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  • Don says:

    My craftsmen 917.276843 was suppose to have a Tuff tork K48 according to manuel but has a Hydrogear 199650 , I can check that number tomorrow
    Wanting to cross reference this to a k58 that will work in this mower cause don’t think the 48 would be strong enough for my yard and hills

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but I do not know the specifications for the Hydro-Gear unit so I am not able to begin to match it to a Tuff Torq K58.

  • Don says:

    I got a Craftsmen 917. 276843 that according to Owners Manual is suppose to have a Tuff Torg k46 but it has a Hydro Gear in it
    I’m looking to get a K56 for more strength and bigger axle for Hills on my Property than the K46
    Wondering if you all can help with the right one since it looks to be alot of different ones to pick from!!!
    I know there are several models to pick from , just looking for the right model to plug and play on my unit
    Thank You

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have the information on the Hydro-Gear unit to be able to find a match. there are a number of considerations not the least of which is the internal configuration of the unit. Linkages and how they work will also need to be looked at to see which unit might work. It is a rather complicated process.

  • 7A646084130 replaces 7A646084020? Is there any differences? My transmission is the 7A646084020 but if the 7A646084130 will work, that is great.

    • ggraham says:

      There are all kinds of differences. Pullies are different sizes and the fan and pulley stack up are different. Also, where the pulley falls for being in line with the engine pulley is very different and would take some figuring to get it to work. Gear ratios are different so they will move at different speeds and the different-sized pulleys exacerbate that.

  • Will a tuff torq fit a cub cadet ltx1050vt?

  • Scott Neubeck says:

    Please confirm the K46C rebuild kit I need to order: TUFF TORQ S/N: 46C-0056774 JDHW P/N: AM130330

  • Terry O’Dell says:

    Need replacement hydro for: tuff torque- 7a64608463 S/N:46DVoooo991

  • Ray McAtee says:

    What is the difference in a “K46 heavy duty hydrostatic two-wheel drive” (John Deere S240 transmission description) as compared to a”K46 hydrostatic integrated with transaxle” (John Deere X350 transmission description)? Is the X350 trans is more heavy duty or is it the same transmission and just the wording is different? Tks for your time. Ray

  • Didier says:

    Mon Husqvarna rider 112C est équipée d’une boite hydrostatique tufftorq 787T0024040. Lorsque je démarre la tondeuse, celle ci avance ou recule sans problème. Au bout de quelques mètres, impossible d’avancer ou reculer. Les réglages de frein, marche avant ou marche arrière sont ok, les courroies aussi, D’ou peut venir le problème? est de l’humidité dans l’huile? est ce la pompe? Auriez vous quelques renseignements ainsi qu’une vue éclatée de la boite afin que je puisse tenter de procéder à sa réparation. Merci pour votre aide

    • ggraham says:

      I would start with an oil change to see if your issue is the oil viscosity is not sufficient for the hydraulics in the unit. There is an oil change procedure for your transaxle and I will email the procedure to you so you have it. IF it has better power than it was the oil and if it does not get much better then I am afraid you will have to replace the unit as the internal parts of the T36 are not supplied. Since you are in France I will give you your Distributor’s contact information.

      Crosnier Sa
      Route de Boullion
      78830 Bonnelles
      01 30 88 42 20
      01 30 88 42 30 (fax)
      Contact: Julien Fredon

  • Ma tondeuse autoportée STAUB est équipée d’une boite TUFF TORQ – 7A646084030 – S/N 46A/0017285.
    J’ai cassé net au niveau de la roue l’arbre de transmission (diam 19 mm).
    Peut-on encore trouver cet arbre pour remplacement (compris pièces annexes : roulement, joint, huile).

  • I’m looking to install Hydraulic Oil drain plugs on my TuffTorq 787Q0024020 John Deere X320 Riding Mower would like to include the seal kit that would incude the internal filter and the Breather rubber caps Also interested in the tufftorq Engine stand What is the price?

  • Rob Roemer says:

    looking for a repair kit for a 787t0024040 transmition rebuild kit

  • Dylan says:

    Hello, I’m sending this message in regards to my lawn mower. Currently its has a tuff torq k46 would I be able to upgrade this transaxle with a k66 or k72?

  • JC says:

    Can you please tell me if trans model 7A646084020 K57R-0184399 HOP PN: 437814 would be as direct replacement for 7A646084180 S/N: 46BT0000304 on Craftsman 917. 276681 rider year 2006?
    Any mods needed or direct installs?

