronger transmissions.

  • Larry Hatfield says:

    I have a Toro 269H with a K61A transaxle that needs rebuilt, what is the repair kit number? If a repair kit is unavailable what other transaxle has specs close to the K61 that would bolt up? Thanks

  • KEN says:


  • tony russo says:

    I have 2012 cub cadet model #7a646084460 s/n46caoo22303 will the input shaft come out without taking trans. apart thanks

  • John Engdahl says:

    I have a JD L110. Found a used transaxle on line with the same JD part number of AM131575 but the serial # is different (46V- 0064049 mine is 46V- 0089577). Both are TUFF TORQ K46V S/N: . Is it safe to assume that if the OEM part number is the same the transaxle will fit?
    Thank You

  • Hernán Marcos Capponi says:

    buenos dias , les escribo desde Argentina , tengo un Toro 270-H Lawn and Garden Tractor , Nº Modelo: 72110
    Nº Serie: 8900001 – 8900599 , que dejó de funcionar la transmisión ; segun el manuel es Tuff-Torq
    K61A Transaxle .
    Ustedes que me recomiendan , reparar ésta transmisión o cambiarla por una nueva ?
    Muchas gracias , saludos cordiales !!

    • ggraham says:

      We do have some parts for that unit. it is a K61D according to Tuff Torq though Toro did call it the K61A for them. We do have a distributor for Argentina. Before you call or email make sure you get the serial number which is stamped on the top by the oil fill area. The CSR will need that number.
      Gardner Exports


    Hello Team, Merry Christmas Can you help please a Require a Transmission details are Tuff Torq 7A632084030 S/N 62G-0006044 COUNTAX P/N 478000400 And would need to be freighted to New Zealand My email is Kind Regards Nigel Marshall

    • ggraham says:

      I do have a distributor in New Zealand and their contact information is included here. you would just need to get them the part number which is 7A632084030.
      BE Pressure Supply Ltd
      8 Perclo Place
      Pukete, Hamilton, 3200
      64 7 849 0000

  • Dennis says:

    just purchased a K57R serial # 7A646084020.
    do you know what the factory oil is in it?
    with all the issues of the K46 wanted to use 20-50 synthetic oil

    • ggraham says:

      The K57R uses a version of 10W-30. 10W-30 is a conventional motor oil, however, it has enough additives to make it a unique item not to be found at retail outlets

  • Sidney says:

    Bought a Husqvarna Rider 120C which has a TUFF TORQ transmission. No oil is showing in the plastic transparent reservoir. How do I fill up the transmission to bring the oil up to the full level for: Tuff Torq 787T0024040 S/N: 36P-1026724
    HSQ/AB: PN: 585 23 52-01 what is the recommended oil.

  • Brian Mallory says:

    I have a 206 JD X300. After mowing up a small hill at my lake home for about 5 years the K46 transaxle was giving out. I bout an X320 for the lake home and took the 300 back to my permanent home where there is just a slight grade to deal with. I only have 300 hours on the X300 so I’d like to replace or re-build the transaxle. Which variation of the K46 is the best? I want to be able to change the oil easily. Is there a stronger, more powerful replacement for my K46 that will fit my X300?

    • ggraham says:

      Unfortunately, K46’s are configured to be in the tractor that they are installed in. They do not swap from one tractor to another without issues. You would need to know which K46 you have in your X300 because there are several different versions of the tractor and they all use different K46’s. There is a bar code sticker on the case of the transmission and on that sticker is a serial number following S/N. Get the serial number and that will tell you which transmission you have. Then you can search for it on the website ( and find the parts you need.

  • Peter says:

    Are all axles on K46 the same spline count? Can I use an axle that is for a K46BR in a K46CR?

    • ggraham says:

      All the splines are the same, however, the length of the axles is different thus it makes it an ill-advised idea to use axles from a K46BR on a K46CR.

  • James Holloway says:

    Which transaxle comes in John Deere lt190.Is the part number on the transaxle or where do I find the information.

