Driven by Diversity

In order to believe in the products a company produces, you need to know something about what that company values and how they interact with their employees and their local and global community. Tuff Torq is very proud of its globally diverse team of employees. The Tuff Torq culture is based on a commitment to preserving company heritage through harmony in all aspects.

To learn more, watch our brief video that explains our company heritage and highlights our diverse team of professionals.

Driven to Harmony

Tuff Torq Corporation is based in Morristown, Tennessee and handles all manufacturing functions for products within U.S. facilities. We are committed to being an American made product and, thus, we are driven to ensure our product quality reflects this heritage. Established in 1989 by Kanzaki Kokyukoki Mfg. Co. Ltd of Amagasaki, Japan, Tuff Torq Corporation was created to be a domestic manufacturing base for drive systems for the lawn and gardening industries.

Tuff Torq Corporation is part of the Yanmar Global family of companies and draws upon their decades of experience to develop the premium product lines to best support our customers. Through the philosophy of Yawaragi and the drive of our YWK efforts, we are continuing to improve our process, quality and product performance.

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The Spirit of “Yawaragi”

The spirit of “Yawaragi” and our Japanese heritage drive our commitment and dedication to creating a better world by achieving harmony with the demands of the marketplace. Through an active exchange of constructive opinions, mutual wisdom and organic cooperation, Tuff Torq works in harmony with our business partners to assure growth and prosperity for all.

Our drive for harmony also extends to our manufacturing process. We have developed a unique process of manufacturing that balances systems’ automation and monitoring with the critical oversight of experienced human professionals. We have years of experience and innovation that helps us understand the intricacies of designing and manufacturing quality hydrostatic drive systems. Plus, the experiences of our people are crucial to the quality of our products.

Leaving the World a Better Place

Long before “Environmental Responsibility” was a common strategic topic for American companies, Tuff Torq was investing in the concept of leaving the world a better place. Our parent company, Yanmar, has a mission statement that verbalizes the mission that they, and Tuff Torq, strive to demonstrate.

“We strive to provide sustainable solutions for needs which are essential to human life. We focus on the challenges our customers face in food production and harnessing power, thereby enriching people’s lives for all our tomorrows.”

Check out this video to learn more about Tuff Torq’s CSR initiatives.

Driving Your Best Ideas

You may recognize our company motto, Driving Your BEST Ideas. This is more than a saying to us; it is our desire as a company. We want to be a valuable partner with our OEM customers as they develop the next great products for their customers. We strive to not only provide the best products for their applications, but also to partner with them in their research and development of the future of our industry.

"Our mission is to provide a secure future for our employees and benefit the community and the environment, while providing the highest value of off-highway powertrain solutions in the world to our customers."

A Drive to Contribute

Tuff Torq’s commitment to quality and product innovation compels us to go beyond the standard in all we do. There is a deeply personal drive within all of our employees to design, produce and support products we are proud of. We know that our customers have many demands and limitations pressed upon their ability to succeed in the market. Our greatest success is drawn from helping our customers reach, and then surpass, their goals.

Our value is in our ability to make our employees, our products, our customers, and our world better in every way.

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YWK Program

YWK is our shortened acronym for "Yanmar Way by Kaizen." This is a directive set forth by our parent company that we should always be seeking to become better. Tuff Torq has a specialized team of engineers, manufacturing professionals, sales and marketing professionals who serve on our YWK team. They are regularly evaluating current practices, industry technologies and manufacturing efficiency developments to provide our customers with the best products and the best cost at all times. We are never satisfied with our success; we know that succeeding is a behavior, not a conclusion.

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