Agriculture & Construction

Dual Pumps


Manufacturer ID: DUP-17S

Dual pumps can make a lot of complicated agricultural, construction, commercial and industrial vehicle projects easier to produce, while creating a platform that has a lot of flexibility.  The DUP-17S is an excellent choice for your next project.



Specification Value Units
Piston Type Shoe Type
Displacement (Variable Pump) 18 x 2 cc/rev
Input Speed Max.: 3,200
Min.: 600
Pressure Continuous: 14.7 (150)
Intermittent: 20.6 (210)
MPa (bar)
Relief Valve (Forward) 27.4 (280) MPa (bar)
Charge Pump 7 cc/rev
Input Rotation Clockwise
Orifice Diameter Forward: 0.6
Reverse: 0.6
Input Shaft Shape Spline
Neutral Device (Return to Neutral) Not Available
Port Size Main Port: 3/4-16UNF-2B
Charge Suction: 7/8-14UNF-2B
Drain Port: 7/8-14UNF-2B
PTO Wet disk with brake (Hydraulic)
Bypass Valve Yes
Auxiliary Ports (on Charge Pump) Yes
Weight (dry) 24.5 (54.01) kg (lb)
Hydraulic Fluid VG-46 or SAE 10W-30 Class CD

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