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Supplier Summit - Russ Mitchell

Russ Mitchell, production engineering, presents information about quality controls.

Supplier Summit - Brent Davis

Brent Davis, quality engineer, presents helpful information about our customer commitments.

Morristown, Tennessee November 16-17, 2016 – Tuff Torq Corporation hosted our very first “Supplier Summit” this week.  In our commitment to producing the best products in the most cost-effective way, we determined to host an event to help understand our material supplier’s businesses and manufacturing processes.  Through this event we hoped to communicate our expectations to our critical material suppliers, while also evaluating each company’s capabilities and strengths.  As a result, we focused on providing good benchmarks, tools and support to our suppliers to help them succeed through our mutual collaboration.

Tuff Torq Supplier Summit: Location

The Rose Center

The historic Rose Center in Morristown, Tennessee.

The event took place in Morristown, Tennessee near the Tuff Torq main facilities.  It was hosted at “The Rose Center,” a historical cultural center located in downtown Morristown.  The center was originally a high school that operated from 1892 through 1975.  In 1976 the facility was converted into the “Rose Center Council for the Arts.” It is now a gallery, art facility and community center for the greater Morristown area.  The facilities were excellent for hosting our event and the staff was courteous and professional.

Supplier Summit - Attendees

Attendees were engaged with great information from many departments from Tuff Torq.

Tuff Torq Supplier Summit: Attendees

In order to have the most success in this meeting, Tuff Torq invited 61 guests from 30 different material supplier companies.  There were companies from all over the world that attended.  We are very grateful to have such an engaged group of suppliers that saw the value in what we were wanting to accomplish.  Attendees participated in 2 days of seminars and presentations provided by 21 different Tuff Torq staff members from 6 different departments (Product Engineering, Accounting, Purchasing, Production, Logistics and Executive team).  Due to the level of participation, presentations ranged from material handling, packaging and logistics procedures to sales and marketing forecasting for future growth and capacity.  Each Tuff Torq presentation used an open-forum format. Attendees were encouraged to participate by asking questions and helping to find solutions to challenges that would be mutually beneficial.

Tuff Torq Supplier Summit: Awards Presentation

In order to show our appreciation to our suppliers, Tuff Torq surprised attendees with an awards presentation before dinner on the first night. Tuff Torq chose award recipients for their performance in excellent service, product quality and product delivery. As a result, 4 different companies received “Supplier Excellence Awards”. A crystal awards was present to each winner (an award for each facility if the company was supplying from multiple facilities). In addition to the main awards, each award winning attendee received a premium Tuff Torq branded travel backpack.  Below is a list of this year’s award winners:

  1. Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina
  2. CMT Imports Incorporated
  3. Nagano Seiko Company, Ltd.
  4. Takako Industries Incorporated
Aallied Die Casting

Kazuhiko Nomazaki, Tuff Torq president, presents “Supplier Excellence” award to Aallied Die Casting.

CMT Imports

Greg Knott, Tuff Torq purchasing manager, presents award to CMT Imports.

Nagano Seiko

Greg Knott presents “Supplier Excellence” award to Nagano Seiko.


Kazuhiko Nomazaki, Tuff Torq president, presents “Supplier Excellence” award to Takako.







Thanks to the hard work of so many Tuff Torq staff members, this year’s event was a great success. Tuff Torq looks forward to reaping the benefits of the efforts from all our staff presenters and supplier attendees.  As a result, we have already decided to make this a regular event. Due to the responses received, Tuff Torq is looking forward to making it better and better every year.

Special thanks to our attendees and all the Tuff Torq staff that made this event such a success.  We know that we are a better company because of the people and companies with whom we have partnered.


New Supplier Manual

A new Supplier Manual was presented to all attendees.

Supplier Summit

There were several social activities to foster networking and interaction.

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