How to Read Your TUFF TORQ® Barcode

 As part of our “Tech Tips” series, we will address a common topic among our customers, How to Identify Your Products with the TUFF TORQ® Barcode.  When customers call the TUFF TORQ® Service Department, a technician will ask for their transmission’s serial number in order to access and provide the correct information about their product.  This blog post will provide all of the necessary information to read our barcodes and help you interact with our service team.

In addition, we will also provide quick and easy instructions for how our customers can use the TUFF TORQ® barcodes on our website to research and gather more information about their products. Enjoy!


The TUFF TORQ® Barcode


How to Read the TUFF TORQ® Barcode  

The TUFF TORQ® Barcode Infographic


TTC’s 11-Digit Part Number

The TTC 11-Digit Part Number is the part number for the whole product.


TTC’s Product Serial Number

The Product Serial Number identifies “model” and distinguishes your product from all others created.


OEM Part Number

*This is the part number issued by the OEM. For example, a John Deere part might look like this… JD PN: 123-12345. Please note, not all barcode labels reflect the OEM part number. It may or may not be present.


Finding Information on TUFFTORQSERVICES.COM   


Step-by-Step Instructions

Tuff Torque Barcode, Figure 1.

 1. Review Your Barcode

  • TTC’s 11-Digit Part Number Figure #1 (red oval)
  • TTC’s Product Serial Number Figure #1 (yellow oval)
  • OEM Part Number Figure #1 (green oval)






2. Navigate to






3. Click on Tuff Torq Service Parts Catalog





4.  Click on Catalog Shop

5.  Click on Hydrostatic: Riding Mower Transmissions-Pumps-Wheel Motors

6.  Review the selections and look for a match to the TTC Product Serial Number.  Please note, you are looking for the prefix section before the dash. 


7.  As our unit is a T40J (per our Serial Number), we will navigate to T40 and click on the selection.

8.  As the T40 series has two options, please reference the TTC Product Serial Number. As our example is a T40J, we will click on the far right choice.

9.  Now, click on the product that corresponds to the TTC Product Serial Number found on the TUFF TORQ® barcode.

With the knowledge of how to read the TUFF TORQ® barcode, anyone can use our website to gather information and parts schematics.  Should any questions arise, please contact us via email or by phone.  When on our website, for the best user experience, please download the Flash plug-in. 


Phone: 866.572.3441





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  • Greg Grant says:

    I have a K58 mounted with the input shaft horizontal to the ground, shaft driven from the engine. It has a remote fill bottle. The manufacturer suggests to keep the bottle full. I am concerned that there may not be oil in the final drive area of the housing as they are segregated. TT suggest filling this transmission from a drain plug upright position. Also what is the fluid capacity. Thank you

    • ggraham says:

      We are currently working on a procedure for the oil fill with Toro. We should have it soon and I will get it to your email address as soon as I get it.

  • John Tomlinson says:

    My barcode does not look like this one. All in one line at top of barcode: tuff torq 787Q08240010 SN: 7D-Roo30167

    • ggraham says:

      Yes, that is a right side for a TZT 7D. Since that is a John Deere I am required to send you to a local John Deere Dealer or you can contact the John Deere tech Center at 800.537.8233. John Deere is now servicing their own transmissions

  • David Lilburn says:

    I have a Husqvarna TS 348 with I think 46LR Transmission and it appears to always be in locked mode. ie I cant go round corners without scuffing. Dan you please help.

    • ggraham says:

      I am sorry but that tractor has an always-on limited-slip differential. You would need to take turns wider and slower to avoid the issues with it tearing up your yard.

  • Jeff Kruszka says:

    I have a 2001 sabre 2554 the tuff torq tag is not readable. Can you tell me which trans is in that. Thanks for any help

    • ggraham says:

      The best thing to do is to get the serial number of the tractor and call a John Deere Dealer. they can get you the John Deere Part number and I can cross that.

  • darwin reinhardt says:

    how oil does a tuff torq 787q0684140 SN: 13d-L001468

  • Lily Spires says:

    If I tell you the model number of my Cub Cadet can you verify the transmission number that was sold on it? Sent it to the shop and I have questions if I got the original transmission back.

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have great tractor data. Your best bet is to check the bar code sticker on the case of the transmission. Otherwise, you can contact a Cub Cadet dealer with your serial number of the tractor and they should be able to give you their part number and I can cross that number.


    Hello We are lawn mower repairer We want to have the reference of your home for a KA46 gearbox pulley axis kit on a wolf tools .The reference at home of this piece is WO 28488 and the machine is a A80B of 2004 ref: 033253
    Thank you Best regards
    Sylvain Touret

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good tractor information. I would need the serial number off of the transmission itself. It is usually located on the case of the transmission close to one of the axles. Normally you can see it from the rear of the tractor. Armed with that I can get you what you want.

  • Scotty says:

    Hello. I have a 2012 D110 lawn tractor that has leaking axle seals. I am having trouble figuring out if the transaxle is a T40A or T40J as the tag has been destroyed. I need the part # for the axle seals and which type of oil, and how much to put back in it after I drain it and replace the seals. Also is there any kits that I should get and change on it since I have to take it out?

  • Greg R Marazzi says:

    1993 94 john deere barcode on transaxle. Its only stamped 080102. What model transaxle do I have?

    • ggraham says:

      There were a number of different transmissions installed in that tractor. The easiest thing to do would be to call a John Deere dealer armed with the tractor serial number and they can get you the part number for the transmission. More than likely I do not have parts for those transmissions because they are obsolete.

  • D'Andrea Aldo says:

    Hello, I am enquiring about a John Deere transmission on a ride on mower LTR180 with the following references :
    Model TUFF-TORQ K46A; Serial number 46A-0035971; OEM Part Number JDHW AM130447
    Could You please tell me the availability & costs for delivery in France (close to La Rochelle), Thank You in advance; Best regards

  • Nick Lomas says:

    Can u tell me what gearbox 322-0750. 3073T 1079. 322-0750 on Countax Lawn Tracror please and how much fluid does it take?

    • ggraham says:

      I do not have good information on tractors. The barcode sticker on the transmission itself has the serial number and will tell me which transmission it is. Get that to me and I can tell you the transmission name and number. You can email it to

  • Rod Gee says:

    I am enquiring about a john deer transmission on a ride on mower lx280 with a transmission number ( 7A 632024000 62A =0724207
    JDHW P/N..AM123275
    I WOULD like to know the availability and cost delivered to Australia please
    Regards Rod Gee =

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