State-of-the-art Product Development Test Facility Breaks Ground

Tuff Torq Corporation, a global manufacturer of hydrostatic, mechanical, electric, and hybrid drivetrain solutions for the outdoor power equipment industry held a groundbreaking ceremony on October 14th to begin construction on a 16,000 square foot state-of-the-art product development test facility.










“Tuff Torq products can be found in most riding mowers across the world and this new facility will increase our capabilities and capacity to test our components for riding lawn equipment and ROV, SXS, and ATV off-road vehicles,” says Naoki Yamakaji, President of Tuff Torq. With a global roster of OEM clients and a workforce approaching 500 people, Tuff Torq has been producing world-class transmissions from Morristown, TN since 1989.

Tuff Torq has been on a non-stop growth trajectory. Keith Andrews, VP of R&D says “this new facility and its best-in-class equipment will enable us to meet and exceed our goals over the next phase of growth for our company.” Mr. Andrews further comments that “construction will be completed by June 2021 and doors will open soon thereafter.”


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    JD 345 with K70 I believe. Have 2 symptoms, first – following replacement of lift cylinder for mower deck last season. On start up it will not move in reverse. Drive forward 10 to 20 feet and then all works as normal. Used mower 5 or 6 times like this to finish season (run 2.5 to 3 hrs each use). Number two – suddenly started, while driving it will “hang” in forward (fwd pedal stays down). A wiggle of the brake pedal seems to free it up momentarily. It “hangs” and continues driving as though on “cruise control” with foot off of pedals, they will not return to neutral position. When “hung” trying reverse pedal has no response. So far, reverse has not hung. Slight touch of brake pedal will produce “neutral” and stop. I suspect trouble with the “brake interlock assy” per your drawing. ANY THOUGHTS,,,,,,,,,,THANKS

    • ggraham says:

      I would start with the shock absorber that is on the top rear of the unit. unhook it from the control lever and see if it helps with the cruise control.

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