    • ggraham says:

      According to the JohnDeere website, it is the K46HD. You should be able to locate a bar code sticker on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles and on that sticker the serial number should start with 46HD. That will verify that it is the K46HD.

  • BEN HOLDEN says:

    Will 1A646034141 Transmission Right axle fit my TT# 7A646084091 S/N 46AW0106233?

    • ggraham says:

      That number 1A646034141 is a part number for a case. I cannot tell you which transmission that is because a case part number is not a unique identifier for the transmission because it is on all the cases.

  • Ken Cullipher says:

    I have a Tuff Torque P/N 7A646024390 JD P/N: AM131580 S/N: 46AC0197911. I need to replace this transaxle as it has started jerking and jumping when turning. I would like to know what newer models that would be very similar as this is a 2004 I believe. Most transaxles with that JD part number will likely have high usage also. Can you refer me to some information that will help me maneuver through the model numbers, part numbers,cross reference charts, that would let me be able to look for the newest possible replacement?

  • Freddy Nash says:

    i have i believe a k57 not sure it is on a simplicity rider 16hp vanguard vtwin and i believe 38 inch cut my question is can you replace the input shaft without having to take the trans case apart

    • ggraham says:

      For a K57 you would need to split the case. There is a pin that runs the charge pump and is through the shaft internally. You have to remove that pin to be able to get the shaft out.

  • Randy Andrew Danielson says:

    Can you replace a tough Torx t40 with a tough Torx k62 on a John Deere l118 lawn tractor?

    • ggraham says:

      Not without major modfications. The simple reason being that our transmissions are built for the specific tractor that they are installed in. There are a number of variations that could make it difficult to impossible to replace one transmission with another. Not the least of which, in this case, is the size difference.

  • Earl J Geivett says:

    I need axel seals for a TuffTorq transmission S/N 46BN0054968

  • I need to axle oil seals for 7A646084160
    EHP PN:404047

  • Al wilder says:

    Trying to find which trans. In my husqvarna mower.7A646084321 s/n 46CR0103366

  • C Wee says:

    I am attempting to identify the transmission in the Cub Cadet XT1 LT42. Please confirm which Tuff Torq transmission is used in model year 2020.
    Thank you.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but I do not have good tractor data. On the transmission itself there is a bar code sticker that has all the pertinent information on it like the model and serial number. get me the information on that sticker and I can get you the type of transmission.

  • Gary says:


    I have a x125 John Deere ride on mower and am looking for a transmission am 134582 would you have one in stock

  • I need left rear axle for my husqvarna

  • Daniel Williams says:

    I have a Craftsman rider with a Tuff Torque hydrostatic transmission 7A646084181 HOP SERIAL PN 426120 . I want to find out what part I need for this. I can’t pinpoint the part until I know exactly what I see. Could you send a diagram of all parts of this hydrostatic drive to me?

  • Kenneth Wainwright says:

    I have a Simplicity Broadmoor with a Tuff Torq transmission 7A646084550 S/N 57AF0003159 and it stops moving after it warms up and will not climb a hill. It has a whine like a low on hydraulic oil whine. Any ideas and do you have rebuild kits for this particular transmission?

  • Jason LaSart says:

    Does Tuff Torq still carry parts for a K51A axle?

  • Please let me know when you get this message.found pulleys on website need now wright pulley thanks again Alex

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but Simplicity put their own pulley on that unit, consequently, I do not have any information on it. You will need to contact a Simplicity dealer to find the correct pulley.

  • Need to now which splin drive pulley to a tuff torq 7A632084780 s/n 66AP0003831 it came out of simplicity conquest mower with hydro deck lift and power steering. Need drive pulley to speed was 12mph with 10″ wheels.. put 24+12.00-12 wheels now. Part# of pulley on transmission.could use pulley on engine 1″1/8 bore hole pulley for engine to.what type transmission is this. thanks Alex

  • Philip walsh says:

    Tuff Torq. 7A646024330 S/N : 460-0015368. Karsit P/N 358698. I need new rear axle. when looking from the back of the machine its on the right hand side, looks like shorter axle than the other side.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but those axles are no longer available. You could contact the OEM and see if they have it.