    No parts websites, not even Sears show what trans replacement to use for their units with few parts shown actually. Corps just force us to clutter the mother earth more today than ever before so forget going green, we’re turn her rusty brown with milk jug oceans. Only 220hrs mowing 1/4 acre flat, pretty sad guys.

    • ggraham says:

      Here is the link to the transmission on our new website which shows all the parts that you can get for it.
      I do not think swapping for a K57R will be a safe option because of the gearing rations the K57R will be faster which in turn will put more stress on the transaxle to maintain that extra force not to mention the safety problems the driver will also face. You will also run into issues of getting the fan and pulley height just right so the new unit will not put wear and tear on the pulleys of the tractor. All in all swapping for a unit that is not designed to be in the tractor is not a good idea. As to the problem of the transmission, I think changing the oil will be the best first step in finding the issue. This tractor is 15 years old so you could have oil viscosity issues that new oil in the unit will address.

  • Kenneth Phillips says:

    I have a John Deere X300 purchased in 2006. The tractor pulls slower the longer I use it. I can barely finish the yard. The tractor has 430 hours on it. The transaxle model is JDHW AM134747, S/N 46BC0017316. I know Tuff Torq made the transaxle, but I’m getting conflicting information on what the replacement should be, K46BC or K57R. What is the correct transaxle? Thanks

  • Robert Holland says:

    My K57 transaxle is going …..errrr….gone south for the winter so to speak…2005 Broadmore…
    If I try to find a ” used transaxle”
    What years of manufacture of this model would fit my 2005 Broadmore ? Did they produce this for a number of years ?

    • ggraham says:

      On a Tuff Torq Transaxle you would need to check the serial number which is non a barcode sticker that is on the case close to one of the axles. normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. What you would look for is if the serial number starts with K57A or K57K. Either of those would work.

  • Justin Meckstroth says:

    I have a johndeere z465 and it pretty much stopped turning left. So i jacked up the rear end to take the weight of the mower off of it. And it turns noticeably slower turning left than right. Any ideas? The SN Number is 7D-L00040268

    • ggraham says:

      There are a number of issues it could be. I would start with the oil and make sure it is up to level. if it is then you will need to check linkages to make sure they are correct. On these units, there is an adjustment on the linkages so they will pull together. if the linkage is tight and not unadjusted then next is to change the oil. it is difficult since you have to remove the transmission from the tractor and flip the transmission upsidedown to drain the oil. Fresh 10W-30 will let you know if it is the oil viscosity causing the issue. If it does not get better then you will need to open it up and inspect the hydraulic parts.

  • Terry W. says:

    I have a 2016 Craftsman 5500 garden tractor with a Tuff Torq hydostatic rear end serial number 46BN0199278 with just over 200 hours wondering what kind of oil and how much it takes

  • Chris wheeler says:

    I have a lt2000 craftsman lawn tractor. It has an 918-04566b. While trying to mow it appears the engagement internally is not happening. Only in forward. Is there anything I can do to shove the main drive gear down farther to help with engagement? While I had it on the bench I found everything internally to appear to be fine but now when I try to drive the trans will free spin until I pull back on the pedal and then slowly engage and will work fine until I change pedal pressure. Is there a common issue with machine that I can’t find online? Please help me!!!!!!!

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but that unit is not built by Tuff Torq. I would not have information on how to troubleshoot it.

  • Charles McCracken says:

    What is the final reduction ratio and axle torque rating in K57R #7A646084020 transaxle?

  • kevin mcfarland says:

    I have an deere LTR180 rear discharge, I’m on my second trans k46A, first was done long ago and I put drain holes and able to change fluid. I still need to remove the center discharge chute to do this ( a pain in the..) other problem not a lot of access to clean trans as chute and rear bagger inhibit cleaning. I was planning to rebuild with k57 & pump charge kit . but researching the k66 (larger pump), if the swash plate fits, the pump housing & motor being same, is this a possible rebuild? don’t know if larger fan will fit though, the K66 itself will not fit my tractor.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but the K66 parts are not able to be put into the K46 frame. The size difference is too great that it is not possible to bolt them in.

  • Michael Starks says:

    I have a Tuff Torq transmission on John Deere tractor when I drive it for a little while it gets hot it quits pulling I think it’s a k46 transmission. Thanks Michael

    • ggraham says:

      you should check to see which transmission you have by looking at the bar code sticker on the case of the transmission that is near one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. get the serial number and I can help with troubleshooting.

