Agriculture & Construction


Manufacturer ID: KHS-42

The KHS-42/52 is Tuff Torq’s largest KHS series HST. It is designed to deliver 42cc and 52cc power to agricultural implements and machinery performing the largest and most demanding operations. This HST allows manufacturers to meet their most demanding requirements for performance and design flexibility to match the operating needs demanded from their customers.



Specification Value Units
Piston Type Shoe
Displacement Pump (Variable): 0-42
Motor (Fixed): 42
Pressure Continuous: 14.7 (150)
Intermittent: 24.5 (250)
MPa (kg/cm²)
Relief Valve 39.2 (400) MPa (kg/cm²)
Charge Relief Pressure 1.96 (20) MPa (kg/cm²)
Input Speed Max.: 3,200
Min.: 600
Recommended Charge Flow Rate (Min.) 26 L/min
Weight (dry) 30 (66) kg (lb)
Charge Pump (Optional) 4 cc/rev
Control Shaft Operation Manual Servo
Control Shaft Operating Angle -21 to +21 degrees
Neutral Device (RTN) Yes (Inside)
Center Distance 103 (4) mm (in)
Input/Output Shaft Diameter 25 (0.98) mm (in)
Oil VG46 or SAE 10W30 Class CD

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