  • Jason Winne says:

    I got a husqvarna yth 24v5v. transmission number are stuff torq 7a646084181. s/n 46BT166944 and hop PN: 426120. I need the left rear axle for it. that short Alex

    • ggraham says:

      For that transmission you need the axle shaft kit. Part number is 1A646099891. order at

  • Norman Bull says:

    I have tuff torq unit model 55 it has torn out the spline on the drive pulley.I have found nothing inside the unit that would cause this there is a small crack in motor wedge plate but I dont think this has cause this ?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not believe that the motor housing caused this, either. Depending on which K55 you have there could be a kit to replace the input shaft.

  • George Lovie says:

    I have a Countax C 400 fitted with a Turf Torq transmission, the numbers are as follows
    S/ no 46E- 0054408
    Could you please advise the transmission unit model fitted

  • mack says:

    I have a new K66R. When I let off the foreward pedal & go to reverse, the K66 lurches quite a bit. Is this harmful to the transaxle ?

    • ggraham says:

      That is a strange occurrence. I would check the shock absorber that is on the control arm to be sure it is working correctly. Otherwise, It could be a linkage issue and you will want to check that as well.

  • kenneth partridge says:

    I have a John Deere z425 mower with transmission 787Q0824000/SN# 7D20015877. Which rebuild kit for I need?

  • Frank Boyer says:

    I have a viking mt 5097 with a tuff Torque 7a646084210. Serial number is 463m0003584. Is this a k46? What is the right transmission oil?

  • Nick says:

    I am doing a general seal kit replacement with oil change on a K46DM. I am also removing the cover to re-seal as well. what is the reccomended cleaning solution for washing the internals of the case to remove sediment and old oil before re-sealing and adding new oil? Also are there parts schematics for re-assembly to double check re-assembly if removal of parts is required?

  • Scott says:

    I need part number for axle seals for kc46 transaxle. Axle number is 7a646084321 it’s in a yt48xls Husqvarna riding mower

    • ggraham says:

      The part number is 187T0134280. You can call 866.572.3441 to order or you can go to

  • Phil Balnaves says:

    I have John Deere L111 lawn tractor requiring a replacement transmission. As follows
    768T2024000. 40A 0033508. JDPP. AM134125. Can you supply this and cost please

  • James Britts says:

    Good morning.
    I have a 7A632084610 model K62v in my garden tractor. Will a 7A632084621 model K66y be a heavier duty direct bolt in replacement unit? If not, why? What do the V and Y suffixes indicate? All external dimensions seem to be the same.

    • ggraham says:

      Since the K62V is sold to John Deere and the K66Y is sold to Husqvarna the axles could be very different lengths. But the real difference is that the logic is opposite between the two transmissions and if you install the K66Y where the K62V is and hit the forward pedal it will go in reverse. Also, I do not see the fan and pulley on the K62V as John Deere put there own on the unit. so I do not know how different those are, either. We do not recommend swapping transmissions because these transmissions are built for the specific tractors that they are installed in.

  • Henry York says:

    I have a 1996 John deere gator 4×2 need transmission

  • winfred thornton says:

    I have a x300 JD tuff torq 7a646084220 transaxle what other models have the same transaxle?

  • Wayne Tucker says:

    Can a Dixon 26D KH48 tractor handle a snowblower without any failures?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good tractor data so I would need the serial number off of the transmission so that I can get you the information you seek.

  • Greg Grant says:

    I have a K58 mounted with the input shaft horizontal to the ground, shaft driven from the engine. It has a remote fill bottle. The manufacturer suggests to keep the bottle full. I am concerned that there may not be oil in the final drive area of the housing as they are segregated. TT suggest filling this transmission from a drain plug upright position. Also what is the fluid capacity. Thank you

    • ggraham says:

      We are currently working on a procedure for the oil fill with Toro. We should have it soon and I will get it to your email address as soon as I get it.

