Tuff Torq Loss of Power – Tips to diagnose and repair

Replacing Worn Cylinder Blocks and/or Center Case

Is your transmission experiencing a loss of power or no drive when it reaches operating temperature? Diagnosing issues with power loss on your hydrostatic transaxle can be a daunting ask.  As always, we recommend that you seek the expert opinion of your local service dealer in these situations.

Finding the Root Cause for Tuff Torq Loss of Power

However, if you want to take care of the issue yourself, here is some helpful information.  In a majority of cases, a loss of power in a Tuff Torq hydrostatic drive system can be tracked to one root cause. It is likely that the cylinder blocks and center case need to be replaced.  If you need to repair this issue, it is critical to replace all components. This would include 2 cylinder block assemblies with new pistons and springs, and the center case. If the cylinder blocks or the center case has damage due to wear, then related parts will also.  If all parts are not replaced, it is very likely that you will have another failure within a short time.

There are many misguided blogs on the internet that say you can save money by not replacing all components.  This may be true in the short term. However, it will result in drastically shortening the life of the parts. Therefore, causing a situation where you are doing the repair again much sooner than necessary.  At this point, you cannot simply replace the components which you avoided in the first repair, as they will be damaged and you will still have to replace them to properly repair your unit.

We offer a complete repair kit that includes the center case, cylinder block assemblies and all gaskets, filters and sealant required to complete the repair. Genuine Tuff Torq repair and replacement parts are available on our service site here. If you have questions, please contact our professional service team here or by phone (866) 572-3441.

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  • Kevin says:

    Hi I have a sears lawn tractor and there is a bearing type noise in reverse it not if I push a little pressure on the pedal .Also I don’t see any fluid in the reservoir and how do I service the transaxle I also see a cap on the case?

    • ggraham says:

      Hello Kevin,
      I would recommend that you change the oil in the transmission. After the purging of air in the system you should check to see if the issue is better. And remember you can always call and discuss this with a tech in the service department at 866.572.3441.

  • Shane Kennedy says:

    I am having trouble with a K46DF transmission on a Husqvarna ride-on mower. I replaced the thrust bearings on the hydraulic motor, the old one had disintegrated. Now, I can go forward (weakly) when the front box is disengaged and backwards when the back is disengaged. I am fairly sure that the hoses cannot be switched. Not surprisingly, a loud whirring noise is generated by the disengaged box through mechanically back driving the gears and motor. It is a friend’s mower, so only occasionally get over to look at it.

  • matthew hough says:

    Regarding Tuff Torq 7A646024041 S/N: 46E-0045394 (UK Countax 478000301)
    This is the 3rd time i have had to replace this failed hydroelastic drive transmission on a Westwood lawnmower (approx 2002) due to power failure forward and reverse after grass cutting for about 15minutes.
    I cannot afford to keep replacing this item.
    Can you let me know cost of complete repair kit and/or new replacement complete part for the above trasmission.
    If I replace the whole lawn tractor with newer version is the updated hydroleastic transmission likely to have similar problems after eg 2-3years.
    This has been the main failing of my lawnmower.
    Thank you.

  • Steve Smith says:

    My transmission quit working while mowing. Upon teardown everything looks good except the filter is plugged. I’m having trouble accessing your website. I found a different phone number, I’ll call that.

  • Kim Boggs says:

    I need to get this kit: We offer a complete repair kit that includes the center case, cylinder block assemblies and all gaskets, filters and sealant required to complete the repair. Can you please advise the cost. Thank you!

    • Hi Kim,

      We’ll be happy to help! The best way to insure we get the right repair kit for your unit is to call our expert service technicians and have them review your issue and recommend the parts you need. You can call our toll-free number at (866) 572-3441 or visit our service website at http://www.tufftorqservices.com . When you call, please have your serial and model numbers off your transaxle so that we can quickly look up your unit and help you with the parts you need. Have a great day!

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