  • Tim says:

    Thank you.
    This is for a 03 simplicity broadmoor.
    Fantastic machine!!! This replacement will bolt rite in (so to speak) or is there some adapting I would have to do??? Just want to make sure I get it right the first time.
    Thank you.

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, it is a direct replacement for your K57A. It does not come with the pulley since Simplicity puts that part on themselves. You will need to reuse the old one or contact a Simplicity dealer to get a new one.

  • Tim says:

    Looking for a k57a Tranny…

  • David says:

    I have a cub cadet xt2 slx 54 what type of transmission do they put in it k46 or k62.

  • jonathan hauge says:

    i have a simplicity broadmoor with k57 that is going out what can i replace it withg

  • Jeff Newmyer says:

    I am looking for a stout tractor for mowing my two acres. After doing some reading I have decided that I would like the Tuff-Torq K72 or heavier tranny. Cn you tell which tractors use this or the K92 tranny?

  • lee stalcup @ ruffled feathers farm says:

    recently purchased a cub cadet big country 6×4 trying to find a secondary clutch assembly(torque converter), any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Craig Fender says:

    I just purchased a Husqvarna TS 348 XD mower / tractor with a K66 trans axle unit. How do you tell which ratio it has a 37.22:1 or a 22.19.1 ?

    • ggraham says:

      I would need the serial number of the transmission to get you that information. It should be on a bar code sticker close to one of the axles on the case of the transmission. Normally, you can see it from the rear of the tractor.

  • Gil Rocha dos Santos says:

    Hi. Do you have a replacement transmission that is positraction for an STIGA Park Pro 18?
    It has a K62 model transmission, i don´t have with me any other references.

    • ggraham says:

      Swapping transmissions is fraught with all kinds of issues. Consequently, we do not have that information to give out.

  • Jed says:

    I have a Simplicity Broadmoor tractor that needs a new hydro. I believe it is a K57 but I see the K57A and K57K listed for simplicity, would either of these units work?

    • ggraham says:

      The K replaced the A. So if you are getting a whole transmission you would order the K57K.

  • Sten G Wigert says:

    Looking for service instructions for a Tuff Torq T36N in a Husqvarna R120S

  • Ralph Torres says:

    I wanted to find out if the K62 transaxle is capable
    For tilling . I plan to purchase a garden tractor with
    this transaxle installed in it.

  • Jim Crawford says:

    I just purchased a transmission for my Troy bilt lawn tractor ,MTD part 918-04566b. Mtd says you build this unit for them. If so, does it come ready to run…there is no place to fill or check fluid or grease levels inside the totally enclosed unit. HELP!!!! I don’t want to try it without knowing if it is ready to use. I took a short run up the driveway and back and it makes a whining sound that the original tractor did not make .

  • Richard Neech says:

    Am in the UK with an old Stiga Park pro diesel year 2002. The Tuff Torq K66B transaxle, s/n 66B-0003449. Is leaking hyd oil seriously, Not just the seals, tried several!
    Is there a specific transaxle replacement or can I use a similar one, if so which ! . Many thanks for any info..

    • ggraham says:

      Here is the part number for the K66B which was installed in your tractor. 7A632084511. You can use that part number to order from the distributor.

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr Neech,
      We do have a distributor for the UK. It is Uni-Power and I will give you their contact information.
      Unit 8, Flitch Industrial Estate
      Great Dunmow Essex CM6 1XJ
      Telephone: 01371 875331
      Fax: 01371 874777
      Web site:

  • David Togninalli says:

    Do you have a replacement transmission that is positraction for a John Deere D110? Or maybe an conversion kit? It has a K46 model transmission now.

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Mr Togninalli,
      The issue with changing the specs for the transmission is that it could change a number of things and make the tractor not function in the way it is intended to function. So I cannot give information on modification information because it could render the tractor unsafe to operate. I am sorry about that.

  • Bruce Auguste says:

    Do you have replacement for Cub Cadet LH Hydro-gear transmission (ZC-AMBB-DAGC-34PX)

    • Hello Mr. Auguste,

      Yes, we do make replacement transaxles for that unit. Please contact our professional service team and they will assist you in finding the repairs and parts you require. They can be reached at (866) 572-3441 or my email at Have a great day!

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