  • John Tomlinson says:

    My barcode does not look like this one. All in one line at top of barcode: tuff torq 787Q08240010 SN: 7D-Roo30167

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, that is a right side for a TZT 7D. Since that is a John Deere I am required to send you to a local John Deere Dealer or you can contact the John Deere tech Center at 800.537.8233. John Deere is now servicing their own transmissions

  • David Lilburn says:

    I have a Husqvarna TS 348 with I think 46LR Transmission and it appears to always be in locked mode. ie I cant go round corners without scuffing. Dan you please help.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but that tractor has an always-on limited-slip differential. You would need to take turns wider and slower to avoid the issues with it tearing up your yard.

  • Jeff Kruszka says:

    I have a 2001 sabre 2554 the tuff torq tag is not readable. Can you tell me which trans is in that. Thanks for any help

    • ggraham says:

      The best thing to do is to get the serial number of the tractor and call a John Deere Dealer. they can get you the John Deere Part number and I can cross that.

  • darwin reinhardt says:

    how oil does a tuff torq 787q0684140 SN: 13d-L001468

  • Lily Spires says:

    If I tell you the model number of my Cub Cadet can you verify the transmission number that was sold on it? Sent it to the shop and I have questions if I got the original transmission back.

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have great tractor data. Your best bet is to check the bar code sticker on the case of the transmission. Otherwise, you can contact a Cub Cadet dealer with your serial number of the tractor and they should be able to give you their part number and I can cross that number.


    Hello We are lawn mower repairer We want to have the reference of your home for a KA46 gearbox pulley axis kit on a wolf tools .The reference at home of this piece is WO 28488 and the machine is a A80B of 2004 ref: 033253
    Thank you Best regards
    Sylvain Touret

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good tractor information. I would need the serial number off of the transmission itself. It is usually located on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. Armed with that I can get you what you want.

  • Scotty says:

    Hello. I have a 2012 D110 lawn tractor that has leaking axle seals. I am having trouble figuring out if the transaxle is a T40A or T40J as the tag has been destroyed. I need the part # for the axle seals and which type of oil, and how much to put back in it after I drain it and replace the seals. Also is there any kits that I should get and change on it since I have to take it out?

    • ggraham says:

      According to John Deere, that tractor has a T40J installed. The oil is a 10W-30 motor oil and it holds 2.4 quarts.

  • Greg R Marazzi says:

    1993 94 john deere barcode on transaxle. Its only stamped 080102. What model transaxle do I have?

    • ggraham says:

      There were a number of different transmissions installed in that tractor. The easiest thing to do would be to call a John Deere dealer armed with the tractor serial number and they can get you the part number for the transmission. More than likely I do not have parts for those transmissions because they are obsolete.

  • D'Andrea Aldo says:

    Hello, I am enquiring about a John Deere transmission on a ride on mower LTR180 with the following references :
    Model TUFF-TORQ K46A; Serial number 46A-0035971; OEM Part Number JDHW AM130447
    Could You please tell me the availability & costs for delivery in France (close to La Rochelle), Thank You in advance; Best regards

  • Nick Lomas says:

    Can u tell me what gearbox 322-0750. 3073T 1079. 322-0750 on Countax Lawn Tracror please and how much fluid does it take?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good information on tractors. The barcode sticker on the transmission itself has the serial number and will tell me which transmission it is. Get that to me and I can tell you the transmission name and number. You can email it to

  • Rod Gee says:

    I am enquiring about a john deer transmission on a ride on mower lx280 with a transmission number ( 7A 632024000 62A =0724207
    JDHW P/N..AM123275
    I WOULD like to know the availability and cost delivered to Australia please
    Regards Rod Gee =

    • ggraham says:

      The part number you need is 7A632024000 and you would need to contact the distributor for Australia which is below. They can assist you.
      Roy Gripske and Son’s
      11 Sodium Street
      Narangba Queensland 4504
      07-33854987 (fax)
      Contact: Graham Allen

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